A #SpHOOQtacular Halloween!

Kib has always been looking forward to attending Halloween parties every year.  Last year, we didn't have an opportunity to attend to any because I was so busy looking for a good Halloween event for Kib.  He really got disappointed because he DIYed his costume then.  

This year, when I got an invite for the third HOOQ Hangouts, I told Kib that we will be watching "Monster House".  He asked me if there will be trick or treat and he got excited when I said that there will be.  Right there and then he started planning for his Halloween costume.

Monster House poster

As the event day comes near, I reminded him that I do not want a scary costume.  He got a bit disappointed because he was thinking of a character from Five Nights at Freddy's.  I even suggested that he just wear the attire he wore during the Community Service Day in church.  He said he doesn't want to repeat costumes and he wants a new one (hay, ang hirap kausap!).  Then, he thought of being a Stormtrooper since his friend left the Stormtrooper mask in our home.  The issue has already been settled, haha!

Kib as the Stormtrooper

Unfortunately, we arrived late at the event because we still came from a final casting for a TV commercial.  It was unlikely for us to be late during events and we always arrive early.  Too bad Kib wasn't able to enjoy the activities for the kids during the event, but nonetheless he was able to find a way to entertain himself and enjoyed watching the "Monster House".

Kids on their costumes during the HOOQ Hangouts

Kids were entertained by a ventriloquist.  We missed this :(

The third HOOQ Hangouts happened last October 21st, 2016 gathered the young movie buffs (like Kib) in their spookiest costumes as they watched "Monster House", an Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature horror comedy produced by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis.

Soooo SpHOOQky!  Just like the house in the movie

Even people sitting at the ampitheater enjoyed watching the Monster House

My little Stormtrooper posing at the spHOOQky picket fence

It's good to know that HOOQ has a line of TV shows and movies for the kids (and kids at heart)!  HOOQ tripled the number of their child-friendly content in the last quarter of this year by signing up partnerships with the biggest names in family entertainment (Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Kids Like Us, Hasbro, Turner, and Mo Media).  With these partnerships, HOOQ will expand their library of kid-friendly TV shows and movies to over 500 hours of entertainment.

Younger kids can also watch Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go!, Paw Patrol, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Mr. Bean, among others on mobile phones and tablets.  Kids can also watch the earlier episodes of Hi-5 and iCarly too!

I'm so happy that HOOQ has listened to the needs of the Filipino family to have an entertainment available for their kids too.  Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan said that HOOQ is continuing its efforts to widen their library so that the whole family can enjoy watching shows and movies altogether.  Adding more kid-friendly titles means kids will be able to fully enjoy their mobile experience through entertaining and at the same time to learn from their favorite shows.

It was also announced during the event that HOOQ will have a new look!

HOOQ's new interface boasts a mobile first UX that has been built from extensive customer beta testing and usability research to derive a customer-centric experience, given that over 80% of customers are consuming HOOQ on their mobile devices.

In addition, HOOQ's new interface features a brand-new real time content feed and personalized recommendation engine that makes discovering new favorites easier than ever.  It also highlights the most popular content which shows what others are watching and which titles are trending.

HOOQ's new interface is supported by iOS, Android, web, Chromecast, and Android Set-top Box and will also be available on Airplay and mobile web as well.

So exciting isn't it?  The new features of the new HOOQ app will surely kill boredom and at the same time entertain the whole family too!

To my friends and family who likes watching TV shows and movies, I do recommend that you download HOOQ!  It's very easy!  Sign-up today for a 7-day free trial on www.HOOQ.tv.  Globe mobile customers can get up to 90 days free HOOQ on selected GoSURF plans.  Broadband customers can also get HOOQ for free on Globe Home Broadband.  Once the trial period expires, Globe customers can continue enjoying HOOQ at P149 subscription fee monthly charged to your Globe bill.  Simply test HOOQ149 to 8080.

Let's see each other on the next HOOQ Hangouts, okay?!

Happiness in A Scoop: Baskin Robbins Opens Its 14th Branch in BGC

"Happiness is two kinds of ice cream,
Finding your skate key, telling the time...

For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That is loved by you!"

I super love this song because it clearly defines what happiness is.  Happiness can be found in simple things around us.  Happiness is being contented with whatever we have and just being loved by somebody--that's happiness. 

