Why Do I Blog Thee?

It’s new year, so it’s time to think about my game plan for this year.  One of the things that I plan to do is to blog more.  However, as I open my eyes to blogosphere, a lot of things has been running through my mind which made me revisit again the reason why I blog.  I must admit, I got confused a little bit too.

Photo credits to suewaters.com

I have started my blog in 2012.  The primary reason why I blogged was to document my son's homeschooling adventures.  Since I’m a little insecure in writing, I rarely update my blog then.  I just took blogging seriously last year when my blogger-friends encouraged me to write more since they find my blog nice and worthwhile to read (thanks friends!).  They have built confidence in me telling me that I have a talent in writing (I’m a latebloomer, hihi).  I have already attended some media events and I’m so happy to be able to connect with other bloggers and companies.  I even ran my first blog promo last year!  Indeed, blogging has made me a better person.

If you will see my blog, it’s really very plain; no ads, no pages, no additional plugins.  I just even use the free hosting of Google.  I am just using the free templates and designs of Google.  The overall appearance of my blog is still a work in progress.

I am a part of some blogger groups on Facebook.  I share my blog entries and I’m so happy that there are people who really find time to drop by at my blog and leave some comments and their thoughts about my blog.  However, I still don’t join comment exchanges.  I am not sure if I am already ready with the responsibility of doing blog-hopping and reciprocating comments.  Though it may increase traffic on my blog and increase my popularity as a blogger and be invited to a lot of events, but then, do I really care about the ranking?  Is blogging a popularity contest?

I have been seeing a lot of threads usually by newbie bloggers who are inquiring on how to earn from their blog.  Yes, I would be very happy if I will earn money from my blog, but if I do this, will I still be able to retain the very first reason why I blogged?

As a newbie, I still have to learn a lot about blogging.  I still have a long way to go to establish my status in the blogosphere but one thing’s for sure, I will blog more often now.  It is one of my career plans this 2015.

For now, I am sticking to the primary reason why I blog WITH some updates.  I will write not only our homeschooling adventures but ALL the adventures that my son and I share together to make our bond stronger.  If there will be opportunities coming along the way, thank you for that; if not, it’s still okay.  As long as I inspire people with my blog, I’ll really try to do very best to continue sharing our story to people.

Kib the Adventurer

I want Kib to grow up with a love for adventure.  As early as 11 months old, I already exposed him to different things that I guess some parents may freak out if they let their babies experience it at a very young age.  I just wanted Kib to be proud that he was able to accomplish something so that he won’t have any regrets of not trying it on his later life.

This post is all about Kib’s firsts.  Take a look at some of the things that Kib did for the first time:

Kib's first swim (spring water resort in Bataan, 11 months)

Kib's first trick or treat (Fun Ranch, age 3)

Kib's first ride on a ferry for 1 1/2 hours (Corregidor, age 5)

Kib's first airplane ride (so happy that we were granted access to the cockpit after we have landed, Aklan airport, age 4)

Kib's first off-road ride (Boracay, age 4)

Kib's first 'kiss' (Manila Ocean Park, age 4)

Kib's first experience on the runway (World Trade Center, age 5)

Kib's first experience boarding a US Navy supplies ship (Subic, age 5)

Kib's first experience being a Bible bearer (Cainta Catholic Church, age 6)

Kib's first zipline experience (Tagaytay, age 7)

Kib's first horseback ride and volcano trekking (Taal Volcano, age 7)

Kib's first sandboarding experience (Paoay Sand Dunes, age 8)

Kib's first experience going to the falls (Kabigan Falls, Pagudpud, age 8)

Kib's first firework (our residence, age 8)

Kib's first 4x4 ride (Paoay Sand Dunes, age 8)

There are still lots of things in our bucket list.  Some adventure trips may be costly for others, but hey, the experience itself is priceless.  More to our mom-son adventures!