Ready to Go Back to School? Here are Some Baon Tips

Now that that children are back to school, mommies need to wake up early to prepare breakfast and lunch box for the kids.    I know how hard it is to wake up early to prepare for their kids' school, so Solane, the country's leading cooking gas, provides simple tips to make packed lunch preparation easier for parents and at the same time, it is nutritious and enjoyable for the kids.  

1.  Make food yummy and healthy.  Your preschoolers and gradeschoolers need all the nutrition they can get for their bones, muscles, and brain, among other body parts to be developed.  Kids do a lot of activities in school that is why they need to eat nutritious food so that they can last the day at school.  Kids need carbohydrates and protein and other vitamins and minerals so that they would not get sick easily.  Make sure that the meals you prepare not only tastes great but it also covers the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for the nutrients your kids need.  In addition, dishes should be balanced (with grains--typically rice and noodles, meat, fruits and veggies, and oils).  

One of the challenges each parent has is introducing vegetables to children.  Studies have proven that habit is best learned by example.  To encourage kids to eat vegetables while in school, parents should prepare vegetable dishes in a child-friendly way.  Try pairing vegetables with a siding or a sauce that their children love.  Examples are boiled beans with mayonnaise dip, tofu cubes rolled alongside with ground beef in tortilla wrap, and mushrooms slathered in cheese.  

2.  Make food interesting and colorful.  Children are more inclined to finish everything on their plate if it looks pleasing to the eyes.  Plating is very important to capture children's imagination.  Try using carrots, cucumber, red or green bell peppers, celery, pineapples to add pizzaz to your child's baon.  Make sure your pantry is well-stocked with these fruits and vegetables to instantly bring color to your child's lunch!

Bento lunchboxes became popular too because it adds color to the food and it makes lunch time enjoyable for the kids.  You can check out Pinterest or Instagram for some bento box inspirations.

3.  Make a meal plan.  Ideally, parents should really prepare a weekly meal plan so that parents won't stress about the food their kids will bring to school on a daily basis.  This is to also help parents with their grocery list.  Prepare ingredients early to save time without sacrificing the flavor and nutritional value of the meals.  Have food staples, like chicken and vegetables, which can be instantly used in cooking multiple tasty meals.  

I do hope that these tips will help you in preparing healthy and delicious meals for your children.  Let us send our children to school with full of love and confidence :)

Order your Solane LPG tank today by calling Solane’s Hatid Bahay hotline number887-5555 or by visiting

ASUS Incredible Workshops 2: Future

I rarely attend seminars due to my busy schedule at work and home.  Whenever I get a chance to attend one, I really make sure that I focus my eyes and ears so that I won't miss anything from the talk.  I was blessed to attend the second installment of Asus Incredible Workshops held last May 2nd, 2016.  

RJ Ledesma, an entrepreneur, columnist, and host, talked about the ingredients for entrepreneurship.  The topic is very timely because I have been talking to some friends on possible business venture with them.  I am excited to find out if we are on the right track on putting up a business.

Here are the things I learned about the talk:

Ingredients for Entrepreneurship:

  • Part Smarts (being a street smart)
  • Part Hustle
  • Part Balls (having a great business pitch)
  • Part Luck/Timing
  • All Prayer

Ingredient # 1: A cup of vision and ambition

  • Know what you are passionate about
  • Entrepreneurship is all about your irritation 
  • Inspiration comes from irritation -- your 'pain points'

Ingredient # 2: A tablespoon of self and industry awareness

  • Know your customers
  • Know your competition
  • Know your strengths
  • Keep an entrepreneurial mindset

Ingredient # 3: A dash of innovation

  • The importance of pivot--never be too stuck in your business model, you can change it when there is a need
  • Understanding social media--we are as much as online business as we are an offline business, online presence is crucial for businesses

Ingredient # 4: A generous serving of hard work and dedication

  • Hard work is all about the hustle

Ingredient # 5: A pinch of luck

  • Create an atmosphere for 'business luck'
  • Failure is  a badge of honor (it is easy to succeed, but hard to fail)

RJ Ledesma is a loyal ASUS user.  For his business presentations, he uses ASUS Vivo Flipbook.  ASUS Vivo Flipbook is super light (1.5 kg.) and it's 10% slimmer than the previous flipbook model.  It measures 19.9 mm thin and it has 360-degree, multi-gear metal hinge that gives the user the freedom to organize his/her life the way he/she wants to.  Either you do serious work in laptop mode or flip it into tent mode to share or discuss stuff with colleagues, or create your own personal movie theater in an instant with stand mode.  The tablet mode is also useful for quick screen taps and edits.

