Owning a Pet

I love animals.  I grew up always having a pet in our house.  We had dagang costa, chicken, dogs and even adopted a stray cat.  We had pet dogs for the longest time until the last one died in 2008.  

I also like Kib to have a passion for animals.  As early as a year old, I already started to expose him to different animals.  He had his first pet when he just turned a year old.  It was a hamster.  However, they died a week after because they're still babies when we bought them.

Kib posing with his pet hamster

In 2010, I bought Kib another pet, this time a rabbit.  We took care of the rabbit for more than a year before we let my aunt adopt it for awhile because we're going on a trip.  The rabbit grew as big as a cat.  My aunt told us that the rabbit died due to stress (their pet dog harassed Connie, our pet rabbit).  Kib was devastated to hear about the death of his pet.

Grown-up Connie played by Kib's cousin, Dash

On January 1st of this yeart, we had a trip at Las Farolas and Kib begged me to buy him a pet fish.  It was a blue fighting fish which he named Gil (but I call him Fishy for easy identification, lol).  Most of the time it was me and my mom who maintains Gil's mini-aquarium and Kib was just watching his friend.  We even brought Gil with us when we went to Bataan last February.  We just forgot about him when we went to Davao last March and got worried that we will be arriving home to a dead fish.  Good thing he survived four days.  However, on our last out of town trip during Holy Week, Gil didn't survive.  We were just gone for two days.  Kib was devastated.  He even blamed his Lola for not bringing Gil with us.

Kib happily posing for his new pet fish, Gil

We went home to a dead fish on Black Saturday.  Kib doesn't want to throw the fish away.  Lola was so kind to dig a hole in the garden to be Gil's resting place.  Look how sad Kib was.

We gave Kib the honors to bury his dead pet fish.

He even prayed to God to take care of his pet fish.

Now, we don't have a pet.  I'm thinking of another pet to take care of.  A turtle maybe? I want to have a pet dog, but Kib is afraid of dogs. On the other hand, Kib likes reptiles and amphibians.  Snake for a pet? Nah!  I will make another post about Kib's other animal encounters. 

Kib's Trick-or-Treat and Easter Egg-Hunting Experiences

Kib had his first Trick or Treat experience when he was three years old at Fun Ranch in Frontera Verde. He wore a cowboy costume then.  He was too young then to remember his experience on doing trick or treat.  He had another trick or treat experience at a preschool I used to work with but I wasn't able to take pictures because I need to look after my students too.  He wore a Zorro costume then. Kib's latest Trick or Treat experience was last year when Ginger Arboleda invited us for a trick or treat experience at Valle Verde 5.  

Kib was so excited about this event.  While we were stuck on the traffic, Kib was painting a picture on his mind on how the trick or treat will be. We came from auditions so I just let Kib change his clothes inside the car.  When we arrived at Valle Verde 5, Kib got excited to see a lot of kids dressed up!  We arrived late for the program at the Social Hall so Kib didn't get a chance to join the costume contest.

Right after the program, we headed off going to the neighborhood for trick or treat. There were some houses that really looked scary and Kib even cried when a nuno sa punso surprised him. Kib always goes first in line to get his candies while shouting 'Trick or Treat!'.  Some homeowners, instead of giving candies, they gave out treats like taho, ice cream, or balloons.  

After an hour of trick or treating, we headed off to Ginger's parents' house for dinner.  Kib went home with a big smile on his face and a bucketful of goodies.

Kib's first trick or treat experience. A cute little cowboy.

And of course, I also have to be in costume!  I'm a cowgirl!

Kib wearing his prince costume. He first wore this costume for a Valentine photoshoot (pretty obvious, it's red, haha)

Kib posing beside the candy buffet table at Ginger's house. So thematic!

This year, Kib had his first experience doing Easter Egg Hunting. I was just asking a friend about their Easter activities when she mentioned if we like to go with her since she has more slots available for the Easter Egg Hunting Party at Greenbelt 3.  I immediately said yes!

When I showed Kib the event poster, he got excited and I asked him to choose an activity.  So funny that he only chose the Easter Organic Market and not the egg hunting activities because he's afraid that he might not find any eggs, haha.  Anyway, I still encouraged him to do egg-hunting because I told him that his friends will do the same.

We arrived early at the venue.  The exhibitors were still setting-up.  We got our Easter Egg Hunting kit at the Greenbelt 3 concierge and after that we started with the egg hunting activity.  We went to different establishments around Greenbelt, asking for their stamps and goodies.  

