No Time to Manage Your Own Online Store? Avail of TackThis! Concierge Program!

It has already been noted that most businesses in the Philippines--whether it is large or small--recognize the potential of e-commerce, however, only few are ready for the unique challenges that come along with selling to customers online.  TackThis! is an online shop platform designed to address the needs of the small and big businesses to be present in the digital world.

On my earlier post about TackThis!, I concentrated more on the DIY online shop.  This time, this post will concentrate more on the Concierge Program.

Last August 13, 2015, Voyager Innovations, the digital unit of PLDT and Smart, together with PLDT Alpha and PLDT SME Nation, has launched today its premium concierge service or online store creator TackThis! to over a thousand partner businesses so they can quickly and efficiently build their own branded digital commerce footprint that incorporates a seamless social shopping experience for customers.

The premium concierge service aims to enable larger retailers who need a more comprehensive suite of features on top of the basic offerings of TackThis!  Together with the wide array of solutions from PLDT Alpha and PLDT SME Nation, TackThis! is seen to further boost digital commerce in the country.

Kat Luna-Abelarde, First Vice President and Head of PLDT SME Business said that the premium concierge service gives retailers an end-to-end service that streamlines their online store requirements.  "This way, businesses don't have to allocate huge resources in maintaining their online stores.  TackThis! allows them to focus on what they know best: selling their products," Kat Luna-Abelarde said.

On the other hand, Mitch Padua, Vice President and Head of Digital Commerce at Voyager Innovations said, "At Voyager, we believe that e-commerce is one of the building blocks of the digital economy.  TackThis! is already changing e-commece as it integrates the social shopping experience.  Meanwhile, our partners can benefit from the one-stop solution that TackThis! provides, including our enhanced concierge service."

The advanced features that come as a part of the concierge service include professional services for an effortless online store creation as well as hassle-free store management of logistics, payments and customer service via a team of TackThis! Ambassadors.

The concierge service also includes store marketing via placement on Takatack, the sister site of TackThis!  Takatack is now the largest online shopping discovery platform that aggregates and promotes not only offerings from the thousands of merchants who have established their online shops through TackThis!, but also products from other online stores and retailes in the country including Rocket Internet-backed Zalora and Lazada.

TackThis! has over 30,000 merchants in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines with more than 400 merchants already part of the premium TackThis! Concierge Program--an end-to-end solution tailored to get retailers selling online quickly.  In the Philippines, Philips, Celine (CLN), Sassa, XOXO, Hickok, VMV Hypoallergenics, Get Laud, and Cardams are some of the companies that are under TackThis! Concierge Program.

Here are the benefits of availing TackThis! Concierge Program:

  • More time for core business -- Leave the online selling to TackThis! team so that the business owner can focus on other aspects of business and retail operations.
  • More customers = More revenue -- Get more sales with wider customer reach and effective online marketing support
  • Better cost efficiency and higher savings -- Grow the business and reach out to new areas without opening another store space.  This minimizes the overhead costs and reduces investment risk
  • Trusted sales support -- TackThis! Concierge is a product from companies with years of track record in the Philippine: Voyager Innovations, Inc., a subsidiary of Smart Communications, Inc., and in partnership with PLDT SME Nation
There are only two plans available for TackThis! Concierge program: Php899/month (maximum of 100 products listed) and Php3500/month (unlimited products listed).  On top of this monthly subscription, TackThis! team is also charging service fee and commissions.

One good thing about availing of TackThis! Concierge Program, the business owner can build specialized features for his/her online store.  They can even look for models, do product photoshoots, and other services for the business owner too!

For more information and to get started, you may visit  You may also contact any of the TackThis! Sales Specialists through  

Kib Loves Baby Food!

Yes, that's true.  Kib loves eating baby food even if he is no longer a baby.  You may find it weird but hey, baby food is still FOOD!  

Ahmm...would you find it weirder if I say I also eat baby food?  Of course, I need to taste the food before I give it to my son, haha.

Kidding aside, we were blessed to have the first dibs of tasting the latest baby food that will be introduced in the Philippine market, Milna.