ASUS Vivo Flipbook can last up to 10 hours so there is no need to be constantly on the look-out for power sockets.  

Here are the other specs of ASUS Vivo Flipbook:

  • 6th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor
  • Discrete Graphics Card
  • IPS Display Technology
  • Type-C USB
  • Touch Screen
  • Smart Gesture

When I saw ASUS Vivo Flipbook during the event, I fell in love with it!  This is an ideal hybrid laptop for people who are always on-the-go (like me) and who always does business presentations.  No need for a separate gadget, it's a 2-in-1 gadget.

For more information about ASUS Vivo Flipbook and other ASUS products, you may visit or their other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Art in Space: A Two-Week Exhibit at Avida Showroom in Glorietta

Currently, my son and I live in my parents' house.  This house is already actually an inheritance (a portion of the property is already under my name because my dad passed away few years ago), I still dream of having a house which I can really call my own.  Now that this house is under my care, I have to really make to sure that our house is always clean, damage-free, and all bills are paid on time.

Honestly speaking, I am not that type of person who is very particular about home interiors.  As long as the furniture is functional and our house is clutter-free, okay na yun for me, haha.  I really admire good home interiors even if I cannot apply it on my own life.  

Last Thursday, June 16, 2016, I was invited to the launch of the latest furniture designs of Kubular at the Avida Showroom in Glorietta 4.  

Avida Land and Kubular unveil "Art in Space", a two-week exhibit featuring the aesthetics of creative interiors.  This is the first collaboration between Avida (proponent of sensible and inspired living), and Kubular (the furniture design firm from the brains behind graphic design-based apparel brand Team Manila).

"Art in Space" features never-before-seen pieces from Kubular's newest collection.  Four set-ups were revealed at the opening event: the living room, the entertainment center, the DJ booth, and the display area.

Kubular's furniture designs carry an industrial, Scandinavian feel--straightforward elements like wood and steel bent into cubes and grids to make furniture that are aesthetically and functionally-designed.  Their credo is to create design that is contemporary, flexible, and sustainable, with each piece having the ability to add character to a space.

Called "LightStyle Collection", Kubular's second collection features cream-colored Birch wood as primary material as light-colored wood elements are essential to complement our busy surroundings.  The collection focuses on five pieces:

  • Stephen -- an archival crate-inspired wood and metal plant stand that can work for indoors or outdoors, anywhere you want to give a cozy and inviting feel
  • Alex -- a bigger version of the Stephen that allows for a stylish and compact way to store any collection
  • Max -- a multi-purpose storage for the home entertainment system; a combination of Birch, dark metal, and bright orange casters marries sleek style and function
  • Victor -- a minimalist, modern coffee table featuring a smooth rectangular silhouette with the collection's signature black industrial metal handle and bright orange casters
  • Theo -- a wider version of the Stephen fits twice more; it's a craftly made piece that can be used to display plants, or sleekly hold books and records
Please note that each piece is mounted on casters for flexibility and easy movability.

On the other hand, Avida aims to give a taste of the unique lifestyle in San Antonio, Makati City with this collaboration.  The residential Makati village features a wealth of hidden gems and rare finds in the form of quaint shops, galleries such as Suez and Zapote where Kubular's pieces are showcased, and interesting cuisine--all seamlessly integrated into the village's creative residential community.  This village is also the home of Avida Towers Asten and their newest Makati development, One Antonio.

Avida Land Marketing Head Tess Tatco said, "Avida and Kubular share the dynamic working millenial demographic--the young, hardworking, creative, and culturally-inclined who deserve access to artistically curated and thoughtfully designed living.  We want to provide what is essential to their lifestyle--pieces that are of good quality, functional, modern, and sustainable."

