Shop Online This Holiday Season Via Shopee

In the Philippines, traffic starts to swell when -ber months come, and as Christmas comes near, the traffic is getting worse.  In addition to that, government infrastructure projects add up to the road congestion.  Hay, traveling in the Metro can really test your patience these days, waaah!

Now that I'm already in online business (please visit my FB page Katsa Co.), I've now come to appreciate online shopping more and more.  It really offers convenience to everybody.  No queueing up to the cashier to pay, no more traffic to battle to and from home, no more plenty of shopping bags to carry, among others.  There are lots of reasons to resort to online shopping these days :)

There are lots of e-commerce sites right now, and I've tried all of them.  The latest that I have tried is Shopee.  Shopee is the number one mobile marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, where everyone can browse, shop, and sell.  It is a platform tailored for Southeast Asia, making online shopping easy, secure, and fuss-free through its strong payment and logistical support.

In the Philippines, Shopee had its soft opening in June 2015 and was formally launched in December of the same year.  Currently, there are over 25 million downloads of Shopee app from Google Play and App Store from Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. One good thing about Shopee is that it is open to be used for FREE by both merchants and customers at no hidden costs.  Another good thing about Shopee is that they work in close collaboration with local retailers and entrepreneurs to establish an extensive range of high-quality product listings.  

A friend of mine who has a Shopee online store can attest that it's really safe and convenient to put up an online store at Shopee.  An online shop owner at Shopee can easily upload their products at Shopee--just snap a picture, describe the product and set the price.  The customer traffic is also good.  A customer is protected from fraud because Shopee guarantees elimination of fraudulent transactions by having a secured payment method.  Potential customers can also have a chat on Shopee with sellers to ask questions about the product.

And yes, Shopee is currently running a huge Christmas promotion until the end of the year, don't miss it!  Shopee is offering free shipping and cash on delivery nationwide.

Please watch this video from Shopee:

Indeed, Christmas is a time for us to be reunited with our loved ones, so make more bonding time with them and leave shopping worries with Shopee!  Happy holidays everyone!

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On Raising A Perfect Child

FACT: Nobody's perfect.
BITTER TRUTH: When someone points out our imperfections, while it is constructive, we will still be affected by it.

We all know that it is hard to be a parent.  In my case, it's twice the difficulty because I have to discipline my child both as a mom and a dad.  To be honest, there are times that I break down because I am the only one who absorbs all life's difficulties and I pray to God that He gives me a partner so that there would be someone whom I can rely on to when life is getting tough and that there will be someone who can help me in solving problems that I face in daily situations.

Parents have this desire to raise a 'perfect' child, a child that they can be really proud of in all aspects--academically, socially, physically, etc.  Parents expose their children to all avenues to fully develop their potential and to be perfect in the eyes of everybody.  

But is there such thing as 'perfect' child?

Well, all of us already know the answer to this question.  

Sometimes, we feel disheartened when we hear some negative comments about our child.  We have a tendency to think if we lack on disciplining our child.  Worse, we feel awful about ourselves that we feel we are a bad parent because people have pointed out our child's misbehavior.  On the other hand, some parents think otherwise; they are in defense of their child's behavior, not accepting the fact that their child behaves differently when he/she is with others, and take it as a form of character assassination to discredit their child.  

Kib is a very confident and assertive child, but his behavior can sometimes go way beyond the normal.  Some people may no longer tolerate his behavior because he is already a pre-teener.

I recently heard a comment about Kib's behavior.  While I appreciate that comment because I also needed validation from others on how Kib behaves on social situations, it also made me think about my parenting skills.  It made me think about myself if I am lacking focus on my child because I'm too busy with other things.  I even thought if Kib has special condition (ADHD) because he is so malikot and uncontrollable.

I had this pep talk with my son about his behavior.  What is good about Kib is that when he knows he is at fault, he will say sorry to the offended party.  I told him to apologize and he immediately did that.  He was also reminded by the person not to do it anymore.

While on the car, I further talked about his behavior towards others.  I reminded him to always observe proper decorum when we're on a different place and he has to be always courteous when talking with other people.  I was so upset at the situation that I asked him if I'm a bad parent.  I know he felt bad about the comment too, but I just reminded him to be refined in his actions because he is already big and he can already understand things.  

I also confirmed with my friends about my feelings on parenting Kib.  One friend assured me that what I'm feeling is normal, that there are times that we think we lack discipline to our children when other people made a remark about our child's behavior.  Another friend also reminded me that as parents we can only do so much in disciplining our child.  One more friend just simply reminded me not to dwell so much about the comment, because she sensed that I was really bothered about it.

While doing some reflection about this, I was also reminded by this verse: "Train up a child in a way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)  It is a reminder for me that it's still not too late to instill the values I want my son to have so that he will grow up to be a fine young man.  

Haaayyy!!!!  It's really hard to be a parent.  I don't regret being a mom to my son, but the challenges of raising a fine individual can be really tough and testing my patience and tolerance in daily living can bring a lot of stress to me.

I know the Lord is with me to help me raise a God-fearing child.  While I may not raise a perfect son, I know that I can raise a God-fearing child.  

