My Son Plays With Dolls

Yes, you read it right, my son plays with dolls and he's 100% male.  

My son specifically plays with the paper dolls he made.  If you tell him to play with Barbie dolls, he will get mad at you and throw tantrums.  He will draw different characters on a sheet of paper, color them, and cut according to its shape.  He will do some role-playing game with his paper dolls.  

He started with his obsession with paper dolls with the Real Steel characters.  He will let the paper dolls fight.  He will bring all of his paper dolls wherever we go.  He is proud to show his paper dolls to everyone.  He will introduce his paper dolls to all those people whom we meet and even tell a story about it.  Whenever his paper dolls will have a tear, he will repair them by putting a scotch tape around it.

Some of his Real Steel paper dolls

His next obsession are the Team Fortress 2 characters.  This time, he will copy the image from the Internet.  Same with his Real Steel paper dolls, he will let the Red and Blu teams fight.  Currently, my son is into Five Nights at Freddy's characters.

Sometimes I would get mad that his paper dolls were scattered all over the house.  He has a special tin can for all of his paper dolls, but sometimes he would forget to pack them away.

You may wonder why I let my son play with "girls's toy".  Personally, I do not see anything wrong with it.  I want my son to develop his creativity and imagination that is why I let him do role playing games.  He does not have any siblings, so doing role playing games make him feel that he has 'playmates'.   Dolls are used by psychologists and behavior therapists in play therapy in drawing suppressed feelings of the child.  

Playing with paper dolls is his way of exploring the things way beyond the tangible things around us.  Playing with paper dolls is his way of having a 'playmate' as he is my only child.  I may sometimes do not understand what kind of play he does with his paper dolls, but I do not restrict him for playing with such.

For mommies with boys out there, do not be afraid to let your kid play with paper dolls =)

KumpleTuna! 555 Tuna Introduces Marian Rivera as Endorser

These days, I’ve been very busy.  I feel that my time is not enough for me to accomplish so much in a day that I don’t have much time to cook complicated dishes anymore.  There are times that my son and I will just eat outside or just eat ready-to-eat food that I have on stock at home.  I feel guilty at times that I cannot cook for my son.  Sometimes he would tell me that he misses me cooking food for both of us.  Please don’t judge me for not being able to serve my son well.  If you have been constantly following my blog, you will know that I’m a single mom who juggles a lot of stuff, trying to balance motherhood and work on a daily basis.

Let’s put the guilt away….even if there are times that we just eat ready-to-eat food at home, I still make it to a point that it is healthy and it satisfies our daily nutritional needs.  When we do grocery shopping, I read labels first before putting it in my shopping cart.  I always have canned tuna on my grocery list because I sometimes use it for my pasta dishes or just simply sautee it in garlic and onion and it’s an instant viand for us already.

Tuna is considered a healthy food by many people, including me.  It is known to have Omega 3, DHA, Vitamin D, low cholesterol, and a good belly trimmer. 

Last April 14, 2015, I attended the launch of Ms. Marian Rivera as the new endorser of 555 Tuna.  Most of us will remember the brand 555 for their sardines. 

555 Tuna is available in 12 delicious variants:   The best-selling blue line includes Afritada, Caldereta, Adobo, and Mechado; the green line includes Bicol Express, Lechon Paksiw and Sisig; the orange line features Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Corned Tuna and Chili Corned Tuna.  555 Tuna also comes in easy-open can.

Some of the variants of 555 Tuna

Marian Rivera as the New Endorser

Marian, who got married in a highly anticipated ceremony last December 30, 2014, is obviously glowing with happiness in the new TVC of 555 Tuna which will air very soon. The new TVC shows Marian enjoying wedded bliss.  She is seen preparing a meal for two using 555 Tuna, the brand that is complete given its delicious mix of tuna and vegetables in a flavorful sauce.  It is also complete in offering a wide range of lutong-bahay flavors.  In short, ‘Kumple-Tuna!’

Ms. Marian Rivera looked blooming and complete during the event

Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Inc., the company behind 555 Tuna, also expressed his joy of having Marian as the newest brand ambassador of 555 Tuna.  “555 Tuna has found the perfect endorser in Marian Rivera, who is famous not only for her beauty and sass, but also for her genuine love for cooking,” said Mr. Banzon. 

During the event, we were given an opportunity to taste 555 Tuna.  My son gave thumbs up that he wanted to eat 555 Tuna for dinner on that day already!  For sure one of these days we will have 555 Tuna on our dinner table. 