Mon Punzalan of Kubular also said that the furnitures that they design are more accessible than aspirational.  "Innovation, doesn't have to be just aspirational.  That's what Kubular and Avida stand for," he added.

"Art in Space" also showcases new releases from Team Manila and Suez and Zapote, an independent space that features diverse applications of art and design through its main medium, silkscreen printing.  The exhibit will run until June 30th, 2016.  Items on display are also available for sale.  For more information visit

The latest furniture collection of Kubular is indeed designed for people who are looking for functionality more than aesthetics.  This is ideal for millenials and minimalists.  

About Avida Land

An Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) subsidiary, Avida Land provides thoughtfully-designed homes in secure communities that offer value for money and convenience all within reach.  With the five pillars of accessibility, unique features and amenities, quality assurance, stress free buying and relaxing living experience integrated in all its condominium and house and lot properties, Avida Land has become the developer of choice among the rising middle income segment as it continues to expand its product offerings across the country.

#BidaAngSaya! Jollibee Celebrated Independence Day 2016

Celebrating Independence Day should be festive and vibrant, because this is the time when our country became free from the 300-year Spanish regime.  My son have been bugging me for years already that we have to celebrate Independence Day.  I would like to go to Aguinaldo shrine in Kawit, Cavite so that Kib will see where the Philippine flag was first shown in public and the Philippine National Anthem was heard, but then, laziness strikes, haha.  Nakakatamad mag-drive kapag malayo ang pupuntahan.  I miss my mom during these times that I wanted to go to several places.  She is our travel buddy.

Anyway, Jollibee, the Philippines' number 1 fastfood chain, threw the biggest, star-studded Independence Day celebration last June 11, 2016 at the Metrotent in Pasig City.  We were blessed to be invited to this joyous event to celebrate Pinoy Pride.  This event brought together world-class Pinoy talent in welcoming the 118th anniversary of national independence.

It can be concluded that the Jollibee #PinoyAndProud: 2016 Independence Day Celebration and Countdown was successful.  The event featured the performances of the brightest OPM stars, including Sarah Geronimo, Darren Espanto, KZ Tandingan, Lyka Gairanod, Darlene Vibares, JK Labajo, Itchyworms, and Spongecola.  Jollibee celebrity endorsers such as Jodi Sta. Maria and her son Thirdy and the Legaspi family (Zoren, Carmina, Mavy and Cassy) were also there to join in the countdown.

Here are some of the highlights of the event:

The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 finalist Darlene Vibares impressed the crowd with a powerful solo performance.

The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 winner Lyka Gairanod’s passionate rendition of “Iisang Lahi” inflamed the audience’s #PinoyAndProud spirit 

Darren Espanto and KZ Tandingan perform Jollibee’s latest anthem, “Sarap at Saya,” which celebrates the joys of being Pinoy and aims to rekindle national pride. 
The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1 finalist Darren Espanto performed tracks from his studio album “Be With Me.”

Pop Princess Sarah G. and teen singing sensation Darren Espanto performed the iconic jingle “Beeda ang Saya” with Jollibee  

YouTube sensation Balang performs an energetic number with Asia’s Got Talent and #PinoyAndProud dance crew Jr. New System 

Jollibee endorser Elmo Magalona takes the Jollibee #PinoyAndProud stage with a rendition of his late father’s classic rap hit, “Mga Kababayan Ko” 

The Itchyworms brings the crowd to their feet with their OPM tunes at the Jollibee #PinoyAndProud 2016 Grand Independence Day Celebration and Countdown 

Long-time Jollibee endorser and Pop Princess Sarah G. wows the crowd with her hits at the Jollibee #PinoyAndProud 2016 Grand Independence Day Celebration and Countdown. 