For me, happiness is just always being with my son 24/7.  I am thankful to the Lord that He had given me an opportunity to become a mom to this wonderful boy.  I can enjoy a lot of activities with my son. Life's not always a bed of roses, but I thank the Lord that He is always giving me peace despite of everything that is happening to my life and my son is the one who keeps me going on with life.  Truly, he is heaven-sent :)

One of the activities that my son and I enjoy doing together is...eating!  I am blessed to have a son who can eat anything and everything!  He is not afraid to try different dishes, he has a palate of an adult!  He likes putting black pepper on his food and recently, he asks me to prepare spicy dishes for us!  Sometimes I am amazed at this kid, having a good appetite and not being a picky eater.

I have a secret: sometimes I am a stress eater, hihihi.  When I feel stressed, I like eating salty and sweet food.  One of the stress busters for me is eating ice cream.  For me, ice cream makes me feel good about myself because of its sweetness, creaminess, and coldness.  Ice cream can really make me happy whenever I feel blue.

For ice cream lovers like me, good news!  Baskin Robbins has opened its 14th branch in Bonifacio High Street last October 1st!   Baskin Robbins is tagged as the world's most beloved ice cream brand because of its unique ice cream flavors.  It was founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts whose passion led to the creation of more than 1,300 ice cream flavors and a wide variety of delicious treats.  Baskin Robbins features premium hard scoop ice creams, customized ice cream cakes, and a full range of frozen beverages.  Amazing, isn't it?

For its newest branch in the Philippines, Baskin Robbins can now be more accessible to the shoppers and residents within Bonifacio High Street and nearby areas in BGC. To make the store opening more fun and memorable, Baskin Robbins lined up a series of delicious treats and activities for all of its guests and customers: 

  • P31 per scoop for all ice cream flavors for the whole day of October 1st
  • Meet and greet with Baskin Robbins mascot
  • Souvenir photos for guests and customers
  • Face painting
  • Performance by UP Dance Company
  • "Waffle Wonderland" -- guests can customize waffles in various shapes and colors
  • "Fundae Sundae" -- guests can put various toppings on their ice cream on cones

My son and I enjoyed the event!  We tasted several ice cream flavors during the event and we enjoyed every spoonful of each flavor.  My son also enjoyed the face painting activity that he went back at that booth three times!

I would recommend that you try to visit Baskin Robbins anytime soon and taste all the unique ice cream flavors there!  Enjoy Baskin Robbins ice cream with your family :)

To avail of more exciting promos from Baskin Robbins, visit any of their branches near you (Uptown Place Mall, Central Square, SM Aura, Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 2 and 5, 2/F SM City North, SM City North The Block, Fairview Terraces, Trinoma Manll, SM Southmall, SM Dasmarinas, Solenad, B8 Bonifacio High Street).  Visit www.baskinrobbins.ph and its social media accounts on Facebook (baskinrobbinsph), Twitter (@baskinrobbinsph), and Instagram (@baskinrobbinsph) for more updates.

Dapat Lang! Solane Promotes Filipino Values

I'm very active in social media.  I like commenting to the posts made by my friends and even say hi to my friends whom I don't see on a regular basis.  Social media indeed became a powerful tool in influencing others, both positively and negatively.  A lot of people can freely say their thoughts and opinions online and create a buzz on cyberspace.  Sad to say, with the changing times, people--young and old--have already forgotten their roots, their values.  The posts that we see on social media sometimes show the kind of values a person has.

I must admit, I am also guilty of posting some 'nega' posts on my own wall.  I am really trying my very best to just post stories about my son, our adventures and misadventures, some thoughts about the Bible, and some gentle reminders about living in peace and harmony with other people.  I am not trying to be an influencer though, but I just wanted to remind everyone about the long-lost values that we should have in our lives.

With the new administration, the whole nation has high hopes that major changes will happen to our country.  As the country gears up for change, ISLA LPG Corporation (ILC), the leading LPG solutions company and owner of the brand Solane, launches an advocacy campaign that aims to remind consumers of the importance of family and positive Filipino values.

"Dapat Lang" campaign touches on the importance of bringing back traditional Filipino values which have somehow been misplaced in our high-technology, fast-paced, modern setting.  These values include commitment to the family, honesty, hard work, respect for others, and integrity.  This catchphrase was chosen for the campaign because it is a popular Filipino expression meaning "That's how it should be" or "Rightly so".  "Dapat Lang" is a program that emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing, for the family, for others, and society as a whole.  

