Protect Your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light with Essilor Crizal Eyezen

"The eyes are the windows to the soul."

People can easily tell whether a person is happy or sad through his or her eyes.  Even if we try to show that we're okay by the tone of our voice, our eyes will still reveal our true feelings.  The eyes can also tell if the person is sincere or not.  Notice that when a person did something wrong, hindi sya makatingin sa taong may atraso sya, hehehe.

Kidding aside, I feel blessed to be part of the launch of the latest product of Essilor, Crizal Eyezen.  

Last year, I attended their event introducing Piolo Pascual as their latest brand ambassador.  All attendees had a chance to try Essilor lenses and I'm happy about it (see my blog about it here).  

Now in this day and age of internet, it's a must for people to keep their eyes glued to the world using their digital devices--may it be a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  It is a fact that being digitally connected has become part of our daily lives.  Being a work-from-home individual, I am online for more than eight hours daily (there came a time that I was online for almost 20 hours daily, waah!).  

However, being online all the time can strain, and even, damage our eyes.  With the constant exposure to blue light emitted by the digital devices, our eyes need protection.  Even if we adjust the brightness of our computer or smartphone screens, still it emits harmful blue light.

Since most of us use multiple digital devices, we are now engaged in a digital behavior called "multi-screening".  Multi-screening is a behavior where an individual uses multiple digital screens simultaneously, on average of four (4) different devices are used--either for work, education, socializing, or leisure.  This is true because some people own two mobile phones, plus tablet, plus laptop.  Hindi naman sila super busy, hahaha.

On the average, a typical multi-screen user spends 7 hours and 24 minutes of screen media per day.  Of that time, 34% is spent on smartphones, 33% on TV, 23% on laptops, and 10% on tablets.  This longer time in front of bright digital screens and versatility between devices are challenges for the human eye and many people are describing specific symptoms linked to their new behavior.

Crizal Eyezen, keeping your eyes protected from blue light

Essilor, the global leader in ophthalmic lenses, introduces Crizal Eyezen, a new range of lenses designed to keep our eyes protected while staying connected to digital world.

Crizal Eyezen, your protection against blue light

Crizal Eyezen lenses are designed to replace ordinary prescription lenses or to assist occasionally the ones who usually do not need glasses (yes, even those who have perfect 20/20 vision needs this), when viewing their digital devices.  They exist in three (3) different optimizations according to the type of screen most used and the age of the patient (young adults aged 20-34 years old, pre-presbyopes aged 35-44 years old, and emerging presbyopes 45-50 years old).  I asked during the media launch if Crizal Eyezen can also be used by children because as we all know, children are already considered as digital natives.  Unfortunately, this is only available for adults.

Design optimization for each age group

Crizal Eyezen is not for kids

It features three revolutionary technologies--Eyezen Focus, Light Scan, and W.A.V.E. Technology that work in sync to relax the eyes from all digital stress and protect against harmful blue light.

Eyezen Focus Technology helps relieve the eyes' focus when using digital devices and reduces eye strain in ultra-near distances or for reading small characters by giving an extra power in the lower portion of the ophthalmic lens.

Light Scan Technology is a unique light filtering technology which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.  

W.A.V.E. Technology eliminates distortion for a sharper, clearer vision at every distance and better vision even in low light.

This video will show why we need Crizal Eyezen in our daily lives

During the product launch, attendees were given an opportunity to test the effectiveness of Crizal Eyezen and I'm so impressed that it really made a difference compared with just wearing ordinary lenses.  It really filtered the brightness (the lenses when worn gives a yellowish effect, so refreshing), the objects that we can see on the screen became sharper (para akong nanonood ng 3D movie, ganun ka-sharp, haha), and it really relaxed my eyes (limited blinking while staring at the screen because the eyes are not working too hard).  I also asked if Crizal Eyezen is okay to use even outside the home.  I asked this because I drive and sometimes at night it is very difficult to see because of the glaring lights of cars.  And yes, Crizal Eyezen is also good to use outdoors.

Want to try how Crizal Eyezen works?  I tried this and voila!  Lumiwanag buhay ko, haha

Me wearing Essilor Prevencia , my prescription lenses (A), Essilor Crizal Eyezen (B), and combination of the two (C).  I feel better with C!