One of the most anticipated acts in the Jollibee #PinoyAndProud 2016 Independence Day Celebration and Countdown, Sponge Cola’s red-hot rock set fires up the crowd 

You might have missed the event, but hey, you can still celebrate Independence Day all throughout the month of June!  Check out the following things that Jollibee offers to continue celebrating the sarap at saya:

  • Wear your Pinoy Pride --  Jollibee and Uniqlo partnered once again on creating a collection for the Filipinos' well-loved food chain.  Starting June 20th, the new Jollibee x Uniqlo T-shirts will be available in all Uniqlo stores nationwide.  The new collection features five new designs and it was showcased during the countdown celebration featuring three new different styling collections (leisure, summer, denim).

Models strut the latest Jollibee x Uniqlo t-shirt collection at the #PinoyAndProud runway, styled in the season’s hottest trends: summer, denim, and athleisure. 

  • Sarap-saya Chickenjoy bonding -- For the whole month of June, our favorite Chickenjoy will be served in a limited-edition #PinoyAndProud Independence Day buckets.  The new design was introduced by the Legaspi family during the Independence Day countdown celebration.  The new Chickenjoy bucket features Jollibee and friends in their adorable Filipiniana attire.

(From left) Jollibee family Mavy, Zoren, Carmina, and Cassy Legaspi introduce the new, limited-edition #PinoyAndProud Chickenjoy bucket design, featuring the Jolly Friends in their Filipiniana outfits 

  • #PinoyAndProud Jolly Friends -- One of the highlights of the Jollibee Independence Day celebration is the grand parade featuring the Jolly Friends (Jollibee, Hetty, Yum, Popo, and Twirlie) wearing their new Filipiniana outfit for the first time ever.  It was a joy to see them wearing our national costumes with pride and they all look cute!

(From left) Jolly Friends Yum, Hetty, Jollibee, Twirlie, and Popo reveal their #PinoyAndProud outfits during the loud and lively Grand Independence Day Parade 

  • Jollibee Viber sticker pack 2 -- Share the #PinoyAndProud fever with your family and friends with the Jollibee Viber sticker pack 2, which is available for download for free this month of June.

Kay sarap maging Pilipino!  Continue to wear that badge of honor as we celebrate our independence this month!

Power Over Cervical Cancer: You Can and You Will

Seriously, I am scared of getting sick.

I always pray to God to always give me good health so that I will be able to take care of my son.  Yes, I still get sick, I am only human, and I believe that this is God's way of telling me to take things slow.  I am thankful for having a son who can also take care of me during the times that I cannot fulfill my mommy duties.  

One of the illnesses that I dread the most is the big C--cancer.  I have known a lot of people who have suffered and died from this illness.  Cancer is not just a personal battle; it is also a family battle because it really hurts to see a family member in pain.  

For women, the most dreaded type of cancer is breast cancer, next is cervical cancer.  Every day, seven Filipino women die of cervical cancer.  Cervical cancer is a kind of cancer that puts every woman at risk, regardless of race, age, lifestyle, or socio-economic status.

Cervical cancer continues  be a major threat to every Filipino women.  In addition, two of three Filipinas diagnosed with cervical cancer may die within five years.  Culturally, Filipinas are known to be caring and selfless for others but tend to dismiss concerns about themselves, so those who may have contracted cervical cancer may have been diagnosed at a late stage, when the chances of recovery are very slim.  

Cervical cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop and spread in the cervix, the entrance between the vagina and the uterus.  This is caused by persistent infection with the cancer causing human papilloma virus (HPV).  It has been shown that 99.7% of cervical cancer patients are positive for HPV infection.

HPV is a very common virus.  It is estimated that up to 80% of women will be infected with the HPV at some point in their lifetime.  Majority of the HPV infections may come and go, some may clear spontaneously within two years, however, if the immune system is weak, the HPV infections may persist and may eventually lead to the development of cervical cancer.

While HPV is primarily transmitted via sexual intercourse, skin-to-skin genital contact is also a recognized mode of transmission.  Penetrative intercourse is not necessary to become infected of HPV.  In addition, condom usage may not adequately protect individuals from exposure to HPV.  

Moreover, lifestyle changes can help prevent the development of cervical cancer, such as being conscientious about one's sexual activities.  Beyond regular consultations and pap smears by your OB-GYN, vaccines that protect against cancer-causing HPV are now readily available in the market.

