On Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are part of our lives.  Whether it is big or small, we should find time and ways to solve it.  Conflicts test our character.  Not all the time we win on conflicts, but we must exert all our efforts in solving it.  Some may resort to harsher solutions, but let us remember some things first before reaching to that point.

People have different ways of resolving conflicts, and one is not better than the other, so let us just respect the decision of the person involved and just remind the person gently on the possible repercussions of the decision he/she has made.  Some couples try to solve their by undergoing counseling.  In the United States, Regain.us helps couples to sort out their differences and rekindle their love for each other.  You may check out Regain.us services here.  No need to remind the person about the past, about the so-called wasted time on solving the problem, as long as the problem is resolved, rejoice in it and pray for peace and healing for all of those who are involved.

How do you solve conflicts?


This is the easiest way to solve the problem.  Yes, it'll stop the offender from doing further harm on you but it won't stop the behavior and doing offense to other people.


Let the other person know that you got offended.  Communication is still better than leaving the issue hanging.  However, not all confrontations are healthy either; one may feel emotional during the face-off, so better to clear your mind and heart before doing so.  You may put your concerns into writing too if you are not good in expressing your thoughts and feelings verbally.


When you feel that the conflict isn't resolved between you and the other party, there is nothing wrong on escalating it a little bit especially if you have good intentions on clearing things up.  But wait, there's a proper way of escalating it.

On the Book of Matthew 18:15-18, Jesus mentioned the proper way on how to deal with conflict.  First, talk to the offender.  If no agreement has been settled, then take one or two people who will act as witnesses.  If it has not yet been settled after taking people to mediate, then raise the concern to the church.  Still, if no agreement has been settled, then treat the offender as pagan or tax collector.

Jesus is only reminding people that as much as possible, do not escalate the issue.  But if there's a need to do so, follow the hierarchy of escalation and not skip any of it.  

Jesus is also teaching people the value of reconciliation.  He always reminds us to forgive, to love our enemies, and to pray for those who persecute us.  Yes, it's easier said than done, but if we ask the Lord to give us the power to do so, by His grace, we will be able to do it.

In solving conflicts, it's very important to ask God for guidance first.  Pray and read the Bible to seek what God wants you to do in resolving your conflicts.  You may also consult your friends for possible solutions, but bear in mind that whatever action that you will take in solving this will be your accountability to the Lord.  Lastly, learn to forgive, even if the person didn't apologize, in your heart be ready to forgive and move on.  Ask God for peace and healing.

Love is NOT Lovelier the Second Time Around

Love is lovelier the second time around....NOT!

That's what other people say when they failed on their first relationship and has found a new love on their next.  But then, sometimes love isn't still lovelier the second time...or even the third time around.

After my failed marriage, friends have been always reminding me to be wiser in choosing the next guy in my life. They will say, "O, alam mo na ha, kilalanin mabuti..."

Honestly, I still have a longing to have somebody to grow old with.  While I am happy with my current disposition right now being a mom to my son, friends have been encouraging me to go out and 'search'. 

Yes, I took the risk of searching, but unfortunately, I failed again.
There came a point in my life that I asked myself if there's anything wrong with me.  I even entertained the idea of consulting a therapist or counselor to help me out sort my feelings about my recent failed relationship.  It's good that counseling nowadays can be already done online.  Regain.us offers this service to both couple counseling and individual counseling.  Learn more about Regain.us by clicking this link: https://www.regain.us/.

Friends have mixed opinions on my failure.  Some made me feel that I never learned my lesson, some have consoled and comforted me, and some have given me advice and prayed for me.  

Towards the end of everything and among everything, God is the best comforter.  His words made me feel that He will give me peace and He has the best plans for me, I just have to be patient and trust His will.

Reflecting on my once-again failed relationship, I have learned a lot from it.

1.  Stick on your standards.  Do not compromise.  Do not settle for 'puede na'.
2.  Trust your instincts.
3.  When the guy keeps on repeating the same offense, walk away.  You deserve to be respected.
4.  Look for someone who will encourage you to be at your best, and not to drag you down.
5.  Pray for your partner.

This time, I am more determined to wait and to focus on God and myself.  As I start my year, I have planned my game for this year and I am more determined to be at my best and to go back to my regular programming with some improvements.

Cheers for 2018!