Crizal Eyezen is just one of the many technological innovations of Essilor.  As technology continues to advance, people's visual needs will change at the same time.  Essilor makes sure that people's visual needs are always complemented through its constant technological innovations, innovations that aim for people to see the world better.

I can't wait to try on Crizal Eyezen on my everyday life!  

Crizal Eyezen lenses are available in clear and Crizal Transitions at leading optical shops nationwide.  For more information, visit Crizal Eyezen's Facebook page.  

My Other Career: Being an Events Director

One thing I learned from working from home is to be flexible and to be always open to opportunities.  A work from home individual should always have a passion to grow and develop oneself.  Working from home somehow helped me to be more mature and professional in dealing with other people because it is very important to build trust to people even if you only see each other virtually.

On my earlier blogpost, I've talked about how I started to become a work from home individual.  It was purely accidental, but for the past nine years that I have been doing it, I never had any regrets.  I love the freedom that it gave me, to be able to work anywhere and anytime and at the same time, being able to really monitor my child's growth and development.  I feel proud and accomplished on seeing my son growing up to be a fine young man who fears the Lord.  Though my parental responsibility over Kib has still a long way to go, but I know that I have planted the right seed in his heart and for sure he will not depart from it :)

My primary work from home is being an ESL Online Teacher to foreigners.  I really love teaching!  I also like learning from my students' culture and sometimes I would also ask them to teach me basic phrases.  There was a moment in home homebased career that I worked as an Administrative Officer/HR Personnel at a homebased call center.  I also sometimes do Virtual Assistance whenever my services are needed.  

However, there's this one homebased career that I am into right now that somehow I also wished to do in an office setting before, which is to organize events.  I know I'm a people person, but there are times that I feel shy talking with people especially when I would try to close some deals with them.  I feel I do not have a talent in doing sales.  

I saw this job post in one of the work-at-home groups at Facebook and I just got interested in applying since it was a work-from-home job.  Well, actually, there are times that I need to go out of the house since I need to have a meeting with some prospects and do logistics too.  So there, I have been working at Manila Workshops since 2013 and so far I'm loving it, hihihi...

There are times that I also get sad especially when the turnout of the events was not the one I expected.  Anyway, they say that failure is a part of success, and somehow it also helps me improve the workshops that I personally handle.  It's really a continuing process of learning and evolving so that I will be become better at my craft :)  I guess I've convinced myself that I REALLY have a talent in talking with other people (so ironic that I still can't believe that even if I was an HR practitioner and a teacher in the past which are both people-oriented careers, haha) and to close business deals with companies, wee!

At Manila Workshops, basically I handle First Time Parents workshop series.  This series is our partnership with The Parenting Emporium.  First Time Parents topics are gearing towards helping expectant parents to prepare for pregnancy, delivery, newborn care, breastfeeding, and baby and toddler care and nutrition.  This workshop series is really designed to cater to the needs of people who are really interested in taking care of their child from 0-3 years old.  Although the topics are for parents, we do also welcome singles and parents who need refresher (age gap of their children is huge) in this series.  Basically, anyone and everyone who wants to know more about the topic!

Shameless plug, I will be holding my first First Time Parents workshop series this January 30th and February 6th, 2016.  I do hope that you can invite your family and friends to attend this workshop.  You may check the details of the event on this link:

I am excited for 2016.  I prayed to the Lord to bless all the workshops that I will handle, to bless the sponsors, the speakers, and the participants.  I am praying for the success of the first run of First Time Parents workshop series that I will handle.

Watch out for more parenting workshops at Manila Workshops this year!  Please support me, haha :)

Dreaming the American Dream

I have a dream....

I guess it is everybody's dream to have a good life.  Most Filipinos would like to work and live in another country.  This is not because Filipinos do not love their own country; it is because they wanted to have a taste of the things that they can't have in the Philippines.  

I have plenty of relatives who have been working and living in another country, so being far from the family in the Philippines is not new to me.  Even my ex-husband was an OFW.  I must say that my relatives were able to get a taste of good life after working hard in another country and with that, they can also share the blessings that they have received.