Who is at risk?

 The incidence of cancer-causing HPV infection is actually highest for teenagers ages 15-19.  With the changing culture, young females are now engaging in premarital sex at a young age.  One is at a greater risk of cervical cancer if one had her first sexual intercourse at a young age, have given birth for multiple times have or have had sexually transmitted diseases, have HIV or whose immune system is weakened, a smoker, long term user of oral contraceptives (at least five years or more), and those who rarely or have not yet had any pap smear.

The World Health Organization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (WHO-SAGE) on Immunization reiterates the importance of getting young girls protected through HPV immunization before their first exposure to HPV (i.e. before sexual contact), as young as 9 years old.

On the other hand, for older women, the risk of persistent infection with cancer-causing HPV (which is necessary for cervical cancer to develop) increases with age, and is at the highest when a woman is over 66 years old.  With this, cervical cancer screening is recommended to start at the age of 21.  

Therefore, all women are at risk of getting cervical cancer.

Stages of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer has no signs and symptoms in its early stages.  In the event that symptoms will occur, the following may be expected: irregular bleeding between periods or abnormal vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse, back leg or pelvic pain, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, vaginal discomfort or odorous discharge, and a single swollen leg.  There may be other conditions that would present with vaginal bleeding, therefore it is best to consult a doctor when any of these symptoms appear.

In addition, progressive development of the cellular changes from HPV infection to cervical cancer generally takes 10-20years; in some cases it may only take 1-2 years.

Stage 1:  Cancer is found in the cervix only

Stage 2:  Cancer has spread beyond the uterus but not onto the pelvic wall

Stage 3:  Cancer has spread to the lower third of the vagina and/or onto the pelvic wall, and/or has caused kidney problems

Stage 4:  Cancer has spread beyond the pelvis, or can be seen in the lining of the bladder and/or rectum, or has spread to other parts of the body.

Cervical cancer treatments

After cervical cancer has been diagnosed, tests are done to find out if cancer cells have spread within the cervix or to other parts of the body.

Following are the available treatments for cervical cancer:

  • Chemotherapy:  Its often given in cycles, uses anti-cancer drugs, injected into a vein 
  • Cryosurgery:  Freezing that destroys tissue
  • LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure):  The removal of cervical tissue using a hot wire loop
  • Surgical Conization:  Surgery with a scalpel, a laser, or both to remove a cone-shaped piece of tissue from the cervix and cervical canal
  • Laser Vaporization Conization:  Use of laser to destroy cervical tissue

Can cervical cancer be prevented?

Yes!  The World Health Organization recommends the following interventions to prevent cervical cancer:

  • Screening: Visit your doctor for a pap test.  Current guideline recommend that women should have a pap test every three years beginning at age 21
  • HPV Vaccination:  Please take note that vaccination is not a substitute for regular consultation and work-up with your doctor.  Always remember to always ask your doctor about the efficacy, safety, and duration of protection of the available HPV vaccines in the market.
These two interventions should work hand-in-hand as this will provide optimal protection against cervical cancer.

In commemoration of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, research based-pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) furthers its advocacy to increase cervical cancer awareness efforts with the Power Over Cervical Cancer "You Can and You Will" campaign.

The campaign aims to encourage Filipinas to realize that they have the power to protect themselves and their dreams--simply by consulting their doctors and asking about ways to prevent cervical cancer.  

Check out the photos during the event:
Bloggers answering a survey about cervical cancer

The panelists (Abbygale Arenas-de Leon, Rose Manzano, and Andi Manzano-Reyes) shares their experiences on battling cervical cancer

Rose Manzano, Andi Manzano-Reyes, and Abbygale Arenas-de Leon posing for the press showing their letters to their future selves

This painting was made on the spot during the event and it has a hidden message which can only be seen when the lights are off 

I will also write a letter to my future self

In the Philippines, it is estimated that the financial cost of preventing cervical cancer through screening and vaccination could be 20 times more affordable than the cost of treatment.

GSK remains true to its commitment of increasing access to preventative healthcare through its initiatives to improve access to information through its disease awareness efforts.