Kib and I during the Milna blogger launch at Stacy's BGC last August 12th.  Bloggers during the event were interviewed about what they love about mommyhood, had a relaxing afternoon by unleashing their creativity on tote bag designing, and a hair blow-dry treat too!  

Milna is one of the brands of Kalbe International, an Indonesian-based company.  Kalbe International is an international marketing company which mainly handles the trading/export transaction of Kalbe Farma's group of business.  Kalbe has representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria.  

Mommy Ginger (the host of the event) together with Kalbe International executives

Milna is a nutritious food for the child during his/her developmental and growing up years to help provide self-fulfillment to the smart, thoughtful mom.  It is recommended by doctors/medical practitioners as it contains all the ingredients needed by the child during his/her period of growth and development.  It has natural ingredients, no chemical additives, and has various flavors to choose from.

A huge array of Milna products soon to be available in Philippine market

Following are the different products of Milna that will be available in Philippine market by September 2015:

  • Milna Baby Biscuit (for six months and up) -- the baby biscuit has a special shape to stimulate the child's teeth growth.  Its shape also helps in the development of child's motor skill (holding).  It is easy to dissolve; the soft porous texture prevents the baby from choking.  The baby biscuit can also be dissolved in water so that it will look like a cereal.  It contains 11 vitamins and 5 minerals suitable for the child's first weaning food.
        Milna Baby Biscuit comes in four flavors: Original, Banana, Orange, and Mixed Fruits.

  • Milna Baby Cereal (for six months and up) -- this is the kind of baby food that most mommies know of.  What makes Milna special is because of its innovative flavor and texture (complete meal with viand and rice).  It contains 12 vitamins and 8 minerals, AA-DHA, Protein, Iron and Calcium which can be used as a complementary nutrition to help support the child's growth and development.
        Milna Baby Cereal comes in two types with two flavors each: for six months and up 
        (beef and green peas flavor and brown rice and banana flavor) and for nine months
        and up (beef stew and green peas flavor and chicken soup and sweet corn flavor).

  • Milna Toddler Instant Pudding (for 12 months and up) -- this food is fun to prepare together with your toddler!  Just put this in a molder, chill it for few minutes and voila! Your kid will have fun eating these especially if you decorate with with candy sprinkles, fruits, marshmallows -- just anything that will make this food pleasing to the eyes of your little one!  It has inulin to maintain healthy digestive system, calcium to support bones and teeth development, and 10 vitamins to help in the growth and development of your child.  
         It comes in two different flavors, strawberry and chocolate.

Looks yummy!  Thank you Mommy Roxi for letting me use your photo for my blog!  You can really do a lot of things with Milna Toddler Pudding!

Kib and I both tasted all Milna products, and yes, we loved it!  We eat the baby biscuits as our snacks (they can be really heavy on the tummy, so two pieces of biscuits are good for me), my son ate the cereal (I tasted it too, they really taste like adult food), and my son had wonderful time preparing the pudding (too bad I wasn't able to taste it because my son loved it so much that he forgot to share it with me, haha).

And oh, you can also create new baby food using Milna!  You can check out this link for some ideas:

It's no fuss for us that we eat baby food at times as long as we both enjoy the food and the activities that we do together.  #LoveMommyhood

Watch out these products on grocery shelves very, very soon!

SRP of Milna Baby Biscuits and Cereal is Php55 and the Toddler Pudding at Php65.  Follow Milna Philippines on Facebook (Milna Philippines), Twitter (@MilnaPH) and at Instagram (@milnaphilippines) to know more about their products.

Santino, The Toy Patroller

I was asked by a co-stage momma if I could promote her son's YouTube channel.  I immediately said yes because her son and I already worked together in one project (Globe Telecom viral video We Are Digital Natives).  

Kib and Santino during the workshop for Globe viral video

Santino has already gone a long way in the commercial modelling industry.  You have seen him in Jollibee, Nutroplex, Breadstix, among others.  You may also have seen him together with Nino Muhlach's son at Pinoy Big Brother.  Currently, you can watch him at "Nasaan Ka Ng Kailangan Kita?" an afternoon soap drama at ABS-CBN.  

Santino's mom is also a work-from-home mom.  Sometimes, she would bring her laptop while she waits for Santino to finish shooting.  She is a very hands-on mom, just like me.

