Tupperware Introduces New Products

When people talk about kitchen plastic storage, one brand that people will usually think of is Tupperware.  My family is a fan of Tupperware.  We have lots of Tupperware products at home.  Tupperware is known for its durability.  One thing that I like about Tupperware is that they offer lifetime warranty for their items.  

I'm so glad that Tupperware Philippines is already offering products other than plastic storages.  Some brands that they also offer are Colour Collection, Ivana, White Result, Wonderbra, Playtex, Hanes, Baby Care Plus+, Kids Care Plus+, among others.  The products that made me interested in are Suncelle Sunblock Facial Moisturizer and Suncelle Body Lotion.  

Suncelle Sunblock Facial Moisturizer (SPF 40) and Body Lotion (SPF 30) are made to provide the ultimate protection your skin needs. Its sun protection factor shields the skin from harmful UV sunrays, making it perfect for outdoor pursuits such as swimming and biking, as well as other activities that require you to be out under the sun.

The Facial Moisturizer’s unique non-greasy matte finish formula moreover makes it a perfect make-up primer. It contains collagen and Vitamin E that protect and nourish the skin for a younger looking you! Suncelle is dermatologist-tested and is ideal for all skin types. It also comes in convenient packaging that you can bring anywhere and at all times.

It doesn't mean that summer's over, we don't need products with SPF.  You may feel the sun’s rays are weaker now that summer has ended. It makes you feel safe from the UV rays but just because the sun is not out as much doesn’t mean that it is less damaging. However, you need to take extra measures to protect your skin whether it’s cloudy, rainy or sunny from morning until the whole afternoon. Sun exposure causes skin dehydration, sunburn, and ageing. UV rays, summer season or not, can cause irreversible damage to your skin. The perfect match is a moisturizer and a lotion that contain the right UV blockers to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Celebrate your natural beauty by grabbing Suncelle Sunblock Facial Moisturizer and Body Lotion, protecting your skin, and seeing the difference.

Protect your skin. Unravel your beauty. Let your skin glow!

About Tupperware® Brands

Tupperware Brands Philippines is the authorized distributor of some of the world’s prestigious brands including Tupperware, Colour Collection, Ivana, White Result, Wonderbra, Playtex, Hanes, Baby Care Plus+, and Kids Plus+. For questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, log on to www.tupperwarebrands.ph, email us at questions@Tupperware.ph or call the hotline number 867-2222.

About A Friend's Passing....

FACT: Death is inevitable.

I have already experienced a lot of deaths in the family; my dad passed away four years ago (see related post here), my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  We all know that death is our final destination and yet when the time comes we still feel that we are not prepared for such.  I still miss my father.  I still wish that he is still around to witness the things that is happening in our lives.  

Whenever we hear of someone's passing, there's still a bit of shock that somehow leave questions as to why a certain person must die.

Recently, my barkada passed away.  He's 42 years old.  I have known him since my banking days.  For some, he may look like a goon in a movie, but for us, he is a gentle giant.  He is a very funny person, even my mom can't stop laughing at his punchlines.  He is also very transparent; we can easily know if he's happy or sad or ill (he has diabetes and hypertension).  He is also very caring; since we both lived in the east, he sometimes drives me home during the time that I was still carless.

It happened on a Sunday.  I just finished a two-day spiritual retreat and I was looking for a parking space at Robinson's Metro East to go to church when I received a phone call from a friend telling me about his passing.  I stopped my car for awhile just to internalize the news.  Some of our friends have already rushed to the rescue while I told them that I will just go attend church services friend and whisper a prayer to the family.  

While I was on my way to my friend's house, I received a phone call from another friend telling me to go straight to the funeral home because they already received a phone call that his remains were already ready for viewing.  I arrived first at the funeral home but after a few minutes, my friends who came first to the rescue already arrived together with his live-in girlfriend.  We let his live-in girlfriend see the remains first before we get into the room.  It was a really, really sad moment.  We can't say anything.  It was so surreal.  I thought that kind of scenario only happens in movies.  

The family was still busy preparing for the arrival of my friend's mom who will be coming from Surigao.  They still didn't tell that he already passed away that morning. They just said that it was an emergency.  They haven't thought about the preparation for the guests.  Our friends took initiative on buying grocery items and arranging the food table.  

