Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Carsoncrest International School is Now Open For SY 2018-2019

Parents are always in the search for the best school that can give the best educational experience to their children.  With all the schools around us, it is very difficult to choose the right school for our children.  Each school has its own special characteristics and educational philosophies.  We must align our educational philosophies in choosing the right school for our children.  Parents must really put an effort in looking for a school for their children because our child's future lies on the kind of learnings he/she will acquire from school.

Recently, I was invited to the opening of the newest preschool in Makati, Carsoncrest International School.  It is located in Kamagong St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City.  It is an innovative preschool as it will use the International Preschool Curriculum in teaching children 2-5 year olds.  

What makes Carsoncrest International School unique among other preschools?

  • It uses an open-concept classrooms to encourage student socialization
  • Has small class groups for close supervision and intimate interaction (maximum of 12 students per class)
  • Employs IPC-trained teachers to deliver its curricula
  • Has a wide library collection to nurture the love for reading
  • Has a well-equipped play area to let children's imaginations run free
  • Is air-conditioned for the comfort and safety of students and employees
  • Has a professional staff to assist in your every need
  • Has a tie-up with a hospital for medical assistance or emergencies
  • Provides accident insurance coverage in and out of the school for each student
  • Employs CCTV cameras that can be accessed via mobile phones

Carsoncrest International School is a promising school for our children.  The president, Mr. Sonny del Rosario, envisions it to become an integrated school with levels all the way up to senior high school.  

I mentioned above that Carsoncrest International School uses International Preschool Curriculum.  It is a rigorously researched and peer-reviewed program designed by Clarenter Education, U.S.  It consists of 56 thematic units encompassing six trans-disciplinary content learning areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Socio-Emotional Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Creative and Visual Arts
  • Sciences
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

International Preschool Curriculum aims to raise a global and holistic child.  With this, IPC gives special focus on internationalism, multilingualism, and diversity.  In order to achieve that, the IPC will base its lessons through:

  • Objective-based--has clearly defined objectives designed to facilitate assessment and highlight areas of student progress or concern
  • Inquiry-based--limited aspects of inquiry based education designed to spark and maintain interest levels
  • Play-based--by making learning fun, children are exposed to a learning environment that is second nature
  • Developmentally-appropriate--the IPC believes that all children develop at varying paces not necessarily defined by age
  • Family involvement--the IPC believes that families should be at the center of their child's education
Start building the foundation of your child's future at Carsoncrest International School!

To know more about Carsoncrest International School, you may visit their website at  You can also contact them via email at or via landline (02-9032602) or mobile (0915-3317392).  Carsoncrest International School is at G/F 9707 Kamagong St., San Antonio, Makati City.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE): Our Homeschool Curriculum

As promised, here is my exclusive blog about the curriculum that we are using, Accelerated Christian Education (ACE).

My early blogs were about how we started our homeschooling journey way back in 2012.  One of them is about our choice of curriculum, ACE (you can read it HERE).  However, I felt I need to update my blog about it by coming up with another blog to further explain what benefits a family can get when they use ACE in their homeschooling journey.

Each module in the ACE curriculum is called PACES (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education).  The curriculum is divided into 12 bite-sized topics per subject per grade level.  You can also read more about the curriculum HERE.

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In a nutshell, this is what ACE is all about:

1.  Self-directed learning.  ACE requires less supervision from the parent who acts as the supervisor.  The child can work on his/her own and will only require assistance when he/she cannot understand the topic.  The child sets his/her own goals, so he/she can be fast or slow depending on the difficulty of the lesson on the way he/she plans his/her daily goals.  

While ideally goals can be achieved in 3-4 hours daily, but there are instances that a child will study longer than the required time depending on his/her daily activities and mood.

Level 4 PACES

2.  Teach independence.  One of the values that ACE can teach to a child is independence.  As a product of ACE curriculum (used that when I was in grade school in a school setting), I was so independent when I already studied in a regular school.  My friends were doing group study while I stay at the library studying alone.  As an adult, I try to solve things on my own and would only ask help when I can no longer handle the situation.

We all know that independence is one of the things that every one should master because we cannot always rely on other people in solving our own problems.  We must learn how to find solutions on our own.  

At the airport while waiting for our boarding

While I'm working at a cafe, Kib also answers his PACES

3.  Love for reading.  ACE is literature-based learning.  The child will read articles most of the time and will answer comprehension questions at the end of each article. Apart from the articles, there is a subject where they will read a novel and will answer questions about the novel.  The articles were written in a way that a child can easily understand the concept and will appreciate the lesson.  As a result, the child develops passion for reading and hunger for information.