Santino has a YouTube channel, The Toy Patrol.  The Toy Patrol is a toy review channel.  He reviews toys like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrols, Disney Cars, and a lot more together with his cousins Gwyneth and Prince.  Apart from reviewing toys, he also does some funny challenges like Burger Challenge and Minion Challenge.   On the average, one toy review lasts from 5-7 minutes.

Below are some photos of Santino doing toy reviews:

Santino has really a promising career in acting and modelling (just like Kib, hihi).  Let's support his YouTube channel by subscribing.  

"Hi I'm Santino and I'm your Toy Patrol!"

Exploreum: Another Learning Experience

I like going on field trips.  Going on a field trip is a way for us to learn beyond books.  It can also be experiential and hands-on.  I have posted some of our field trips before (see earlier posts), and the latest that we had been to was in Exploreum in SM Mall of Asia.

SM Mall of Asia is quite a distance for us, so I make sure that my trip outside home is worthwhile.  We went to church at 11 a.m., and after that we already went straight to SM Mall of Asia to meet my balikbayan aunt to get our pasalubong.  They are also in SM Mall of Asia to watch One Direction concert.  

Kib and my American cousin making faces at the camera

My tita's family is going to watch One Direction concert!  They've come prepared for the concert, look they even have fan shirts printed!

Since it's still early and I also wanted to treat my other balikbayan aunt for some sightseeing, we all agreed to go to Exploreum.  I thought of removing Exploreum from our bucket list since Kib and I had already been to Philippine Science Centrum and Mind Museum.  My homeschooling friends recommended Exploreum so I promised to myself that we will go there someday.

As you enter Exploreum, you will be greeted by a hologram of planet Earth.  

The holographic image of planet Earth at the main entrance of Exploreum

Exploreum is an interactive science museum.  You can see, feel, and hear all the exhibits there.  Even adults can enjoy looking and testing all the displays there.  There are also lots of trivia posted all over the place for people to read and learn.  There are some exhibits there that my son and I have already experienced from Philippine Science Centrum and Mind Museum but still, we enjoyed everything inside Exploreum.  Even my balikbayan tita enjoyed our Exploreum trip.  She also learned a lot.  I felt that I got my money's worth at Exploreum.

Below are some of our pictures at Exploreum:

Camouflage! Just like Peeta Mellark of Hunger Games

Inside the dome theater while waiting for the show to start.  Picture taking is prohibited during the show.

Kib learning the circulatory sytem

One of the trivia that you can read all around Exploreum

Kib the weather man

Kib trying out the plane simulation

Van de Graaf generator!

My tita also enjoying the exhibits inside Exploreum

I would recommend Exploreum to parents with kids who like science and who likes to read.  Exploreum is not ideal for young kids, in my opinion.  Gradeschoolers can enjoy the exhibits at Exploreum more because they are already studying these things in school.  It's a fun way of experiencing science, not only on textbooks but also in real life.

Want to have your Online Store? Use TackThis!

We are now living in the digital world.  People are now becoming technology-dependent these days.  Being connected to the Internet is one of the modern conveniences that I really maximize and enjoy.  I do my banking transactions online, pay bills online, work online (teaching English to foreigners), keep in touch with my family and friends online, shop online, among others.  Indeed, there are lot of things that we can do online!

Filipinos are internet and text-savvy individuals.  In the Philippines alone, there are 47 million Internet users.  Online visibility is not only for individuals, but for companies as well.  Among the 1 million registered SMEs in the Philippines, only 1% of it have a website.   When Multiply shut down, online sellers lost hope in selling their merchandise. While the Philippines is routinely celebrated as the social media capital of the world, there are few online tools that enable Filipinos to monetize from these platforms.  Online store creator TackThis! wants to address this problem.

Welcome to the Age of Small Business!  

TackThis! allows everyone, including established retailers, small business owners, and avid bloggers (yes, this is also for bloggers, wee!), to quickly and easily set up an online store.  TackThis! is fueled by Voyager Innovations, the digital arm of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc.