My father was also a hardworking man.  He dreamt of giving us a good life.  My brothers and I studied in private schools during our grade school and high school days, and in our college years, we studied in prestigious schools in the Philippines.  He was blessed to be able to travel around the Philippines and several countries around the world because of his job (he used to work with the government), so it is also his dream for us to be able to go to far places, may be it for leisure or for business.  My father was able to secure US tourist visas for my mom and two brothers (they were minors way back then).  I wasn't able to get a US tourist visa because I am no longer a minor, so I have to apply a US tourist visa on my own already.  One brother has been living in the US since 2001 and the youngest brother has been permanently living in the US since 2005 and has acquired US citizenship in 2010.  My mom has been in and out of the US since 2001 until she decided to process her migration papers in 2014.

Me?  Obviously I'm still here in the Philippines, hehe.

I tried applying for a US tourist visa in 2002 but I was denied of the application.  I was a graduate school student then so I do not have any proof of income to show to the consul.  However, my father still wants me to go to the United States.  I inquired for a Montessori study program in Seattle, Washington, but my father said that I finish my graduate studies first before I pursue my plan of going to the United States.  I finished my graduate studies in 2005 but we were constructing our new house then so my father didn't have extra funds to help me in processing my US working visa (it may cost around $10,000).

Fast forward, I got pregnant, married, papa got sick, papa died, got separated from my there, I am still here in the Philippines :)

I know the Lord has reasons why I am still here in the Philippines.  There are still lots of things that I still need to process here.  I am considered as my family's steward.  I am taking care of what is left by my family here in the Philippines (though one by one, we are already in the process of preparing for the future plans).  I am still awaiting for some legal decisions too.  

My mom decided to process her migration papers so that she can file a petition for me and Kib.  The hope is still there that I will be able to join my family in the United States.  It has been almost 15 years since we had a complete family picture (and we will never have one anymore, sniff, sniff).

Our family picture when my brother went to the Philippines to surprise our parents in 2010.  They didn't know that he was arriving to have a vacation.

My brother together with his wife and son during their vacation in 2011.  My father already passed away then.

My two brothers, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, and my mom taken in 2014

I have been praying to the Lord about this, and I do hope that you will also help me pray for this.  I still love our country, but being far from my family saddens me a lot.  Thank God for technology, I can be in touch with my family every now and then.

New Year, New Things

When new year starts, most of us take time to reflect on what happened on the previous year.  We do also make our game plan for the new year and somehow, we also try to plan ahead for our activities so that we will know what to prioritize.  This year, I am trying out new things and hopefully, I will be able to complete it all throughout the year.

Last year, I used Certified Positive planner (see my review here).  It really helped me with all of my activities and I've used it in church too.  The Sunday portion is used for note-taking during worship service.  This year, I will be using Design Your Life planner and I'm already excited to fill it up with all of my adventure, thoughts, and plans for 2016.  I also plan to prettify my planner to keep me inspired in doing my daily activities.

I've already added some decors on my Design Your Life planner

I've also started with Gratitude Jar this year.  I also made one for my son too.  Having a Gratitude Jar will always remind me that there is something to thank for everyday.  This will also help me to always look at the positive side of life.

Our Gratitude Jars!  Daily, we will write something to thank for no matter how big or small it is.

I also started the year with prayer and fasting.  It is very important that we do fasting every now and then so that we will be able to have an opportunity to commune with God.  Fasting is healthy both physically and spiritually.  This year's theme is "Dare to Believe".  Each and every one is challenged to have an audacious faith in the Lord, no matter how impossible things it may seem.  I have lots of things on my prayer list and I know the Lord will answer each one in a timely fashion.

Here is the study guide for the prayer and fasting.  I know the Lord will answer my prayers, He just wants me to be more patient 

Though I will still continue keeping myself healthy by exercising and eating right (yay to Balik-alindog, woohoo!), I will put more focus on my physical appearance.  I always make it to a point that I look presentable whenever I go out but this time I think I need to learn how to put make-up.  I can only do simple make-up.