Meet Bach, The Newest Member of Our Family

It has always been proven that having a pet companion at home improves the quality of life of the individual.  However, having a pet would also entail huge responsibility to raise a disciplined pet and to provide for their needs.  

Kib had several pets in the past (see post here) and we stopped having one when his last pet, a fighting fish, died.  We went on a vacation for three days and we totally forgot about the fish, so we went home to a dead fish.  Kib cried incessantly and we gave the fish a decent burial in our garden.  Since then, I also decided to stop having a pet at home because Kib can't handle death.

After few years, Kib was able to win two pet chicks from an Easter party.  One escaped and the other one was eaten by a cat.

Few months ago, he picked up a baby kitten, but the kitten only survived for three days because it was really weak when he saw him.  This time, Kib was able to handle death.

Since last year, Kib was begging me to have a pet dog.  I was hesitant to take care of a dog because dogs have different personalities.  In addition to that, I am not sure if Kib is already ready in taking care of a dog.  We also go out on a regular basis so it's an additional worry for us to leave a pet at home.  Kib doesn't like playful dogs.  He gets scared when dogs start to play with him as if he's being attacked.  He likes dogs which are laid-back.

Last November 11th, a close friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook asking me if I wanted to have a dog.  I immediately said that Kib has been begging me to have a dog for the longest time.  She said that she needs to get rid of her pets since they are moving to a condominium unit.  She carefully chose the people who she thinks will love her pets the same way she loved them.  She said she wanted to surprise Kib, so I didn't tell Kib about the dog.

While on our way to meet my friend, I mentioned to Kib that Tita Meanne will give her something.  When we already met, my friend said to Kib, "I'm going to give you something."  Kib replied bluntly, "Yeah I know, my mom told me."  So she opened the hatch of her vehicle and there's the cute puppy inside the cage.  Kib said, "I know it's not that one."  But to his surprise, my friend said, "It's yours."  Kib was speechless and giddy after knowing that his dreams of having a pet dog will come true.

The dog's name is Bach.  He is a 3-month old German mini-schnauzer.  When we brought him home, we gave him a bath.  He was so quiet and still and was just on my side after bathing, as if he's feeling lonely and needs tender loving care.  On his first few days with us he's a bit shy.  He just stays on one corner and he likes going to tight spaces.  Few more days and his personality shows.  His playful personality showed and responds when you call him.  He would already explore the house but won't get out of the house.  If he's on leash, he would resist walking.  

My son and Bach are like playmates.  They would play on the floor and Bach would always jump on him and would wrestle him.  Kib is like a big brother to Bach.

Bach was taken cared by a friend for a week while we're away (we went to Bangkok).  My friend told me that her dog and Bach are not best of friends, haha.  They would chase each other and bark at each other.  Bach was too playful for her dog.

Bach is now 6 months old.  He's too big for his cage already that is why he now stays at our laundry area.  He would still get inside our house, and his toilet training is ongoing (although he already poops outside the house, his urinating still needs training).  He will have his first grooming soon, and we're excited to bring him to our adventures too!

More kuwento about our furbaby soon!

Mystery Shopping and Answering Online Surveys: Some Possible Raket For You

Working from home can be an ideal job for everyone.  You will avoid waking up early everyday to go to work and to endure the traffic going to and from office.  Apart from that, you will also have the best of both worlds--taking care of your family while earning at the comfort of your home.  In addition, working remotely can also give you time freedom--you can take your vacations anytime of the year and even bring your work anywhere you go.  

However, working from home is not as easy as it may seems now that the competition is getting tougher and tougher as the number of people working from home is increasing.  

If you decide to work from home, you need to find all possible income streams in order for you to pay for your regular expenses.  You need to both have passive and active income streams.

I must say that I already have an active income stream, but there is a desire for me to earn more especially that our needs are getting bigger and bigger.  I am always praying to God to continuously give me opportunities to earn for me and my son.

I had been invited by a friend to try mystery shopping and answering online surveys in the past.  These two rakets are real and has income potential.

A.  Answering Online Surveys

You will be notified via email for surveys to answer.  They will award you points for each survey that you will answer.  The points awarded to you depends on how you answer the survey.  Sometimes after few questions they will inform you that you are not qualified to answer the rest of the survey questions but you will still awarded points for your time.  Accumulate certain number of points and you can convert it in cash or gift certificate. 