Seeing the World Better: Essilor’s Campaign for Healthy Vision

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I started my first job.  It was a prerequisite that all new hires to undergo medical check-up and there, it was discovered that I no longer have a 20/20 vision.  I need to wear eyeglasses for astigmatism.  Thank God that my eye problem did not progress that much all these years; however, one of my eyes (I can’t remember if it’s left or right) suffer from myopia (nearsightedness) now.

I tried wearing ordinary lenses before, but it just made my eyes very tired.  I’d rather have no eyeglasses at all than wear my eyeglasses all day long and yet feel uncomfortable all throughout.  When I started investing on multicoated/transition lenses, surprisingly, I can wear my eyeglasses for a long time without having eye strain.  The next lenses that I used were made of polycarbonate material, tougher than transition lens because I have a tendency to be careless at times.  My eyeglasses let me work in front of the computer for longer hours and even drive at night confidently without the glare from the bright headlights.

Sad to say, I am one of the 20 million Filipinos who needs visual correction.  Most of the time, people ignore the signs of eye disorder until it becomes worse and irreversible.  Parents don’t even bring their children to the doctor for a comprehensive eye check up.  These concerns led to Essilor’s launch of a public awareness campaign on the importance of good vision.

During the event, we were given free eye check-up.  Happy to know that my eye grade hasn't changed but since my current eyeglasses have lots of scratch on the lenses, I opted to have it changed to Essilor lenses.

I also let Kib experience having his eye check-up; however he kept on blinking so his eye grade wasn't checked very well.  Kids should have their eyes checked by an opthalmologist.

Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses.  The success of the company, which is present in more than 100 countries, is the result of a strategy that has been driven by innovation for more than 160 countries.  It has been awarded by Forbes magazine as “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” for four consecutive years.

Last Monday, February 16th, 2015, Essilor launched its latest campaign, “Seeing the World Better”.  This is the company’s way of helping the world see better by raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision and address the alarming number of visual impairment cases in the country.  Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor’s general manager in the Philippines said with this campaign, Filipinos will start paying more attention to their eyes so that they can see the world in a clearer and brighter view.

The campaign will drive three important messages:

1.     Prevention – Essilor lenses help prevent age-related eye diseases;
2.     Protection – Essilor helps provide everyday protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and harmful blue light
3.     Correction – to promote the initial purpose of Essilor, which is to correct eyesight

Piolo Pascual, Essilor’s brand ambassador

During the launch of the campaign, Essilor has also presented to the press its brand ambassador, top celebrity Piolo Pascual.  A sportsman and a known health buff, Piolo believes prevention is the first step towards healthy vision.  He advised that everyone should get an eye check-up at least once a year eye check-up to prevent any eye disorder from worsening.  He has perfect vision but he wears protective lenses because his eyes get tired from long hours of filming and taping.  He even had an eye check-up during the event.

Piolo Pascual having his eyes checked during the event

Essilor has also launched its latest infomercial, which was aired starting March 1st on selected cable channels.  It features Piolo Pascual performing various activities (swimming, reading, driving) and how good vision helps him accomplish these tasks effectively.

Essilor’s line of products

Essilor has different types of lenses that will cater to your specific needs and match your lifestyle. 

Crizal Prevencia -- the only clear lens that selectively filters harmful blue light from gadgets, LED, and UV light while letting it through the healthy blue light. 

Crizal Forte UV – protects eyes from harmful UV rays.  UV rays contribute to the development of cataracts in the old age.

Essilor Varilux – progressive lens that offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision.  This means that instead of having two different viewing zones (near and distant), like with bifocals, Varilux provides the most natural vision correction.

Crizal Transitions – adaptive lens that automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between. 

Essilor Experia – polarized sun lens recommended for any kind of outdoor activity, whatever the season. 

My experience on wearing Essilor lenses

I feel fortunate to be one of the people who will be able to experience Essilor lenses.  After the media event, I left my eyeglasses already to have it changed to Essilor lenses.  I can still manage to see without wearing my eyeglasses but it makes my eyes extra tired because my eyes do extra work.  I have extra pair of eyeglasses at home but the grade is no longer compatible with my current grade (actually, same grade but different degree of astigmatism).  For the time being that I don't have my eyeglasses, I wore my old one.  

I was able to get my eyeglasses with Essilor lenses recently.  

First thing I noticed was the lens was very clear.  When I wore the eyeglasses, I feel comfortable.  I can wear my eyeglasses for a long period of time.  It seems that I am not wearing eyeglasses at all because of the clear lenses.  Essilor didn't fail me.