Sometimes, I would just bring him to a cafe just to study

4.  Self-correction.  ACE teaches the child to learn from his/her mistakes.  The child will be the one to check if his/her answers are correct and will be given an opportunity to correct the mistakes.  It also teaches the child honesty and integrity.  

5.  Bible-based learning.  Each PACE has a Bible verse that a child must memorize.  It also has a virtue to be learned by the student.  The lessons all evolve in the values and virtues the Bible is teaching, even in History and Science topics.  It always remind the child that God is creator of everything, and He made all things in history and in our daily living possible so that we will learn and grow.  

6.  Mastery is the key.  A child cannot move on from one PACE to another without mastery.  ACE is designed to make the child fully understand the concept before moving on to a new one.  Mastery is evaluated through check-ups and self-tests.  If a child got a low score on these 'pit stop' evaluations, he/she is not allowed to take the PACE test.  If a child fails on the PACE test, the child will repeat the whole PACE again.  

Mastery ensures the child success on each topic and teaches the child patience.  The child will not take his/her lessons for granted because of the high standards of ACE.  

Don't fret, ACE also rewards the child's achievements towards the end of the school year through Banquet Night.  Each child brings home an award depending on his/her achievements throughout the year.  The parent should submit the requirements on the set deadline in order for a child to be qualified to attend the event and given recognition for his/her hardwork.

Kib got this award during the Banquet Night

7.  Portability of the materials.  Some homeschooling families are nomads; they always go from one place to another.  Bringing along homeschooling materials during travels can be burdensome.  Textbooks are very heavy to carry.  Since PACES are divided into modules, a child can carry it anywhere, without complaining of a heavy bag.  I would ask my son to bring along his PACES when I will attend a meeting so he has something to do while he waits for me.  Sometimes, I would even ask him to bring along his PACES when we go on a travel.  Bringing PACES wherever we go is not a pain because it's very light.

During our holiday in Bangkok

Pray to the Lord if ACE curriculum is for you and your child.  There are still lots of curriculums out there that you can use in your homeschooling journey.  Choose the best curriculum that best fits your lifestyle, your educational philosophy, and your learning style. Should you have any further questions about ACE, I am willing to answer your questions.  

God bless! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Counseling--Is It For You?

In our lives, we usually encounter challenges that make us a better person.  It makes us wiser and stronger because we learn from it.  However, there are times that we fail to see beyond the challenges and decide to end our misery by ending our lives.  But then, just as the saying goes, "Life is what we make it."  We make all the choices that we have in our lives and we should be responsible in the consequences of our actions and do not blame others for the wrong decisions that we make.

Oftentimes, we seek advice from our closest family and friends whenever we feel confused and we need to make a life-changing decision in our lives.  However, there are cases that when we talk to a lot of people, we get more and more confused as they give different views about our concern.  There are also cases that they get upset at you when you do not heed on to their advice and it causes rift between you and a family member/friend.

In this case, we often think of consulting someone whom we don't know personally because this person will not judge us and will see our concerns objectively.  

Here are the reasons why consulting a counselor is better than talking with our closest family and friends when we are experiencing hardships and need to make big decisions in our lives:

1.  Counselors process our feelings.  Counselors do not tolerate our negative feelings; rather he/she helps us process it by asking questions as to why we feel that way and what possible solution we can do to make us feel better.

2.  Counselors will help us realize the situation.  Counselors are professionals who will help us see the problems as something that will help us in our lives and not something that will pull us down.  Counselors will help us see the clear picture that the problem is not all about us but it will also affect the people around you.  Counselors will help us realize that there is always hope, that we can overcome whatever situation that we have right now, that we are bigger than the problem.

3.  Counselors are ready to listen.  Friends and family may sometimes be preoccupied with their own activities, thus, finding time to be with you is less of a priority.  Friends and family may not sometimes see the signs that we need help and sees our problem as something petty and does not need immediate attention.  I have discovered this website where you can even have a live chat with a counselor.  They cater to people all over the world.  You may read about BetterHelp HERE.  

4.  Counselors will take your concern with utmost confidentiality.  Counselors do not discuss your concern to other people, to also ask from his/her co-counselors what possible solutions he/she can offer to you.  Counselors   

To be honest, I also consulted a counselor in the past because friends and family no longer understand what I am feeling.  I felt better after talking with a counselor and I was able to see myself clearly and move on with my life.  