Lord, please help me to be a better parent to my son, Amen.

Katsa Co.: Me, An Entrepreneur in the Making

I always wanted to have a business of my own, but thinking about the difficulty of running your own business already gives me a headache, haha.  Well, I've tried direct selling before but only for a short time.  

Now that me and my son's needs are growing, I have to think of different income streams to prepare for the future.  While my present jobs can provide for me and my son's needs and wants, I still need to think of other ways to earn, both actively and passively.  We have a saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," that is why I am trying to apply it in my life right now.

A close friend of mine and I have already been talking about putting up a business together.  For months, we have been planning for a business that we will both like.  We've put our current resources and finances into consideration and the feasibility of us working together too (she lives in Novaliches, I live in Cainta).  We ended up putting an online shop as our initial partnership.

My friend and I are both kikays.  We have a penchant for anything girly.  We like talking about fashion and even go to salon together.  We've thought of creating personalized bags made of katsa as our main product.  We started making our prototypes and having it printed so that we know how the finished products will look like.  

After we have finalized our design and prices, we have launched our business at the end of October, wee!  Friends and family, introducing Katsa Co.!

We are both fairly new in online shopping business so my friend and I are still learning on a daily basis.  We would really try to make our Facebook page as informative and engaging as possible and we are hoping that our friends and followers would support us in our venture (let orders come in!).

We would recommend our katsa bags and pouches to be your gift to your friends and family this holiday season.  Please do not hesitate to ask us a lot of questions before finalizing our order.  For full-time moms like us, having this kind of business would really help us augment our daily expenses while taking care of our growing kids.

Please drop by at our humble Facebook page at or drop us an email at for inquiries.  You may also visit our Instagram account (@katsa_co) as well.

Happy online shopping and happy holidays!

Develop Your Child's Talent and Nuture His/Her Gift/s to Excellence!

All parents want the best for their children, including me.  We support them in all the things that they want to do to be able to find their niche and be good--if not the best--at it.  We want our children to excel and shine in their chosen endeavor.  We want them to succeed in life.  We want them to grow full of confidence to face whatever challenges that they will face later on in life.

On the recent talk conducted by Wyeth Philippines that I attended about child development, I just found out that there is the best time in our child's life in optimizing their innate skills.  All I thought is that one's talents can be honed at any age and any given opportunity.  Dr. Joselyn Eusebio, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, said that the crucial window of talent development presents itself only at a child's critical age of learning, which happens during a child's 1st 6 years of life.  "This is the optimum time for parents to help their child stimulate his or her brain to pave way for better development.  Aside from proper nutrition and a stimulating environment, parental support is imperative at this stage," added Dr. Eusebio.

Dr. Joselyn Eusebio explaining more about the 'window of opportunity' to the audience

I would really agree that parental support is much needed to develop our child's potential.  Parents should be their child's number 1 fan and supporter.  Parents should encourage their children not to give up on their dreams.  Parents should be the one to motivate their children whenever they feel discouraged and when failure comes along the way.  Parents should be positive in letting their child know that there is a bright future ahead of him/her.

To further emphasize the importance of parents' role during the child's developing stage (0-6 years old), Didi Manahan M.S. Ed., directress of Keys Scholl Manila and Explorations Preschool said that a child can grow or develop a talent through possessing life skills, and acquiring this set of skills entails thorough guidance and strong support from parents and teachers. "It is vital that parents respond to their child's areas of interest, strength and need, to ensure the child's success," said Ms. Manahan.

Ms. Didi Manahan explaining on how parents can help in developing their child's potential

We have been seeing child prodigies on TV and we can still remember some of them, like Shaira Luna, James Flores, and Kiko Galura.  Promil Pre-School has been the parents' partner in helping their children achieve their potential by providing them with the unique combination of brain and body building nutrients which help support learning during the crucial window of talent development for more than twenty years now.  

I-Shine Talent Camp has been the avenue created by Promil Pre-School to help parents hone their child's talents to their maximum potential.  Now on its fifth year, I-Shine Talent Camp has been continuing to enable parents to develop, celebrate, and support their child's talents while inspiring other parents to do the same.

Former I-Shiners together with their parents, sharing their experiences in I-Shine and how I-Shine has helped in developing their child's potential

I-Shine Talent Camp is open to kids 3-6 years old and has three camps--the Stage Camp to be mentored by Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G-Force and Rico Blanco, the Music Camp to be mentored by Ryan Cayabyab, and the Art Camp to be mentored by Robert Alejandro.  I-Shine Talent Camp Season 5 is offering bigger and better activities, allowing the chosen participants to gain more opportunities to celebrate, develop, and showcase, their exceptional talent, helping them to be at their best.

The mentors of the I-Shine Talent Camp Season 5 together with the event host Ms. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

Want to join your kid to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I-Shine Talent Camp Season 5 is now accepting entries all over the Philippines!  You can submit your application online!  Just visit on how you can submit your child's video showcasing his/her exceptional talent.  It's good that parents can now submit their applications online, not unlike before that parents have to line up for hours to have their child's moment to show their talent in front of the casters.

Who knows?  Your child can be the next child prodigy of the Philippines!