Welcome to TackThis!  This is what you will see when you visit their website,

TackThis! is an end-to-end service--through it you can showcase your products, manage your store inventory, and accept payments through a variety of providers.  This may sound complex to a non-techie, but actually TackThis! is user-friendly!  TackThis! has an easy-to-lean and easy-to-use dashboard.  The dashboard can also provide reports and analytics on the performance of your online store.  

This is what the dashboard looks like.  This is where you manage your online store.

One main feature of TackThis! is that you can 'tack' your online stores on any popular social media sites!  You can post your TackThis! store to Facebook, Tumblr, Wix, Wordpress (self-hosted), Blogger, Live Journal, Strikingly, Weebly, Google Sites and Joomla.  Making TackThis! available in different social media platforms means that an online seller can instantly have a substantial amount of potential customers.  TackThis! made this possible because on each platform, an individual or a company have different audiences.  "Essentially, you're setting up mini-franchises of yourself from the comfort of your keyboard," said Mitch Padua, VP for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

The beauty of TackThis! is that it facilitates and optimizes the buying process so that an online seller can effectively sell his/her products.  An online seller on TackThis! can be easily notified about customers' purchases instantly and to keep track of pending and fulfilled orders.  TackThis! makes it easy to convert visitors to customers.  

In addition, TackThis! offers a variety of payment options tailored to the Philippine market (VISA, Mastercard, bank deposits, cash-on-delivery).  "These choices will make it hard for a customer to say 'no' to the product they are really pining for in your online store," says Rebecca Ricalde, AVP for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

TackThis! has automated inventory tracking too.  This eliminates bad customer experience as customers will only be available to purchase products that you actually have in stock.  This only means a smoother transaction between the seller and the buyer without worrying of losing potential sales through bad inventory system.  

TackThis! Concierge

While most online businesses find managing their own online shops and websites to be tiring and time-consuming, TackThis! has another feature that registered business can also avail of, the Concierge.  

TackThis! Concierge basic info

The Concierge helps a company or a small business owner to manage online selling on their behalf.  Applying for the Concierge program also minimizes overhead costs and reduces investment risk as well.  Apart from the usual TackThis! features, when an individual or company has applied on the Concierge program, TackThis! can also take care of your product photoshoots and the products will be listed on

Even if online store management is left to the hands of TackThis! team, the business owner still has an access on the dashboard to track his/her business online anytime, anywhere.

Online shopping and managing your online business has never been this easy!

To know more about the Concierge program, you may visit

For me, TackThis! is really promising.  It can make online store management easy and hassle-free.  I encourage those people who have present online stores to try TackThis! and share to me your experience.  For those who are planning to put up their online stores, explore TackThis!

Kib the Blogger

Since I sucked at writing when I was young, I wanted my son to be skilled in writing.  That's why as soon as he learned writing and reading, I've been always encouraging him to write.  He would write stories, letters, and just anything that he thinks at the moment.  His handwriting may not be a calligraphy-worthy one, but for me what matters most is the content.  Don't worry, I've been reminding him to write legibly too :)

Anyway, it's really part of my plan to introduce him to the world of blogging.  I wanted him to blog too as his way of expressing his thoughts about the things around him.  

Now that I'm already teaching him the basics of computer, the next thing that I would like him to learn is word processing so that I can already teach him how to blog.

I was more determined to teach him how to blog when a PR representative encouraged me to let my son have his own blog.

When I got home, I gave my son a notebook where he can first compose his blogposts before typing it on the computer.  I encouraged him to write a long composition by introducing himself.  He was so eager to use the computer in typing his first blog entry and he kept on asking me if it is his turn because I'm setting it up for him.

Drafting his blog on the notebook that I gave him

He was so excited to type his blog entry.  At first he is doing the tuldok system in typing.  I told him to use both his hands and all of his fingers in typing.  

And he's now ready to transfer his draft to the website!

When he finished his first blog entry, I checked his grammar and punctuation.  I added photos on his first blog.  His blog is now live!

Tada!  Here's his first blog!  You may check his first blog entry at

I am so happy that my son is practicing his writing skills through blogging.  I told my son that he should also write something about the events that we go to, haha.  When Kib is already used to blogging, I guess the next thing that we should learn together is basic programming/coding.

It's really fun to do things together!