After we have completed the stamps, we went back to the event area and the kids did some craft activities while resting and waiting for the program to start.  The kids were also entitled to some refreshments at the event hall too.

During the program, Kib actively participated on the games.  He won twice.  After the program, Kib has still energy to play at Timezone.

No matter how tired I may be from the event, the smile on Kib's face is enough for me to say to myself that I made my son's day.

The event poster and ticket

Two cute bunnies!  Kib is really posing as a bunny, haha

Bunnies at work! Getting stamps from participating establishments around Greenbelt

Bunnies having a stop near Gelatissimo enjoying their free gelato

Walking, walking....

Kib enjoying his free ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Easter Egg art using washi tapes courtesy of Hey Kessy

Polymer clay craft c/o Hobbes and Landes

Yey! We won a free parking ticket!

The finished product! A bunny keychain made from polymer

Bunny hand puppet courtesy of Ant's Pocket

My mom treated me with a scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Kib actively participating in the games during the program

Part of the goodies from the Easter Egg Hunt was a gift certificate from Timezone.  I already let him use the gift certificate right after the activity

Group picture with my other mommy friends and Kib's co-bunnies. Photo courtesy of Millie Manahan

Thank you, Patricia Cuyugan, for the invite!  We had a blast!  Till next family get-together!

Teaching Life Skills

It is very important for me that a child learns how to do household chores.  At a young age, I already exposed Kib in doing chores since he doesn't have a yaya.  When he was younger, I always let him pack away his toys and put his shoes in the shoe room under our stairs. Now that he is older, I'm so happy that he also finds initiative in doing household chores on his own and takes pride on it.  We do gardening together, we wash cars, we clean the house (I sweep, he mops, he brings the trash outside the house), we do laundry (he sorts the soiled clothes), we cook (he peels vegetables), and other things.  I consider this as a bonding activity.

Washing his teddy

Peeling carrots. I really didn't teach him how to do this, but maybe he observed me and his lola on how we do it.  I got a bit scared because he also used a knife to cut the top portion of the carrot, good thing he didn't get hurt.

Sorting toys. Kib has lots of toys!  I'm convincing him to donate some but I guess he is not yet ready to let go of some of his toys.

Mixing. We made fruit salad on Christmas eve and he mixed the milk and cream.

Putting books on the shelf.  Kib likes reading. Before I was the one who always arranges his books in the shelf, but now I let him do that.

He acts as my personal secretary too whenever I'm driving! He's the one who reads and answers text messages on my behalf.

Kib's so excited to taste the veggie pizza. He volunteered to help!

Dishwashing.  At first Kib only likes to wash the glasses but I encouraged him to wash the other utensils.

For me there is no really such thing as too early for letting a child do any household chores.  Make it a fun activity, eventually your child will do it without you asking.   

A Complete Family--Almost!

Kib didn't grow up with a father figure. Sometimes it hurts me a lot to see Kib longing for a father by being close to men, like to my guy friends and relatives. Even though that there is something missing in his life, I can sense that he's okay. He never really asked me so much about his father.

Kib drew family portraits without a father. I didn't teach him to omit the father in his drawings, but my friends say that it's because his father is really absent in his life.  

Below are his family portraits:

Kib always includes my brothers, sister-in-law, his cousin, my uncle and aunt in the United States on his family drawings.  The the third drawing is his latest family drawing.  I just so love how Kib portrays our family as a happy one on his drawings.

As a mom, I really try to fulfill his needs by giving him the best experience that he could have.  My brothers, on the other hand, are considered 'spoilers'.  They give in to my son's wish list.  My mother, is always there to support Kib by being a stage grandma.

Now, who says Kib doesn't have a complete family? He does have one!

2013 in a Nutshell

It's been more than a year since I made an entry here at my blog.  I have lots of stories to tell, but maybe, I have to accept that writing is not really in my blood.  Thanks to my new-found online friends who are into blogging industry who encouraged me to update my blog. I will write a one big blog to tell you everything that has happened to us in 2013. 

Anyway, last year, it has been a wonderful year for my son and I.  I got a new job being an Events Director for Manila Workshops apart from my home-based job as an Online English Teacher for Rarejob. My son, on the other hand, received awards during the Banquet and Awards Night from his homeschool provider (School of Tomorrow) and his career as a commercial model still continues to flourish.  