TIP: register the email address that you regularly check, because when you don't answer surveys anymore, you won't be notified of the future surveys anymore and you have to contact the company to activate your account once again.

You may try to register at Global Test Market and AIP Online Surveys.  I can send you an invite at AIP Online Surveys, just shoot me a message so I can send you the invite.

B.  Mystery Shopping

We already have heard about mystery shopping before, but we really don't know if such person exists.  We thought that mystery shoppers are also an employee of the company, but actually they're not.  Mystery shopping is done by a third-party marketing firm which assesses the overall customer service and marketing of the company from the customer's point of view.  

Each mystery shopping assignment is different.  It depends on the objective on why you should go to a particular shop or company.  When I did the mystery shopping, I checked the overall customer service experience, the knowledge of the sales agent about the product, the way the sales agents answers rebuttals, among others.  Some mystery shopping assignments would require you to reveal yourself after.

TIP: you can apply for multiple mystery shopping assignments so that you will also maximize your time.  In answering the report, make sure to use positive comments, if not, the company won't pay you.  Most of the time you do the mystery shopping assignments alone, so don't bring along a friend or your family with you.  It might taint the results of the mystery shopping experience.

You may register at SatisFIND, BARE International, GBW Solutions, Albatrossonline.com, and AQ Services.

These two 'rakets' have really income potential, but the payout takes time.  In mystery shopping, sometimes it would require you to buy something but you will be reimbursed for that.

I would encourage you to try these two 'rakets', but only do this when you have spare time.  I find these two activities fun and at the same time, you learn from the company and earn at the same time.

Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Traveling can be both enjoyable and stressful, and I have mentioned this on my earlier blogs about me and my son's adventures.  We had done doing road trips, climbing mountains, joining fun runs, among others.  This time, our latest adventure includes the lolas (see the story here).  Traveling with seniors can be a lot different because you have to consider their stamina and capability to endure long walks.  Aside from that, their attitude may already be different as they have a tendency to be easily impatient and irritated should things don't go the way it should be.  

I have written in my previous blog some tips on how to travel with children.  Now, I am giving you tips on how to travel with seniors.  Are you ready to travel with your senior?

1.  Plan waaaay ahead of time.  Seniors may already have health issues, so better not to plan a vacation on the last minute.  They need to condition their body first and need to consult their physician if such trip can do harm on their body.  You also have to tell the senior what kind of activities to do during the trip.

2.  Let seniors use a 4-wheel trolley luggage.  It's easier to drag than the two-wheel luggage.  Seniors might not control the two-wheel luggage.

Packing our stuff on our way back to Manila.  All of us have one trolley and Kib and I have backpacks

3.  Bring extra water tumbler.  Just like what I mentioned in my previous blog about traveling tips with kids, it's better to bring an extra water tumbler for seniors.  Some seniors need to rehydrate very often because of some health conditions, and water might not be always readily available.  Bring cookies, crackers, and candies too for quick bites while on the road.

4.  Have a relaxed itinerary.  Seniors can no longer move fast, so better not to avail of a group tour package.  You can still have a private tour to maximize time.  If doing a DIY itinerary, better to stretch your holidays than compressing everything in 2-3 days only so that they won't get tired.

5.  Choose a hotel that has an elevator access.  I made a wrong decision during our last holiday because the place that we stayed in Bangkok doesn't have an elevator going to the higher floors.  While the oldies still managed to climb the stairs, they had a hard time going up and down.  Don't get me wrong, the place we stayed is nice and cozy.

While the steps are not steep, it's a painstaking activity for the oldies to go up and down the stairs

The main lobby of our hostel.  It's cute!

Our hostel has a travel theme, it'll make you desire to travel more and more

Common room at the fourth floor.  You can use the mugs and the electric kettle.  You can drink tea and coffee for free

6.  Have a massage as the last activity.  For sure, seniors will get very much tired from walking during the vacation.  Let them have a relaxing massage on your last day before going home, they will surely love it.

Thai massage is the best!

7.  Be patient in explaining!  Seniors may be makulit and masungit already, so be patient to explain and try to cater to their whims during the holiday.  They can also be matampuhin if their wishlist isn't fulfilled.  Be also ready to be their porter, they might have difficulty carrying their stuff.  Seniors might also have difficulty adjusting to the culture and might look for things that they are used to way back home, so just let them have it as much as possible, but try to explain that some discomfort can only be for few days.  Their taste buds might also be sensitive too and they are not accustomed to tasting new dishes, so look for a restaurant which can serve neutral meals that they can eat and enjoy.

