NBS College Offers Six Bachelor's Degrees this SY 2018-2019

This year, the first batch of Grade 12 graduates will enter college!

Parents are now searching on which college or university their child will get into to start building their future careers.  Parents have set a certain criteria as which school will help their child to reach their dreams and be successful in life.  

One of the things that a parent look for in a school is the reputation and ability to provide quality education.

The iconic National Bookstore has finally opened its doors in education!  NBS College will open its doors to the students this coming school year 2018-2019.

After over 75 years of supporting Filipinos' education and lifelong learning, National Book Store is taking the next step by creating an institution for higher learning at the heart of Quezon City. 

For this school year, NBS College will initially offer six degree programs: BS Accountancy, BS Accounting Information System, BS Entrepreneurship, BS Computer Science, BS Library and Information Science, and BS Tourism Management.

Adrian Ramos, NBS College President and one of the grandchildren of Socorro Ramos (National Book Store founder), said that NBS College will equip the student with the skills and values they need to succeed in the rapidly-changing global landscape.  NBS College is backed-up by 75 years of entrepreneurial excellence of National Book Store.

Mr. Adrian Ramos, President of NBS College

Ribbon cutting ceremony with the NBS College officials

Check out the facilities of NBS College:

NBS College's modern facilities and highly competent faculty help create an environment of collaborative learning.  True to its value of Nurturance, Benevolence, and Service, NBS College also offers academic scholarships and a special scholarship grant for its pioneer batch.

See the scholarship/financial assistance matrix to be provided:

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS (from both private and public SHS):

  • Valedictorian, Salutatorian, 1st-3rd Honorable Mentions (100% free tuition and miscellaneous fees and fee school uniform and books)
  • Top 10 Graduating SHS students (rank 4-10) (100% free tuition and miscellaneous fees)

PIONEER BATCH: Scholarship grant of Php12,500 per year (or Php6,250 per semester) for the pioneer batch for school year 2018-2019 until they graduate.  No tuition fee increase for the pioneer batch until they graduate.

  • First 75 accepted applicants who are employees of the NBS Group and/or their dependent get 20% discount on tuition
  • All NBS Group employees and/or their dependents get 5% off on tuition
  • Salary loans for employees of the NBS Group are available, payable through salary deduction in a period of six months
  • Amount loaned will be paid directly to NBS College
True to its promise in providing affordable quality education, tuition fees per semester ranges from approximately Php25,000-Php35,000 only.

Be one of the pioneer students at NBS College!

These two will be pioneer students of NBS College this coming school year and they are wearing the school's uniform

NBS College is located at the 3rd and 4th floors of National Book Store Building, Quezon Avenue corner Scout Borromeo and Panay Avenue, Quezon City.  For more information, you may visit their website at www.nbscollege.edu.ph.  You may also follow National Book Store on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Viber.

Car Buying Tips

*Sponsored Post*

It is everybody's dream to have their own car.  It is one of the things that each and every individual aspires as one of their assets, as proof of their hard work.  While it is still advisable to invest on real estate first, no one will judge you if you bought a car first than owning your own house.  Anyway, both are useful, it is up to you on how you would manage your finances and investments, just make sure that you will still have some money to save for the future and for emergencies. 

I've been driving for nine years now.  There was a need for me to drive for my family.  My father got sick and no one will drive for the family should there be any emergencies.  I first drove a manual transmission van.  My uncle then gave me an automatic transmission car in 2012.  Recently, that car has been showing signs of wear and tear; last October I changed two front tires, batteries, evaporator, and other minor parts replacements which cost me Php25,000.  It's so painful to the pocket, ahuhuhu....

Since the start of 2016, I've already been praying for a replacement car.  I am not really praying for a brand new car though, just an upgrade of what I'm currently driving.  I am praying for a second-hand mini SUV.

The Lord will really surprise you big time.  I never really planned to get a brand new car because I can't afford it.  I can't qualify to apply for an auto loan because I lack financial documents. One day, a bank representative called me to inform me that I have a pre-approved auto loan!  I was so surprised because I was not really expecting it.  

I didn't immediately grab the opportunity to apply for an auto loan because I was still contemplating about it, if I was just being excited about it and not planning on how I can manage to pay the amortization.  I still asked the blessing of my uncle who gave me my first car if it is okay for me to dispose it.  When I got his approval, then I went back to the bank to finally process my auto loan.  In a week's time, my brand new car was released to me, yay!

I took a leap of faith, but I know the Lord will provide me resources on how I will be able to pay-off my auto loan.

I've learned a lot from my auto loan experience and I would like to share it with you.