Here are the major events that happened in 2013:

1. Kib's first Banquet and Awards Night (aka Recognition Day) at School of Tomorrow

Kib completed two levels in one year!  I'm so proud of this little boy.  We were all excited to attend the Banquet and Awards Night.  He got Twelve Thousand Club Member Award and Honor A during the recognition day.  He was the only student who got the Twelve Thousand Club Member Award and he was so excited to receive his award that he ran going to the stage.  

Kib's picture together with his awards

In School of Tomorrow, all kids are given recognition, no matter how small or big their achievements were.  The Thousand Club certificates were based on the number of perfect scores (100%) they got on their PACE tests.  Kib got Twelve Thousand Club certificate, so it means he got 120-129 perfect scores on his PACE tests.  Honor A medal is given to those children who got an average of 95% and above.  Well done Kib on your first year!

2.  Kib's 7th birthday celebration

Instead of throwing a party for this little boy on his 7th birthday, I decided to go on a vacation since travelling is really in our blood.  Kib likes to see Taal Volcano so we headed going to Tagaytay.  It was also my first time on going on a roadtrip with my son.  Before heading to the South, I picked up the cake at Estrels.  We spent three days and two nights in Tagaytay and before we headed home, we went to The Mind Museum.

Here are some of the pictures that we had during our birthday trip:

Kib's Birthday Cake from Estrel's
Kib felt ticklish on the fish spa at Tagaytay Picnic Grove

At Puzzle Mansion. This houses the largest collection of puzzles completed by a single person and she is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This is the largest puzzle in the whole world, with 32,000+ pieces

At the crater of Taal Volcano. Kib really likes to see the crater so even if it is a bit expensive I gave to his wish, anyway it's his birthday.

We rode a horse going to the crater of Taal Volcano. It took at least 30 minutes to go to the top.  I guess this will be the first and last horse ride that I will have, it gave me body ache!

At Mind Museum.  We tried the Van Graff generator and it made our hair go up.  There are lots of interactive exhibits at Mind Museum but I find their entrance fee a bit pricey.

We made a stop at Nuvali and just enjoyed the scenery.  Kib fed the koi there, they're so fun to watch!

3. Kib's booming modeling career

Kib has been blessed with several projects this year.  Here are the following:

Cinema ad for Globe Telecoms (I haven't seen it yet, so if ever you've seen it, please be kind to tell me)

United Nations and Halloween print ad for SM (Kib is the Hawaiian boy in the UN board and the pirate in the Halloween board)

Another board for SM. Kib is lucky to be chosen to have another board displayed on the clothes rack inside the department store

Telus cinema ad (yes, the BPO company.  Just like the Globe cinema ad, I haven't seen this one, so please do be kind enough to tell me if you have seen this.  He has a small role here, just a schoolkid trying to cross the busy street and a Telus agent will help them cross the street)

7-eleven print ad. The board of another model has already been released, so please be kind too to tell me where have you seen Kib's ad. 

Kib's SSS print ad contract was extended, thank God.

4.  Kib having sikaran training

I guess most of you don't know what sikaran is.  Sikaran is a Filipino martial art which started in Baras, Rizal.  I enrolled Kib in sikaran class because I want him to be involved in some sports so that he will learn the value of taking care of one's body.  The training just stopped in December because there were no more enrollees in our area.  I do hope that the classes will resume in our village because Kib really likes it.

Kib trying to do a split.  Not yet perfect though.

Kib wearing his sikaran uniform.

5.  Kib's promotion to Level 3

I just don't move from one level to another.  I make sure that there's retention so we do reviews of everything that he has learned first.  The review lasted for a month.  

I am happy that Kib welcomed Level 3 well.  Though at first he complained a bit because the font is already a bit smaller and the stories are a bit longer.  He has a new subject, Creative Writing and Literature, which I do hope will help Kib develop his creativity and love for writing.  He also learned to write in cursive at age six.  We had to take the slow lane in Math because he had difficulty in regrouping.  We had to master the skill for a month before proceeding.

Kib's Level 3 material.  Look at his new subject, Creative Writing and Literature.

Kib practicing cursive writing.  He still looks on his English PACE for the correct pattern.

Did I miss on anything?  I'll try to come up with another blog post for other important things that happened to our journey.  For now, enjoy reading this.  God bless!