It's fun traveling with seniors because you also let them experience something new.  Do not be afraid to introduce them to new stuff, just like the younger generation, they also need to unwind and relax and enjoy life.  

Tell me your traveling experience with your seniors, okay?!

Choosing A Health Insurance Plan for You and Your Family

At the start of every year, we write down our goals to keep us focused on the things that we want to achieve within the year.  We also pray to God to guide us all throughout the year and to bless us.  

One of the things that I always put on my yearly faith goals is to keep me and my son healthy.  Having experienced taking care of a chronically-ill family member made me value my health more and more.  It's too costly to get sick so some people resort on to getting a medical insurance so that when emergency happens, there is no need to worry about paying for hospital bills.

However, finding the right healthcare plan is not always easy, especially if one is doing it on their own.  Availing of a health insurance is a highly individual exercise because each person has different needs.  Someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle will have different needs from that of an employed parent.  There are many things to consider when one is trying to decide on a plan that is best for them, so it's important to closely study one's options before eventually selecting one.

With this predicament, Maria Health, Philippines' first online healthcare exchange platform has listed the top 10 questions to ask when evaluating health plans from different health maintenance organizations.

1.  Why should one get an HMO coverage?  
     There are different types of health insurance plans such as a medical and surgical needs or prepaid health cards that cover a specific treatment or medical procedure.  Plans by a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) have a more comprehensive coverage from its network of healthcare providers.  HMO plans also mean one gets to enjoy cashless transactions and discounted HMO rates.

TIP: Ensure to do thorough research by reading up on the offerings of health plan providers.

2.  What does the plan cover?
     The most basic of them all.  One has to start to know what services the plan will include and how much it will cover.  Other items to consider: emergency services, ambulance transport, and medicine.

TIP: Before one starts with their search, take time to list down and prioritize the things that one wants in a healthcare plan.  Use this list to determine which plan covers their needs.

3.  What hospitals are part of the plan's network?  
     Given the traffic problem of the Philippines, the location of hospitals in a health plan's network should be an important consideration.

TIP: Ask if the HMO could give access to major hospitals in one's area, whether private or public.  Also, inquire if they include access to clinic systems such as those found in malls.

4.  Is my current doctor included in the coverage?
     Several HMOs have noted that more Filipinos are becoming more conscious in wanting to have the flexibility to consult their choice of doctor, especially those who understands their medical history.  Not all HMOs allow this, so one has to pay attention if this is offered.

TIP: To make things easier, one could ask their doctor which healthcare plans he/she is part of.  If there is an HMO one really wants but does not include their doctor, ask if he or she is willing to be accredited by the HMO.

5.  How does the plan handle out-of-network medical services?
     If flexibility is of utmost importance, one should look closely into checking if the HMO reimburses medical services availed from doctors, hospital, and clinics that are not part of their accredited network.

TIP: Ask if the HMO provides reimbursements at a special HMO or discounted rate if one avails of out-of-network medical services.

6.  What happens when I get sick while traveling?
     If one travels a lot, one would want global health coverage, since hospital visits outside one's home country can prove costly.  If this is an important consideration for you, find out what exactly your HMO can provide.

TIP: Ask the HMO how much--if any--of the costs the plan will cover if one needs to go to the doctor while traveling.

7.  Does it have restrictions on my pre-existing condition?
     If one has a chronic or a pre-existing condition such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease, one would want to make sure that the or she doesn't get a health plan that excludes such conditions, or at least has limits on these exclusions.

TIP: Ask how long pre-existing conditions are excluded from the health plan.  Inquire if they have packages that would also cover medical services related to pre-existing conditions.

8.  Are annual examinations included?
     Prevention is better than cure, and some HMOs include routine examinations like mammograms, physical exams, basic laboratory tests, and even immunizations in their health plans.

TIP: Ask if the health plan includes an annual physical exam and what types of tests are included.  Also ask if the additional tests recommended by doctors during the routine examinations will also be covered.

9.  What other benefits are included?
     Other than medical care, some health plans also cover dental, vision care, and even medical prescriptions.  If these benefits matter, choose a plan that includes these benefits.