There is nothing wrong if we consult a counselor.  Never be afraid to talk to one.  

Thursday, June 7, 2018

9 Ways To Keep Your Digestive System Healthy and Happy

It is essential to keep all systems in our body in good working condition.  If one system isn't working properly, other systems are also affected.  We cannot function very well if one body system isn't in top working condition.

One of the body systems that helps us in our daily living is our digestive system.  Our digestive system is the one that distributes the nutrients that we get from the food we eat to other parts of our body.  It forms a bacterial balance within the digestive tract and eliminates the excess and other things that are needed by our body through the excretory system.  When the bacterial levels are balanced, our digestive tract protects the immune system by boosting our body's natural defenses.

We experience poor digestion, fatty liver, and gastrointestinal diseases like constipation and chronic inflammation when we have an unhappy and unhealthy digestive system.  It can lead to various health issues, like liver cirrhosis, diabetes, thyroid and colon problems, among others.

I usually experience bad tummy when I feel stressed, when I ate bad food, or I ate too much.  I cannot function very well if I have a stomachache.  I frequently visit the toilet and I feel weak that I just want to lie down in bed all day.  Having a bad stomach can affect my diet and activities for the day.  I immediately take medicine to make me feel better so I can go back to my activities the following day.

Sadly, most people do not pay attention to our digestive system.  Oftentimes, we just take it for granted when we are feeling minor pains and we only take action when everything gets worse and treatment take its toll on our finances and daily living.  

Dulcolax and Essentiale Forte P, two of the world's leading digestive health products, join hands in a campaign to make our digestive system happier and healthier.  These two brands took action during the celebration of World Digestive Health Day last May 29th, reminding people about the importance of keeping their digestive system happy and healthy.

With this, Dulcolax and Essentiale Forte P has come up with a list of new habits in taking care of our digestive system:

  • Ditch heavily-processed carbohydrates, like white rice and white bread as they can cause inflammation.  Instead, go for whole grains like oats and quinoa.
  • If possible, remove refined sugar from your diet.  Use a sugar substitute if you can.  Refined sugar is believed as one of the causes of constipation and it slows down food transit time in the digestive system.
  • Snack on raw almonds instead of chips.  Nuts, along with vegetables, seeds and beans, are healthy, natural sources of fiber.
  • Drink more water instead of drinking coffee or bubble tea.  Water helps keep our intestines smooth and flexible so that our stools can easily pass through our colon.
  • Natural sources of probiotics like cultured foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and atchara (Philippine pickled papaya) are all rich in organic acids which support the growth of good bacteria.  Miso, which is used for soups and sauces, is very rich in probiotics.  Yogurt, of course, is the most popular source of probiotics.
  • Choose salmon over steaks and fried chicken.  Salmon is rich in good fats which keeps our liver in healthy condition.  A fatty liver is a sign of an unhealthy digestive system and will surely affect our overall health.  Essentiale Forte P can help our liver in its top shape.  It contains essential phospholipids which repair damaged liver cell membrane, regenerate lost phospholipids and restore normal functions of the liver.  A healthy liver means a happy digestive system.
  • Poor food and beverage choices, antibiotics, and stress are killing off good bacteria in our gut.  Normally our gut is filled with both good and bad bacteria, but we need more of a good bacteria to stay healthy.  Take a daily dose of probiotic supplement which can help with our digestion and stimulate the immune system.  Try to avoid eating flavored fries, which is full of carbohydrates, fats and sodium.  
  • Learn more about probiotics from your doctor, schedule an appointment as soon as possible!
  • Include laxative-rich food in your diet like aloe vera, olive oil, coconut water, figs, prunes, and dates.  In lieu of these foods, take Dulcolax.  It stimulates bowel movement and treats constipation and other bowel irregularities.  Dulcolax is world's number 1 laxative which gives us a relieved and happy tummy in the morning.

In short, we must be aware of everything that we eat.  Eat more healthy dishes than unhealthy ones to save ourselves from illness and to promote overall well-being and better health.  Consult your doctor when you feel symptoms of illness.  Our digestive system plays a major role in building our immune system so treat our body with good food and probiotics.

Have a healthy tummy always!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Professional Laundry and Cleaning Services By Electrolux and AVET AG

I guess you wonder why the linens and towels that we use in hotels, resorts, hospitals, etc. smell good and look crispy; it's because these establishments use professional laundry services.  They use machines that are heavy duty and can accommodate huge amount of laundry.  They also use cleaning agents that can surely kill and eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  I just recently learned that the temperature of the water should also be taken into consideration when we do the laundry so that the unwanted dirt and microorganisms will be removed from the fabric to ensure us of fresh and clean environment in the hospitality and health industries.  