Me wearing my eyeglasses with Essilor lens.  I can even take clear pictures of myself without the light bouncing back on my eyeglasses.  

Next time you visit your favorite optical shop, ask for Essilor lens.  Surely, Essilor has lens that will fit your lifestyle.

To know more about Essilor, you may visit their website at or their Facebook page at

Boost Your Creativity at Tuscany at McKinley Hill’s Summer Art Sessions

Creativity is one of the skills that I believe is innate to each and every person.  It just needs to be tapped by engaging in some activities and brain exercises that will awaken the creative part of our brain.

When I was in graduate school, one of the subjects that I took was Creative Teaching Techniques.  My professor in this course really challenged all of us to be really creative in terms of submitting projects and doing teaching demonstrations and reports.  He won’t accept so-so presentations; it should be unique and well-thought of.   I’m glad that our professor really emphasized the value of creativity in everything we do. 

Now that I have a son, I also wanted my son to have high creative thinking ability.  I do not stop him for doing things inside the house as long as his imagination and creativity is concerned.  He likes drawing different characters, creating stories, building communities, and even doing role play. 

I’m so glad to learn that this summer, Megaworld LifestyleMalls will be coming up with a series of workshops, inviting all aspiring artists, hobbyists, and art enthusiasts in the Metro and nearby areas.  Entitled ‘Summer Art Sessions’, the series of weekend arts and crafts workshop series will be held in Tuscany at McKinley Hills, which will commence on April 19th, 2015 until May 10th, 2015, from 1PM-5PM.  The workshops will be held in various restaurants along the dining strip of Tuscany.

This event is organized together with Manila Workshops (the company that I also work with).

I feel blessed to be chosen to be part of the media launch of this event last April 13, 2015 held at Marciano’s in Tuscany.   During the media launch, we were given an opportunity to have an experience on what to expect during the summer workshops on April 19th. 

Check out our photos during the media launch below:

Mimai Cabugnason teaching us the basics of brush calligraphy

Kib trying out brush calligraphy too

Yeah I know, my calligraphy skills need a lot of work!

Nelz Yumul of WeeWillDoodle tells us about the beauty of doodling

While the talk on doodling is ongoing, this little boy is already busy doing his own doodles

Nelz showing us some of his nice!

The Artologist's Managing Partner, Mr. Ronald de Castro telling us about their art workshops 

A live painting session during the event

My son and I had a wonderful time during the event that is why I’m inviting YOU to also experience these workshops!  Check out all the workshop offerings on April 19th listed below!

  • Basic Brush Calligraphy – calligraphy is now becoming a popular hobby these days, from basics to modern to colorful handwriting.  Mimai Cabugnason, also known as Sharkmaine in the art scene, will be teaching the basics, tricks, and tips of brush calligraphy.  This workshop will be held in Marciano’s.
  • Rubber Stamping – learn to make your own stamps for your scrapbooking and decorating needs!  This workshop will be held at Sophie’s Mom. 
  • DIY Tote Bag Designing – want to personalize your canvas tote bag, to be unique and a standout?  DIY guru Nica Cosio will be sharing tips on how to spruce up your tote bag.  DIY Tote Bag Designing will happen at Milky Way.
  • The Art of Doodling – remember the days when we will just draw and write anything at the back of our notebooks when we were bored in class?  Turn your doodles into a magnificent work of art!  Nelz Yumul of WeeWillDoodle will teach the techniques of turning basic doodle into a wonderful masterpiece.  This workshop will be held at Lucky’s Burger Bar.
  • Basic Paper Cutting – create a wonderful piece of art by just cutting paper!  Hey Kessy will be conducting this workshop at Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes.
  • Acrylic and Oil Workshop – learn the basics of painting from The Artologist.  Open to ages 3-60 years old.  Sauceria will be the venue for this workshop.

So many choices for you and your kids!  Each workshop costs P2000 per head inclusive of food, workshop kit, handouts and other goodies!  Only 10 slots per workshop so hurry and reserve a slot!  This is a wonderful way of spending summer with our loved ones, added to that is Tuscany is such a wonderful place to bond too!

*To register for Basic Brush Calligraphy, Rubber Stamping, DIY Tote Bag Designing, and The Art of Doodling, kindly visit Manila Workshops’ website at

*To register for Basic Paper Cutting, go to Hey Kessy’s website at

*To register for Oil and Acrylic Workshop, kindly send an email to or call 0916-5673351.

*For more information about Tuscany’s Summer Art Sessions, please call Megaworld Lifestyle Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888 or 0917-8380111 or visit