Now, it is still up to you, my dear readers, if you will get vaccinated against HPV after reading my blog.  While WHO recommends getting vaccinated, it is still a choice for each and every female.  It is always the best to consult a doctor and not self-medicate and live a healthy lifestyle.  Of course, the best way to prevent illnesses too is to always pray to God to give us good health.

To know more about cervical cancer, visit the Power Over Cervical Cancer page on Facebook and the Pangarap Mo, Protektado channel on YouTube.  Both sites contain information and short films conveying how protecting oneself against vaccine-preventable diseases is one important step in the achievement of one's dreams. 

#SweetSarapMoments: Jodi and Thirdy as the Newest Endorsers of Jolly Spaghetti

Since the hashtag ThrowbackThursday/tbt (#ThrowbackThursday, #tbt) became popular, a lot of people on Instagram and Facebook have been starting to post old pictures to reminisce their childhood.  Ang sarap balik-balikan ng nakaraan, when things are still simple.  My friends and I talk about those good old days, and sometimes we even tease each other how 'weird' we look then, haha.  These days, I feel that life is complicated and sometimes I am having difficulty catching up.  There are times that I really, really feel tired and wishing that life would be simpler, just like when I was young.  Hay, single mom woes...

Of course, Jollibee is part of my childhood.  I remember my father buying peach mango pie (it was big then, like a size of a regular shawarma, hehe) from work.  When I was in high school, Jollibee would give out discount coupons.  That is the only time that I can personally afford to eat at Jollibee without asking extra money from my parents (my baon in highschool was P15). Those were the days....

Fast forward to the present...

Jollibee recently welcomed Jodi Sta. Maria and her son Thirdy Lacson as the newest brand ambassadors for Jolly Spaghetti during the media launch held at Ortigas Roosevelt branch last May 25, 2016.  On the latest TV commercial of Jolly Spaghetti, Jodi and Thirdy shared their own personal experiences, from happy memories when she was a kid and to how she now enjoys the same bonding moments with Thirdy.  The Jolly Spaghetti Sweet-Sarap Moments event also featured fun games for media guests and their kids.

During the media launch, Jodi confessed on being a certified Batang Jollibee, even before she got into show business.  Her mother worked hard to raise Jodi and her siblings, but made sure that she devotes her Saturdays to her family by bringing them to Jollibee.

Jodi recalls, "Every Saturday, iti-treat niya kami sa Jollibee sa may Landmark food court.  Talagang masasabi ko na kinalakihan ko si Jollibee.  At hindi lang yun, kasi bawat party, bawat celebration, talagang naging part siya ng family namin at ng pamilyang Pilipino."

Jodi would often order Jolly Spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog whenever she and her siblings would go out with their mom.  Now that she is already a mom, she wants to pass the same joyful experience to her son Thirdy.  Thirdy loves the cheesy, meaty, and sweet-sarap flavors of Jolly Spaghetti.

She added, "Wala akong nakilalang bata na gusto ng maasim na spaghetti, especially Filipino children.  I believe na nakuha ng Jollibee yung manamis-namis na timpla na hinahanap-hanap ng bawat batang Pilipino."

Jodi remains simple even with her celebrity status and recent accolades for her stellar TV performances.  Spending quality time with Thirdy is still her priority despite of her busy work schedule.  She tells that they can spend hours of talking about anything.  Whenever they have a chance to eat Jollibee meals either for delivery or drive-thru, they would always order the same thing: C3 (Jolly Spaghetti and Chickenjoy combo meal).

Jodi tells that Thirdy is a very opinionated kid.  She even tells the press that her son can be a lawyer in the future.

Kent Mariano, Jollibee Assistant Vice President for Marketing said that Jodi and Thirdy are the perfect endorsers for Jolly Spaghetti.  The Jollibee family is also equally happy and excited to welcome this mother and son duo.  "Despite Jodi's celebrity status and hectic schedule, she believes in making even the smallest of moments count when it comes to strengthening her bond with Thirdy and her family.  Jodi's own story and personal experiences of bonding with her mom and now with her son is something that many Pinoy families can relate to.  We at Jollibee have always proud to be part of such memorable moments," Mariano added.

