Level 2, Yahoo!

Kib started with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum last March.  He started with Level 1.  When I saw the lessons for each PACE, it is very easy for Kib.  I assigned 5 pages per day for each subject.  With the grace of God, we were able to finish Level 1 in July!  I didn't immediately bought Level 2 materials as Kib and I had a month-long review first of Level 1 so to make sure he understood everything and has retention.  First few days of review were both difficult for both of us as we easily get frustrated with wrong answers.  Eventually, Kib was able to adjust to the rules of review.

We officially started with Level 2 on August 27.  At first, Kib doesn't want to do it because the fonts were smaller than Level 1 and the texts are longer.  Jokingly, I said to Kib that he can read text messages on the phone so there's no problem about reading stories on his PACES.  For now, I'm assigning 3 pages per day so as not to be overwhelmed with his fast progress.  So far, Kib has already adjusted with Level 2 though there may be times that he will complain of its difficulty.  But once he understands the concept, he can answer the pages with confidence.  On his latest PACE, it already teaches him the basics of cursive writing.  At first he did it wrong but when I guided his hand on the correct stroke, he was able to finish the page on his own and continued with the succeeding pages.  

Books Galore

I prefer buying books than toys for my son.  Last week, we had another book-shopping spree during the 33rd Manila International Book Fair at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  For me, the Manila International Book Fair is a haven for homeschoolers like me.  This is a good chance for us to look for new materials for our children and of course, to buy books at a cheap price.  Last year we weren't able to check it because I had a full-time job then.  It's only a once a year event, so even the venue for the event is a bit far from our place, I make sure that my visit there is worthwhile.

There was heavy traffic on the southbound lane of EDSA as DPWH is repairing the Magallanes flyover.  Once we passed thru that portion, it took us less than 15 minutes to get to the venue.  When we got to SMX Convention Center, there is an entrance fee (P20 for adults, P15 for children, senior citizens, students, teachers) to the hall where the book fair was held.  When we entered the hall, the first booth that we checked was the Learning is Fun booth.  Books were sold as low as P10 pesos!  Here are some of the books that we brought there:

Let's Discover series -- Dinosaurs, Human Body and Earth at P30 each

Extreme Habitats series -- Deserts, Polar Regions, and Mountains at P20 each

Junior Science Explorer series -- Animals and Their Young, Pushes and Pulls, Matter, and The Sun at P10 each

Bookworm Buddies storybooks at P10 each

Adarna booth is also a good stop.  My son had a wonderful time reading some of the books there.  The staff found my son's reading skills in Filipino a bit entertaining (with twang, lol).  This is my first time to purchase Filipino storybooks as I find them a bit expensive.  I was able to buy six at P35 each.  I regretted buying only six storybooks as I went back there again on Saturday, there were only few choices left.  Here are the books that I bought from Adarna booth:

Adarna Science series at P60 each

Adarna storybooks at P35 each

Wikahon is SRA in Filipino.  If they only have the homeschool edition, I could've bought it then and there.  What they only have at the moment is the classroom edition with multiple copies of each story.  I suggested to the staff that they should come up with a homeschool edition since homeschooling is not becoming popular in the Philippines.  I hope that they consider my suggestion.

Here are our other loots from the book fair:

Amazing Race puzzle books for P7 each

Sunday School materials for P10 each 

Fully Booked offered 20% off on all their books.  We were able to purchase two books there, here are they:

Storybook Collection of Disney Pixar.  This is Kib's personal pick from the book fair.  A bit pricey but I can't resist ^_^

Love You Forever.  The book that I wanted to be on my shelf.  I want to purchase this brand-new because I want to leave this book as a legacy to my son.  I wrote a short note for my son at the back of the book.

I would encourage parents to inculcate the love for reading to their children as it offers knowledge that no one can take away from them.  It's a good investment as you can pass along the books to others after it made a difference in your life.  It's like "paying it forward".