Asian Food Channel's Brand New TV Series--Martin Yan's Asian Favourites

I love to eat, but I don't like to cook, haha.  Sometimes I get a glimpse of some cooking shows on TV because I wanted to learn new dishes.  I like experimenting on new dishes as long as it is easy and the ingredients are readily available.  

Kib is also an aspiring chef.  He would help me in the kitchen and sometimes he would also prepare his own meals. Mind you, he would also prettify his plate.  Check my earlier blogpost about our cooking adventures here.  

I have friends who are fond of watching cooking shows, particularly the cooking shows at Asian Food Channel.  I would see their posts on Facebook replicating the dishes they learned from those shows.  Sometimes I would also switch channels and go to Asian Food Channel because I am really curious on the kind of dishes the chefs prepare and to be honest, they really look good and healthy!

Culinary icon and award-winning chef Martin Yan returns to Asian Food Channel (AFC) this January with a brand new series, Martin Yan's Asian Favourites.  Chef Yan is a celebrity chef, highly respected food consultant, and a prolific author.  He wrote 30 cookbooks, including the award-winning Martin Yan's Feast, Chinese Cooking for Dummies, and Martin Yan's Quick and Easy.  His latest cookbook, Martin Yan's China, documents his travels and culinary discoveries throughout the far reaches of China.

Chef Yan has starred in a number of AFC original productions: True Passion--Martin Yan features Chef Yan pairing his signature dishes with his favorite Jacob's Creek wines; Back To Basics shows Chef Yan venturing deep into the palm oil plantations of Malaysia, braving searing heat to discover the truth behind one of the world's most widely used food products, palm oil; Martin Yan's Taste of Vietnam showcases the essence of Vietnam's rich cuisine and vibrant culture.

Now in his new series, Chef Yan will handpick eight different themes to feature in each episode, where he will then whip up four dishes that best represents a country an its unique food culture.  In the premiere episode, Chef Yan will combine Thailand's unique "5 senses in 1 bowl' approach in his Cold Noodles Salad and Crispy Caramelized Noodles and share his take on Malaysia's Fish Head Noodles and Singapore's stir fried noodles, all bound to tantalize viewer's taste buds.

Asians love eating vegetables!  So Chef Yan will also showcase different Asian dishes with vegetables in this show.  Watch Chef Yan whip up the all-time favourite Crispy Tofu with Bok Choy, Malaysia's Spicy Nonya Vegetables, the refreshing Vietnamese style Papaya Salad, and last but not the least, the savoury Cheese and Eggplant Omelette, locally known as Tortang Talong in the Philippines.  

In addition, Chef Yan's newest TV show will also feature some guests, like Datuk Fazley and Chef Minh Nha to come up with dishes to celebrate Asian's vibrant cultures and its flavourful cuisines.

The pilot episode was shown last January 5th, 2017.  Martin Yan's Asian Favourites will be watched every Thursday, 9PM on AFC.  You can watch AFC on these following cable networks:

Channel Code
22 (Analog)/ 248 HD
Dream Satellite TV
Destiny Cable
71 (Analog)/ 22 (Digital)

Let's learn to cook with Chef Martin Yan and spice up our everyday dishes!

About Asian Food Channel

Asian Food Channel (AFC) is the region’s leading food-focused channel that celebrates the unique Asian culinary experience with the added touch of global flavour. AFC entertains viewers with a range of local and international content from reality, lifestyle to travelogue program formats. It believes in celebrating the rich history and story behind Asia’s most beloved cuisines and continues to grow its library of originally produced Asian content, breaking boundaries with new and exciting programs. Available in more than 10 countries in Asia Pacific, the channel’s online engagement via website and social media platforms surpass two million likes on Facebook and continues to increase daily. Asian Food Channel is part of Scripps Networks Interactive, one of the world’s leading producers of lifestyle content. More information is available on or Facebook page

Turn Your Hobbies to Business! Attend this Workshop Now!

Hobbies can make our idle time productive.  It also makes us entertained and gives us channel for creativity.  Hobbies can also be our stress-reliever especially when times are getting tough.  Hobbies can also give us a reason to save money because we want to develop and grow our hobbies.

Most importantly, we can turn our hobbies to business!  How?

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I handled the first run of this workshop last year (please see post here) and we're so happy to inspire people to pursue their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.  I also listened to Marge's talk and voila!  Katsa Co. was born!  

I always tell myself that I don't have entrepreneurial skills, but I thank the people around me who believed that I can be an entrepreneur in my own little way.  There's no need to start big; start dreaming and make that dream into a reality.  Take a risk (even if it is a small one) and from that risk you invested on, be inspired to work hard so that the risk you made will be worthwhile.   

Hobbies to Business Second Run is much better!  

Morning session will cover how to turn your hobbies into business by discussing business model and registration procedure.  In the afternoon, it will tackle personal branding and going online.  Personal branding is very important because this will serve as your foundation in making your hobby into a business.  Your personality, preferences, and limitations will be taken into consideration when you do your personal branding.  Also, now that we are living in the digital age, going online is the best way to easily make your products known.

I am already excited for the second run of this workshop!  I do hope that I'll see you there!

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Seven is God's Number

Number seven can symbolize a lot of things.  It can be a lucky number, a celebration of a milestone, or even a significant number in different religious beliefs and organizations.  According to a survey, seven is the most favorite number, followed by three and eight. 

Each and every one of us have these 'special numbers' in our lives.  Primarily, our favorite numbers are our birthdays and anniversaries.  We usually link the major events in our lives to our favorite numbers for easy recall and because of the belief that our favorite numbers will always bring fortune to our lives.

Personally, I also have my 'lucky numbers' too, but even if I have these lucky charms, I don't base my decisions around that number.  For me, it's just pure coincidence and I have this "oo nga noh" moments after realizing that incident has something to do with a special number.

Just recently, I had this reflection towards number seven which I would like to share with you.  I also posted it on my Facebook wall.

"I have been waiting for this major life decision for seven years now. Honestly, I also got impatient, but I claimed the Lord's promise that He has great plans for me. I have written this as one of my faith goals at the start of the year, I fasted for it, and I even asked friends to also pray with me for this.

Slowly, all the questions that I have in mind were answered by the Lord one by one. I am truly amazed how God shows me that this will be the year that He will answer all my plea. I really cried out for joy when finally, it has been concluded. Now, I just have to wait for few more days."

A chat with a friend reminded me that seven is God's number. A lot of stories in the Bible revolved around number seven (you may check it here).  And just few minutes before posting this on my Facebook wall, the Lord has reminded me that He has a different timeline. He reminded me of this verse: "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like thousand years, and a thousand years like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not anything to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (II Peter 3:8-9)

Sometimes, we might really get impatient waiting for the Lord's answers in our prayers.  Let us remember that God has a different timeline from ours, and He has the perfect timing in everything.  Most of the time when we hasten our decisions, we get in trouble.  Even if we make mistakes in our lives due to our hard-headedness, the Lord is still gracious to give us a way out from all of these (I Corinthians 10:13).  The Lord really wants the best for us, He really pursues us because we are His children.  

Lord, I am still in awe on how You work into my life. Thank You for Your Words. Thank You that You are putting things in order in my life. My everlasting praise and thanks I give to You. Amen.