Take a look at the photos that we had during the media launch.  All of us had fun!  My son proactively joined the activities, he danced with Jollibee, talked with the hosts, and even tried interacting with Thirdy!

Kib doing some coloring activity while waiting for the program to start

Jodi, Thirdy, Jollibee, and the rest of Jollibee executives for a photo op

Jodi and Thirdy posing for the press during the mom-child activity

Kib with the event hosts, Paolo and Suzi Abrera

Our winning photo on the Instagram contest during the event

Our winning moment, Kib was crying out of happiness

Indeed, Jollibee never fails to capture the hearts--and even the taste buds--of every Filipinos.  Let's spend some bonding moments with our children at Jollibee!  

Is Your Kid Safe from the Evils of the Internet?

Our children are now living in the digital age.  I can also say that my son is also a computer addict.  He likes watching videos on YouTube, reading articles from Wikipedia, playing online games, and last year, he asked me if it is okay for him to have an Instagram account.  He doesn't have a Facebook account because I told him that Facebook is for 14 years old and above and he understands it.  When he is too consumed on using browsing the web using either his laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, I am having difficulty calling his attention for him to do his tasks.  I always say to my friends that gadgets can be deafening, haha.  One good thing about my son is that when I say that he doesn't have any gadget privileges he doesn't whine about it.  I need to limit his gadget use so that he will study his lessons and play with his toys and read his books.

While the Internet has lots of benefits for our children, it also poses some dangers too.  As parents, we should really monitor our children's activities online so that we will be assured of our kid's safety and privacy.

Last May 16, 2016, Kib and I were blessed to be invited to learn about Internet safety.  The Internet safety is sponsored by Trend Micro.  This event was held at The Crafters Marketplace in Rustan's Supermarket area in Shangri-La Mall.  Trend Micro is a global leader in Internet content security that aims to make the world safe for exchanging digital information.  Trend Micro is a group of engineers, researchers, and solution makers with a secret superhero identity:  they are cybercrime fighters!  Their 25 years of experience in protecting computers, laptops, mobile phones, and servers all over the world has made Trend Micro a household name when we talk about protecting our computers from viruses, malwares, and firmwares.  Trend Micro is a US company founded in 1998, its current headquarters is in Japan.  However, the global technical support and research and development headquarters of Trend Micro is in the Philippines.

Currently, Trend Micro Philippines has a campaign called Click Right!, an initiative for Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF) that aims to educate, inspire, and interact with parents, teachers, and kids to make the Internet safe use and secure.  Click Right! campaign believes that the Internet can be a good place if we take responsibility for our own safety.  Furthermore, Click Right! advocates understanding digital risks and practicing secure browsing habit and how to stay safe online.

In 2015, Trend Micro held a contest called "What's Your Story?".  Kids all over the Philippines were asked to draw on how they can create a positive impact in the community through the Internet and using it safely.  Kib joined this contest when Trend Micro set-up a booth at Greenfield Weekend Market.  You can check my blogpost about it here.

During the seminar, my son proactively participated during the discussion.

Ms. Alma Ramirez of The Crafters Marketplace giving a children a talk about Internet safety

Post-event, I asked my son what he learned from the talk.  These are his 'tips':

  • Never click on pop-up sites.  Some of them might be spams.
  • Never click on inappropriate sites or emails.
  • Never trust strangers.
  • Never believe edited wikis.
  • Ask permission from your guardians before using the Internet.
  • Trust only mom and dad.
  • Don't be mean.
  • Don't reveal your true identity.
  • Only download software with permission.

After the talk, the kids were also taught how to do oil pastel painting to interpret what the kids learned about the talk on Internet safety.

Mr. Ian de Jesus giving children a lesson on oil pastel painting.  By the way, he decorated the walls of The Crafters Marketplace, so nice isn't it?

Kib is now translating his learnings about Internet safety into art

Kib is really serious while drawing

The kids really had fun during the activity and their take home is that they learned more about Internet safety.

And here's his finished artwork!

Mommies and kids posing for a group photo

Wishing that there would be more activities like this for our kids!