TIP: Ask for specific details about these additional services.  For dental, are minor surgeries included or are just routine check-ups?  For vision, are multiple examinations allowed or just a limited number a year?

10. How can I avail of the services?
      Some HMOs have a complicated availment process while others make it very easy to go in for medical services.  No one likes tedious procedures, so look for an HMO that makes availment simple and quick.

TIP: Ask what one needs to do to avail of services covered by the health plan.  Does one need to just show their health care or would one need to call their HMO for approval prior to availing of medical services?

It is important to take note of these questions as each and every individual has specific needs.  He/She must get a coverage that matches their needs.

Maria Health makes it more convenient to understand one's healthcare options.  The newest technology platform allows Filipinos to easily compare and shop healthcare options at one's fingertips as it provides instant quotes, full enrollment support, and unbiased guidance to help every Filipino find the health plan that's most suited to their needs.

In addition, Maria Health has also partnered with top HMOs in the country to provide simple, easy access to healthcare, with a wide range of affordable comprehensive health care plans and prepaid health cards that cover specific procedures and treatment.

Visit Maria Health's website at www.mariahealth.ph and find the perfect health plan for you and your family! 

Thank You 2017!

Every day, there is something that we can thankful for.  The moment that you opened your eyes in the morning it means that the Lord has added another day in your life.  All of us are praying for a better life and good health and the Lord has never failed us to sustain our needs.  It's okay to pray for something big to happen in our lives because we have a generous God who also rewards our deeds and continuous faithfulness in Him.  

Alongside all the blessings the Lord has been giving us, He is also giving us challenges which serves as a test of faith in Him and to also make us wiser in making decisions in our lives.  The trials that the Lord has been giving us also makes us mature in handling situations and it also makes us to look at things differently in life, either as positively or negatively.  

2017 has given us a lot of surprises, and I'm thankful to the Lord for continuously providing for our needs and giving us extra so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Here our the highlights of our year:

January--started the year with the annual prayer and fasting 

February--I was able to get the decision of my nullity, after seven years (read about it here)

March--Kib had his first mountain-climbing experience (read about it here)

April--did Stations of the Cross at BGC

May--My son and I worked together in a digital project with Ligo (watch it here).  I finally decided to have our own Facebook page (shameless plug, please like our page, hihi).

June--my car's first 5,000kms check-up

July--I had my first TV commercial with Piolo Pascual (watch it here).  We also had our first international trip in Hong Kong (read about it here).  I already got an NSO copy of my marriage contract with annotation, weee! 

August--more work opportunities for me

September--work, work, work!  

October--tried mystery shopping (another raket, will tell you more about it soon!) and run our first fun run, weee! (read about it here)

November--It's my car's first anniversary, wee!  Also our second international trip with my mom and tita in Bangkok, Thailand (read about it here).  Kib had a pet dog for the first time too (will tell you more about our furbaby soon!)

December--start of planning for 2018

In addition to that, my blogging career is flourishing, thank you for paid opportunities!  My events management job is also doing well and my small business is doing fine too, although there were not that much orders, but I'm thankful for inquiries.

Indeed, the Lord has given us more than what I expected.  Whenever I look back at my planner to see how God worked in my life, I am left in awe of thinking how loving our God is.  I am a sinner and yet His blessings never fail to show His unwavering love for me.  I still have lots of things on my prayer list, I know the Lord will answer them one by one, in His perfect time.  I just need to be patient and keep holding on to His promises and also have to do my part as a child of God.

Apart from these milestones, 2017 has also gave me learnings that I would apply for this year:

1.  In love, NEVER EVER compromise your standards.  Stick to it.
2.  Be open to new possibilities.  I never thought I can be on TV, haha.
3.  Continue to inspire people, turn negativity into positivity.
4.  Be patient.  Everything will fall into its proper place at the right time.
5.  Dream big.  There is no harm on praying beyond your needs, God also rewards us for a job well done. 
6.  Be generous.  Do not hesitate to extend your blessings to other people.  God will give it back tenfold.
7.  Don't lose focus.  Distractions are always there, it's not worth to be distracted at all.
8.  Take a time-off once in a while.  You need to recharge and reward yourself.
9.  Find peace on the things that you cannot change.  
10.  Hold on to God always.  He has the best plans for us, the best advice, the best opportunities for us.

Cheers to 2017 and looking forward to 2018!