Later that day, one by one our friends arrived to pay final respects, even those friends who we haven't seen for a very long time.  

He was cremated on Wednesday.  Since it's already a working day, only few of our friends were able to say goodbye to him.  Some even filed a leave just to be with him for the last time.

We will surely miss him.....

There are things that we can learn from someone's passing.  I truly believe that there are still things to be thankful for despite of a tragedy that happened.

1.  Health is wealth.  My friends are already in their 40s (I'm the youngest in the group but I'm still in my 30s), and some are already complaining of health issues.  Our friend's death somehow reminded us to really take our health seriously. 

2.  Sunday is indeed a family day.  If he died on a weekday, it'll be very difficult for the barkada to immediately go to the rescue because some are in the office and some might have other appointments.  We have showed him that we are indeed a family.

3.  Treat your friends on how you want your friends treat you when you pass away.  He had been a good friend to everybody, always there to the rescue too, so when it's his time to be rescued, we were also there for him.

4.  We cannot choose how are we going to die.  He died a peaceful and swift death.  Yes, it is untimely and shocking.  My father was bedridden for four years before he passed away.  Some will say they like a sudden death because you won't cause long suffering to the whole family.  But then, it is only God who knows how are we going to die.  One thing that we can somehow do is to pray to God for peace and for His sustenance.

5.  Only God knows when your time is up.  Since I just came from a spiritual retreat when I heard the news, God reminded me that our time on earth can be anytime.  I was reborn during the retreat and it is so ironic that somebody died on that day too.  We must live according to His design.  My friend's passing reminded me to live a life with God. 

I have to write this blog as my way of honoring my friend.  He is not a perfect person, but his imperfections made him a true person.  Thank you for the friendship.  Thank you for the good times and the bad times.  Thank you for the trust.   

Solane Invites Moms to take Cuisinera Challenge

I know how to cook, but I must admit that I am not a good cook.  The movie Ratatouille somehow inspired me to cook unique dishes for my family.  I am challenged to cook at home whenever my mom goes to United States.  Furthermore, I was also challenged to be more creative with my dishes since I want my son to eat a lot.  

I also like watching cooking contests on TV.  My favorites are Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, and Late Nite Chef Fight.  Among all the three reality show that I mentioned, Masterchef is the one giving great career opportunities to home cooks.  The show is somehow inspiring that even if a person is just a home cook, he/she can have a promising career in cooking.

Solane, a leading brand of cooking gas, invites moms to take the exciting Cuisinera Challenge: 2015 Mommy Edition! Be part of the challenge that proves great Filipino family food is not solely found in restaurants offered by chefs but is authentically found at home.

Happening this July, Cuisinera Challenge is a cook-off where contestants are tasked to prepare an original recipe that can be prepared in 30 minutes. Serving as the program adviser is Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Filipino food promoter, culinary researcher and food journalist.

The winner will take home P30,000, a one-year supply of Solane LPG and eight 11-kg Solane refill gift certificates. The second and third place winner will be awarded P10,000 and P5,000 respectively. The remaining final participants will receive a Solane gift pack: Solane USBs, branded aprons and collectible mugs.

Solane’s Cuisinera Challenge is open to a Filipina mommy (22-50 years old) who lives in Metro Manila and Greater Manila Area:  Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, and Pampanga. She shouldn’t have credentials in professional cooking and is not practicing chef duties in any establishment.

To join, interested parties must send an original 30-minute recipe with the name of the dish, ingredients (in metric measure), procedure, photos of the dish with at least three angles of perspective, a short description, why they chose to do the dish, and from whom did they learn to cook the dish on short bond paper. On a separate page, contestants should include a short biography along with their name, a recent photo and contact details.

The criteria for judging are recipe logic and correctness (40%), quality of answers in the essay questions and mandatory information (30%), quality of photos (20%), and completeness of documents or requirements (10%).

Mail your entries in a short brown envelope labeled “Cuisinera Challenge 2015” to Isla LPG Corporation, 14/F Citibank Center, 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City from June 10, 2015 to July 13, 2015.

Twenty entries will be picked for the cook-off round on July 31, 2015 at an event venue to be announced soon.

For more information, visit www.solane.com.ph or text +63918 887 5555.