However, one of the things that is not taken into consideration when maintaining a clean environment is the mop or rag that we use to clean floors and other surfaces.  We do not think that we can pass the dirt and unwanted microorganisms from one place to another.  When I realized this, it made me rethink my cleaning habits at home.

Having a clean environment is crucial in companies especially in hospitality, health, manufacturing, and tourism sectors.  We can easily pass an illness because of poor cleaning habits.  That is why it is a challenge for these industries to improve their maintenance works.

ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation (ELS-CTCC), a local company based in Cainta, Rizal, is offering a cleaning system for industries to ensure a clean and healthy environment for everybody.  ELS-CTCC  is a product of two leading multinational companies in the cleaning industry--Electrolux, the forefront in advance and professional laundry cleaning and AVET AG, manufacturer of high-end microfiber mops infused with chemicals.  ELS-CTCC has thought of leasing a cleaning system to companies in the Philippines to ensure high standards of hygiene and sanitation.

The mop-cleaning system offered by ELS-CTCC ensures their clients that there will be no switching of mops from one company to another as each mop is equipped with RFID tags.  The washing system will not activate should there be a mix of a mop from another section of the building in the washing machine.  Each mop has a life cycle of 750 washes and can accumulate a maximum of 3 kilos of dirt before it can be washed.  Ideally, one mop can clean a floor area of 80sqm.

microfiber mop of Avet
The Avet microfiber mop comes in two variants:  the white one for the rough surface and the blue one for the smooth surface.  Each mop can accumulate around 3 kilos of dirt before they can be stowed away for washing.

Each mop will have RFID tags and color-coded so that it will not be used in other areas of the building.  The RFID tags can withstand heat up to 200 degrees Celsius

Each mop has a handle for easy removal

Avet mop system used by a custodian

Electrolux professional washing machines

Electrolux dryers

Each professional washing machine is hooked to special laundry cleaning agents to ensure removal of unwanted dirt and kill microorganisms

The Electrolux professional washing machine is programmable for easy laundry management

Mr. Joey Ermita of ELS CTCC explains the benefits of using the Avet mop system to the media during its grand opening last June 1st, 2018

It is recommended that companies should maintain a well-sanitized environment to prevent spreading of airborne diseases to people, especially those companies which maintains an ISO rating. 

Companies and corporations should consider this mop cleaning system in their offices and buildings and do not hesitate to seek an appointment for demonstration.

To know more about ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation, you may visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.  ELS CTCC warehouse and showroom is located at 101 Buenmar Avenue, Phase 5 Greenland Village, Cainta, Rizal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kids Can Now Enjoy Watching Kid-Friendly Shows at HOOQ!

Now that families opt to have an online streaming subscription over having a cable TV subscription, parents are having a hard time looking for websites where their young children can watch shows and movies that are suitable for their age.  There are limited choices online.

Good news!  HOOQ, the largest video-on-demand service in the Southeast Asia, has recently sealed partnerships with the biggest names on kids' entertainment--Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Kids Like Us, Hasbro, Turner, and MoMedia--to bring some of the most popular kids' titles into their catalog of movies and TV shows for the whole family.

Jeffrey Remigio, HOOQ Philippines' Content and Programming Head announced this news to the public. "HOOQ continues to deliver premium content for every member of the Filipino family, including the kids.  This is why we continue to expand our kids catalog," Remigio said.

With this, kids can now enjoy watching their favorite TV shows and movies on HOOQ and they can even make their own album and save their favorites there.

Now available on HOOQ are Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10, and by June 7th, Emmy-nominated show Ben 10 Alien Force and Regular Show, a fantasy cartoon for older kids, will be available on HOOQ.

So, have a wonderful family time with your kids by watching their favorite TV shows on HOOQ!

How to get on HOOQ:

It's easy to get on HOOQ!  Just download the HOOQ app on your mobile phone, sign up and log in to access HOOQ's extensive library of Hollywood and Asian movies and TV shows.  HOOQ is both available on Google Play and Apple Store.  Smart subscribers can enjoy a 30-day free trial and Globe subscribers can enjoy a 45-day free trial.  Globe subscribers can enjoy 60-day free trial on selected mobile and broadband plans.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get your complimentary trial at HOOQ now!  For more info, visit their website at