During the launch of the latest campaign, ILC CEO Ruben Domingo said that this catchphrase is a reminder to all that we should do the right thing in everything we do--all the time, wherever we are--in order to bring out the positive change in all of us.

To spread awareness about this campaign, print and radio ads, social media, and online videos will be utilized.  In the campaign, Solane will showcase a mom cooking the best dishes for her family, an employee putting in ample time at work, a chef preparing high-quality ingredients for his customers, a manager catering to the needs of the client, the Solane Hatid-Bahay rider ensuring that LPG delivery is safe and on time.  ISLA LPG lives out this campaign by providing their customers with high-quality, safe, and reliable LPG products.

ISLA LPG also launched their newest website together with the "Dapat Lang" campaign.  The new website outlines the various ways with which Solane stakeholders can live out the new campaign principle in their everyday lives.  It also features a blog that will serve as a way for ISLA LPG to communicate directly with its consumers, particularly moms.  The blog will feature quick and easy recipes and helpful and time-saving tips on cooking for the family, keeping a safe environment at work and home, plus more.

One of the best features of the newest website is that consumers can now order LPG online!  Solane Hatid-Bahay Service is an exclusive service provided to Solane LPG residential customers.  ISLA LPG's well-trained riders conduct a weight check in front of customers using calibrated portable weighing scales, assuring households of value for their money.  The Solane Hatid-Bahay riders also perform the 7 Point Safety Check free of charge to help ensure the safety of consumers and their families.  The 7 Point Safety Check includes the following:

  • Environment -- place cylinders in a well-ventilated area, away from sources of ignition
  • O-Ring -- inspect the rubber O-ring inside the valve.  Ensure that it is free from scratches or cracks
  • Regulator -- use the correct regulator and check its condition frequently.  Replace within 3 years
  • Regulator and Valve Connection -- attach the regulator and ensure that it is securely connected to the cylinder valve
  • Hose -- use the correct hose and check its condition regularly.  Replace the hose every two years
  • Hose and Connection -- use metal clamps to attach the hose to the regulator and appliance
  • Flame Quality -- ensure that your burner produces a blue flame.  Always maintain the quality of your gas appliance

In addition, ISLA LPG has been regularly conducting safety seminars for its customers as well as to various communities nationwide.  The company's employees and contractors follow strict compliance of safe LPG handling and fire safety.  Because of this, ISLA LPG has achieved a significant milestone of 13 million man hours without lost time injury.

As consumers and end-users, we can be assured that ISLA LPG provides the best and safest products and services.  We can proudly say, "Kapag LPG, Dapat Lang Solane!"

To more about the Dapat Lang campaign, you may visit Solane's newest website, www.solane.com.ph and Facebook page.  To order for LPG, you may contact Solane Hatid-Bahay at (02) 887-555 (for Metro Manila only) or (0918) 887-5555 (nationwide) or visit the website.  Solane delivers nationwide.  

Filipino Movies Now on HOOQ!

I rarely watch Filipino movies.  I have my own reasons, but I'll just keep it to myself so that I won't be able to offend anyone.  I must admit that Filipino movies at the start of this century evolved in a more positive way--the story, editing, music--everything.  The dying movie industry in the Philippines was revived at the turn of the new century because movie producers started to invest on good stories which we can say are at par with international movies.  Local quality movies have been given recognition in international film festivals already and it makes me feel proud being a Filipino.

We were blessed to be invited to the second HOOQ Hangouts last September 23, 2016 at Globe Iconic Store in BGC.  This time, #LovePinoy was the theme for this event.  Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban's movie "Every Breath You Take" was shown that time. 

Welcome to HOOQ Hangouts 2!

This movie is very funny!  Kib and I enjoyed this movie so much!  Watch this at HOOQ

Piolo Pascual dropped by to say 'hi' to all HOOQ subscribers during the event

Jane Cruz-Walker, Country Manager of HOOQ Philippines said that the team chose a romantic comedy movie that's guaranteed to rekindle that warm fuzzy feeling during the -ber months and for the viewers to have that "Pinoy Love" vibe.

HOOQ is the prime destination for Filipino entertainment on demand with the largest library of local movies and even TV shows such as teleseryes, comedy, and reality shows.  HOOQ was able to sign licensing deals from top movie and TV production companies such as ABS-CBN, Regal, Viva, and GMA.