I think I need how to learn putting different make-up styles on different occasions, I only know how to put day make-up.
Kib has entrepreneurial dreams.  I admire my son for having that kind of thinking because I am not entrepreneurial.  I'd rather work or invest than giving so much time on putting up a business and thinking of ways on maintaining it.  My son tried to put up a book rental business but I guess he had a hard time with his 'business partners', haha.  I hope that there will be someone who will mentor my son and I think I also need to help him reach his entrepreneurial dreams.  I have been talking with Celia of Brownroots Creatives (know more about Brownroots Creatives on my earlier blog here) and she has offered business plans for our kids.  I do hope that our plans with our children flourish.

Kib's book rental stall.  Very innovative!  He used a balikbayan box as his table.

I am so excited for what's in store for me and Kib for 2016.  I know the Lord has great plans for us.  For sure there will be disappointments, but I know the Lord is only teaching us something that we should still be hanging on to God despite of the booboos along the way.

Cheers for 2016!

Expose Your Child to Music to Develop Multiple Intelligence

Children are born with innate love for music.  With all the researches made about the effect of music to child's development, pregnant mothers are now letting their unborn child to listen to some classical music using the latest gadgets available in the market.  

My son is also a music lover.  He likes to sing and dance in front of other people.  He doesn't exude shyness.  He sings and dances whenever he hears the latest songs playing wherever we are, whether at the mall or just simply at home.  He is full of confidence in front of other people.  If you know my son, for sure you'll vouch on the level of confidence he possesses :)

Now, there are still a lot of questions about the effectiveness of music in brain development of a child.  Does it really make children smarter when they listen to classical music like of Mozart and Beethoven?

Until now, the relationship between music and child development is a widely discussed subject in the circles of early childhood music therapists.  Dr. Liz Inciong, a pediatrician and a Fellow of Philippine Pediatric Society and and Associate Active Consultant of the Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health at St. Luke's Medical Center for 18 years and Teacher Marah Vasque-Estuesta of Kindermusik International are among those who have scientific understanding of the matter and strongly support it.

The two experts have discovered the role of music plays in a child's cognitive development through extensive interaction and training with young minds.  They found out that the child's cognitive development is anchored on the theory of Multiple Intelligence of Dr. Howard Gardner.  According to Multiple Intelligence Theory, a child's intellectual capacity isn't solely based on and measured by verbal or mathematical skills; in fact, it is far more comprehensive, covering social, music, kinesthetic and visual intelligences as well.

Dr. Inciong said that music plays an important role in the development of a child's various modes of intelligence, particularly mental, physical and social aspects.  "Music helps chidlren seek patterns in their environment, which allows them to easily recall words, phrases, even in foreign languages.  They become more perceptive to sound and develop into astute learners," Dr. Inciong added.

Music: How it impacts child development

Children as young as four can absorb the potential educational benefits of listening to music that are known to make an impact during these sensitive developmental years.  Things such as speech and language development, motor and rhythmic coordination and even social skills are honed through early exposure to music.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that a child must learn how to play a musical instrument.  While there's little doubt that doing so helps their mental development, studies show that simply having children actively listen to songs is enough to help them reap the benefits of cognitive development and maybe even encourage them to pick up a musical instrument to learn.

Teacher Marah shared that the right tempo and message aids in the development of neurophysiological distinctions between sounds that develop literacy, which tangibly results in better academic results.

M.I. Beats Playlist: Progress Pre-School Gold's way of addressing music for learning

To address this opportunity of harnessing music for learning, Dr. Inciong and Teacher Marah have partnered with Progress Pre-School Gold to create the first-ever playlist which is based on scientific research and practical applications.  The said playlist is also designed to help build and promote Multiple Intelligence in the Philippines.

Teacher Marah said, "As Early Childhood Music Educators, we have chosen the songs based on our first hand experience with the children.  These songs were tried and tested with our students and were proven to have impact.  These songs also have an appeal to them.  We curated one playlist each to help enhance Brain Smarts (mental development), Body Smarts (physical development), and People Smarts (social and emotional development)."

In choosing songs for each category, Progress team, Dr. Inciong, and Teacher Marah carefully selected songs which will truly enhance the child's intelligence.  For Body Smarts, the songs chosen highlight linguistic development through vocabulary building, phonemic awareness, and vocal development as a way to developing the oral language skills and to speak rhythmically and expressively.  For Body Smarts, song selections were anchored on music that can potentially help develop fine and gross motor skills.  For People Smarts, songs chosen focus on showing kids how to express their appreciation for friends and practicing basic social skills such as cooperation.

