Myths and Facts of Blogging

"Gusto ko magblog." (I like to blog.)

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These days a lot of people like to start a blog.  They want to document whatever is happening in their lives and share it to the public.  They want to air their frustrations and opinions on current events and on the things that is happening around them.  They want to make a review of gadgets, food, make-up, etc.  People thought that blogging is something that will make them famous overnight and would make them earn huge amount of money.  Blogging still entails hard work and charisma.  

I have started my blog in 2012 but I only started to get serious about it in 2014.  Now that I just bought my own domain, I need to blog more to regain my ranking because it went back to zero.

I have listed some misconceptions on blogging.  I  able to come up with the list based on the questions that I get from some people I talk with because they thought blogging is a glamorous job.    

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MYTH 1:  Once I start a blog, I will immediately get invites to events and product launches.

This is the usual misconception I get from those people who wanted to start a blog.  They see me meeting new people and getting the first dibs before it is launched in the public on my social media account.  However, before companies and PR firms start to notice you, you need to build your content first.  Your content should be interesting enough so that people will drop by at your site and read it.  Your content should be relevant and original.  

Now, the next question is:  how much content do I need to have to be noticed?

We really cannot say how much, just blog and blog, share your blog to social media, and you will just wake up one day that you have an event invite on your email.  It may take months or even years; just continue to blog and build your audience.  Companies and PR firms will contact you should your blog niche fits to their product/brand.  

Blog not because you are expecting anything in return.  Blog because you like to share your life to people and for people to learn from you.  Blog because you want to share your thoughts and exchange opinions with others.

MYTH 2: I will blog because I also want to receive goodies from companies.

In relation to Myth Number 1, blogging is not all about receiving goodies from companies.  It doesn't mean that a blogger received a package from a brand, the blogger will not do anything about it anymore.  The blogger has a responsibility to share the brand to his/her readers and to share his/her testimonial about it.  

MYTH 3: I don't need to write about my thoughts, just copy and paste whatever press release given to me.

Having an original content is still the key to build your credibility as a blogger.  While you will receive favors from PR firms to spread the love about their client, you are still free to spin the article or add your own words to make it more suitable to your blog and to your readers.  That way, your version of the press release is unique and will not be flagged as plagiarism by Google.

However, when you are already an established blogger, you are not obliged to post all the press releases you will receive on your mail.  Blogging is not free.  You spend for the internet subscription, domain and hosting, and taxes.  If you will be asked to post something for the brand, make sure that you will be well compensated for your efforts. 

MYTH 4: I don't need social media exposure for me to be known as a blogger.

If you do not need social media exposure to be known as a blogger, how can people know your experience in cyberspace?  Not unless you're highly skilled in SEO, you can survive with little or no social media exposure.  

While there are still bloggers who do not have a public page, what they do is they share their blog links to their personal social media accounts and share to their respective networks/groups for them to read.  Some bloggers even join syndications to generate traffic on their blog (comment for comment, follow for follow, etc.).  Not unless you only blog for personal reasons, there is no need for you to share your blogposts to everyone.

MYTH 5: I will blog to get writing jobs.

One does not need to be a blogger to get writing jobs.  You can get a writing job even if you do not have a blog.  While a blog can serve as your portfolio, it doesn't always mean that you will only use your blog as your ONLY portfolio.  To be a writer means that you can compose an article about a particular topic different from the tone you use on your blogs.  Writing jobs can also be far from your blog niche too.

I still do not consider myself as an expert blogger.  There are still far better bloggers out there with high following.  I just wanted to write down what I think about blogging especially for those who would like to start their own blog.  Other experienced bloggers can give you far better tips than mine, but first, before you start your blog establish your WHY.

Have a great day everyone!

Barapido: The Newest Online Marketplace in the Philippines

One of the things that makes our lives easier is doing online shopping.

There are lots of online shops where we can buy our daily necessities, and there's this one website which is dedicated to selling local goods, both food and non-food. 

Barapido, the newest online marketplace in the country, is an online platform showcasing the best Philippine-made products.  It aims to make e-commerce accessible to everyone in the archipelago at the shortest time possible.  It is an end-to-end online retail fulfilment  services for MSMEs that enable them to harness the power of e-commerce for business growth.

Barapido offers a wide array of exciting, excellent and high-quality products that are proudly produced in the Philippines by our chosen merchants nationwide.  These products are not normally found in supermarket chains or malls.  Products being sold in Barapido's website are highly curated so you will be assured that these local products are of high quality, a gem indeed.

Barapido aims to help aspiring and potential Filipino entrepreneurs to market their products online.  It helps these entrepreneurs to expand their market and to make their products known by others.  

Barapido promises of the same-day delivery, as long as you place your order before 12 noon.  They can deliver your order the next day if you place your order by 5pm.  Barapido is available from Monday to Sunday, from 8am-6pm.  You can pay either by cash upon delivery, credit card, or debit card.  For now, Barapido can only deliver within Metro Manila and hoping to expand their delivery service in the coming months.

Here are some of the products that you can buy at Barapido:

On the media launch last August 31st, we were given a chance to taste these products and samples that we can try at home.  I must say that these local products are really one-of-a-kind that everyone should also taste and experience!  Some of these products are already making waves in the international market so it's a shame that we won't be able to experience them, right?!  

Every time you purchase at Barapido, a portion of their sales are given back to the society.  They have partnered with Sabrina's Soup Kitchen, feeding children at the Missionaries of the Poor and Art Relief Mobile Kitchen, a feeding response team of artists, chefs, and volunteers during calamities and relief operations.

So, find local gems at Barapido!  Support local entrepreneurs!  Make their products known!

To check out the available products at Barapido, visit their website at  Follow Barapido on Facebook to be updated with their promos.