Here are some of the movies that you can watch at HOOQ:

  • Romance -- Diary ng Panget, This Time, One More Chance, Close To You, The Mistress, A Secret Affair
  • Action -- On The Job, Muro Ami, Ang Probinsyano, Death Row, Dugo ng Panday
  • Horror -- Feng Shui, Sukob, Shake Rattle and Roll, The Healing
  • Comedy -- Sisterakas, Kimmy Dora, Wang Fam, My Amnesia Girl, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy
  • Classics -- Bagets, Sana'y Wala ng Wakas, Temptation Island, Rizal, City After Dark
  • Independent -- Metro Manila, Sonata, Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay, Zombadings, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros

Here are some of the TV series that you can also watch at HOOQ:

  • Imortal
  • Encantadia
  • Walang Hanggan
  • Sinungaling Mong Puso (catch-up episodes)
  • Watch Over Me (catch-up episodes)
HOOQ also showcases movies from the annual Metro Manila Film Festival and short film/animations.

HOOQ Hangouts is a regular event exclusively held for HOOQ subscribers and is usually held at BGC Ampitheatre with massive LCD screens, beanbags, blankets, and cushions to fully enjoy the show.  Attendees can enjoy the event with on-ground entertainment, free popcorn, and some activities and raffle prizes.

BGC Ampitheatre was dressed up to look like an outdoor cinema complete with beanbags, pillows, and cushions to make the viewers comfortable, as if just watching movies from their respective homes

While waiting for the main event (movie watching), all attendees were serenaded by a live band

A photo posted by Donna Donor (@donababe) on

Want to be invited on the next HOOQ Hangout?  It's easy to get on HOOQ!  Sign-up today for a 7-day free trial on www.HOOQ.tv.  Globe mobile subscribers can use GOOQ up to 90 days free on selected GoSURF plans.  Broadband customers with Plan 1299 and up can also get HOOQ for free on Globe Home Broadband.  Once the trial period expires, Globe customers can continue enjoying HOOQ at P149 subscription fee monthly charged to your Globe bill.  Simply text HOOQ149 to 8888 to activate subscription.

Be hooked on HOOQ and enjoy watching your all-time favorite Pinoy movies!

Johann Coffee and Beverages: A New Coffee Brand to Watch Out For

I love coffee, although I cannot really say that I'm addicted to it (I don't drink coffee everyday and if I do, max is two cups a day).  I try to taste different kinds of coffee, but honestly, I really cannot tell which is which, hahaha.  For me, coffee are all the same, hahaha.  I admire people who can really tell the difference of each coffee.

Filipinos have included coffee in their daily lives.  They enjoy coffee with friends, while working, while having a meeting, or just simply being alone.  Some Filipinos consider coffee as their comfort drink that they become addicted to it.  Just a gentle reminder though, drinking too much coffee can also pose health problems to us :)

Anyway, there's this local coffee shop that is trying to penetrate the Filipino market.  Johann Coffee and Beverages is owned by JKL Beverages Corporation.  The company is trying to bring changes in the F&B Industry, particularly in the coffee business sector.  

Johann Coffee and Beverages had its debut in the biggest franchise expo held in SMX SM MOA early this year.  Because of its mantra, "everybody deserves a perfect shot", Johann Coffee and Beverages had successfully opened business opportunities in Metro Manila and in neighboring provinces such as Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, among others, and very soon, Johann Coffee and Beverages will also open its doors to Davao and General Santos City.

This month, Johann Coffee and Beverages will open its stores to the public!  Below are some of the venues that you can see Johann Coffee and Beverages:

  • Festival Mall, Alabang
  • Farmer's Plaza and Gateway Mall, Cubao
  • Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City
  • Valero Street, Makati City

Johann Coffee and Beverages is trying to introduce another way of enjoying coffee by introducing coffee trucks and kiosks to the interested franchisees.  Johann Coffee and Beverages use local and imported coffee beans to bring a new kind of coffee franchise opportunity to our country.

I was able to get samples of some their coffees that they will offer.  By the smell of it, it tastes good and addictive!

A photo posted by Donna Donor (@donababe) on

I can't wait to visit Johann Coffee and Beverages and taste other coffee varieties!

For more information about Johann Coffee and Beverages, you may visit www.johanncoffeeandbeverages.com or visit their Facebook page.  For franchise inquiries, you may email johannfranchise@gmail.com or franchising@ufranchiseasia.com.