In addition, Josteen Vega, Brand Manager for Progress Pre-School Gold said, "Incorporating music into a child's daily activities can help develop his/her different 'Smarts'.  The more exposure a child gets, the more stimulation and benefits he gains.  Living in the digital age, there are now so many options and platforms for mothers to use in developing their child.  The intention of M.I. Beats is to provide them the opportunity to use music as an enabler and tool in helping them build their child's Multiple Intelligence."

M.I. Beats is the first-ever playlist specifically designed to help aid a child's developmental process and provide modern moms with access to digital platforms that offer it.  To make it even easier for mothers to access this pioneering technology, Progress Pre-School Gold is offering an exclusive opportunity for mothers to enjoy the exclusive M.I. Beats playlist for FREE!

To avail of this exclusive offer, simply purchase a specially marked Progress Pre-School Gold 1.6kg can.  Each can has a unique code, register at, fill up the necessary information and wait for the confirmation email to get the free access to the exclusive M.I. Beats Playlist on Spotify Premium for an entire month.

Drinking milk is a good habit and it really aids in the development of the child, but let us encourage our child to also eat fruits and vegetables to make them healthy and strong.  

Burn Your Holiday Fats by Trying These Calorie-Burning Sports

When December comes, we attend parties here and there with our family, friends, and colleagues.  Food served on the dining table are really mouth-watering that it makes us eat and eat and eat.  We make it an excuse that since it's a holiday, it is okay that we gain a little bit of weight.   

Surely, the number one on the New Year's resolution list is to be more healthy and shed off the holiday weight we gained, hihi.  

Dr. Nicky Montoya, MediCard president said, "Filipinos are food lovers, and it is truly seen during Christmas season where greasy and high-calorie food are served.  Thus, it is just essential to burn those extra calories to avoid execss fat.  For people who don't want to hit the gym, they can try sports to burn the calories."

I'm also into sports.  When I was younger, I do join some sports activities like running, badminton, swimming, bowling.  I also do mountain-climbing and wall-climbing too.  I am surrounded with friends who are into sports.  Even if some of my friends are already in their 40s, they are still engaged in sports.  I didn't excel in sports, but being engaged into some sport taught me self-discipline and to value health more.  Also, it helps you to be physically fit.  

Bring back your alindog by engaging into sports.  Here are the top calorie-burning sports that you can try after the holidays:

Swimming.  Swimming gives an overall body workout and is great for toning muscles.  Burning up to 800 calories per hour, swimming is one of the best choices if you want to shed those extra pounds for the holidays.  If you have a pool or have access to one, it's time to slip your swimsuit on and do some laps.

Racket Sports.  Grab your racket and get ready to lose those calories you consumed during Christmas parties.  Racket sports such as tennis and badminton are fun sports you can do with your loved ones.  Building lower body strength and endurance, as well as burning up to 900 calories per hour make racket sports and excellent workout options.

Martial Arts.  Learn self-defense and burn calories while practicing martial arts.  Whether judo, tae kwon do or muay thai, martial arts has you moving quickly and in a variety of ways.  It is sure to help you tone muscles by burning up to 1,100 calories per hour.

Running.  This may be the most accessible sport you can get your hands on.  Burns up to 1,500 calories per hour, running is an ideal sport which works every part of your body, from your calves and quads to your abs.  For the best-calorie burning potential, try to keep your speed above 8mph.

Boxing.  Wear those boxing gloves and be game enough to step into the ring.  Whether it's kickboxing or in the ring, boxing is one of the best sports to participate in since it burns up to 800 calories per hour.

Basketball.  Aside from burning up to 900 calories per hour, playing basketball lets you develop flexibility, endurance, and cardiorespiratory health.  But, make sure that you warm up properly before stepping on the court to avoid injuries.

I do hope that for 2016, everybody should really be more focused on taking care of our health.  Having a healthy body is a gift from God, so we must take care of it by keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Happy holidays!

You may visit MediCard's fitness facility at #51 Paseo de Roxas cor. Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City.  For more information, you may also check out their website at