1.  Apply for an auto loan directly to the bank.  Most car companies don't have an in-house financing company, what they do is they just assist the potential buyers in applying for an auto loan to the banks.  If the auto loan is coursed through the car company, chances are interest rates are much higher because the car company has a 'cut' on the interest earned.  While car dealers don't like the idea of applying for an auto loan directly to the bank, still, there are some car dealers who would still accommodate you and give you the best deal.  For you to have an idea on how much you are going to pay for your auto loan, you can try the computing it using an auto loan calculator.

2.  Ask quote from several car dealers.  Yes, they are still competing with each other, so you may ask for quotes for several car dealers from different branches to see who can give you the best deal.

3.  Purchase cars towards the end of the year.  It is likely that the car that you will acquire will be the latest model (model to be released the following year) at the price of the current year and you can get big discounts.

4.  Build good banking relationship.  This means being loyal to a particular bank for several years and maintaining a high maintaining balance.  Also, try to avail of several banking products too to create a good credit history.  In my case, I would be having difficulty applying for a regular auto loan because I lack financial documents (ITR), but since I have been with this bank for years now, I got qualified for a pre-approved auto loan.  The bank can also give you good deals whenever you need one.

There you go!  I do hope that I was able to help you with your first car.  Hope you can tell me about your auto loan experience.  Good luck!

Store Life's Precious Memories at Photobook Worldwide

We all grow up with photo albums.  My dad was so diligent in documenting our milestones, putting dates at the back of each photos and arranging them in photo albums.  We have photo albums specifically dedicated for each and every one of us.  There's a photo album to document our infancy, our growing up years, and a lot more.  There are photo albums to document the international trips my dad did during his stint at the government.  

Photo albums also serve as a coffee table conversation piece whenever we have guests at home.  It basically tells the story about your family.

Sadly, some family's photo albums were submerged in the floodwater during typhoon Ondoy in 2009.  Good thing out photo albums are in high shelves that is why they were spared.  We can still go back to those memories whenever we want.

Now that we are in the digital age, photo albums are now considered a thing of the past.  People nowadays compile photos taken from their digicams or mobile phones by creating a folder on their desktop computer.  Some people are diligent to keep a copy of their photos on CDs or portable drives.

Several years ago, a different concept in documenting milestones were introduced to the market.  Instead of developing a digital photo and compile it in a photo album, a photobook was created.  

A photobook can be paperback or a hard cover and you can choose a size for each book.  Depending on the size, you can put as many photos as you like and you can even make a layout on each page should you wish to make it look like a scrapbook.

I just tried the Photobook Worldwide app recently to see if it's easier to order photobooks via that app.  First, choose the size of the album that you wish to order.  Second, choose the photos from your mobile phone album.  There is a minimum number of photos per album but you can add more and just pay additional for that.  

After you have chosen the photos, you can already choose the kind of layout on your photobook.  

If you're already satisfied with the layout, then you can checkout and place your shipping details.  For now, Photobook Worldwide app only accepts Paypal payment so make sure that you have Paypal credits.

It's so fast!  I placed my order on a Monday and got my photobook on a Friday!

You can also try the app!  Download it on Google Play or Appstore and store your life's precious memories with Photobook Worldwide!


Book Museum cum Ethnology Center Opens Third Annex and James Dean Cafe

My son and I never get tired of going to the same place over and over again....

I do believe that even you have already been to a certain place, there is still something new that you will discover and learn.

Our visit to Book Museum cum Ethnology Center last March 17th was our third one (see my blog about our first visit here).  This time, the James Dean Cafe and the third Ethnology Annex were unveiled to the public.  The James Dean Cafe has been conceptualized since the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center opened in 2016 but was only made into reality just this year.  The museum owner, Atty. Dominador Buhain Jr. is a huge fan of James Dean that is why he dreamt of having a special place for the action on the museum complex.  

Check out the James Dean memorabilia that you can see inside the cafe:

A replica of James Dean's car.  James Dean died in a car accident

The gramophone and the phonograph are working!  Ask the staff to wind it up so you can hear the music coming from these vintage items

Wooden tissue holder

A wall dedicated to James Dean

The restroom is dedicated to Peter Pan, one of the favorite cartoon characters of Atty. Buhain.  Inside the restroom you can see the story why he loves Peter Pan so much.  There were also Peter Pan collector's items inside the restroom too.

Since the theme of the cafe is all-American, the menu offers American dishes.  Soon, they will offer more food choices as they grow the business.

Very affordable menu!

They're so delicious!

Milkshake and cheesy sandwich

The third Ethnology Annex of Book Museum cum Ethnology Center boasts of different rocks from the Gigantes Island and Atty. Buhain's extensive collection of hats locally and internationally.  

Check out the things that you can see inside the third Ethnology building:

Entrance fee at the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center is Php300 which includes Php100 worth of voucher at James Dean Cafe and 2-3 hours of guided tour at the whole museum complex.  It's worth the trip because they keep on adding new collection for people to see and learn the history behind it.