Early Breast Cancer Detection is the Best!

October was considered the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there were lots of activities organized by different groups and companies to educate people on the prevention of breast cancer especially for women.  There is an increasing number of breast cancer cases in the country which causes concern in the medical field.  It is highly recommended that women should take precaution so that the breast cancer won't get worse.

Research done by Philippine Council for Health Research and Development revealed that one out of 13 Filipino women will most likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime.  In addition, there are more cases of breast cancer in Manila than in other major cities in Asia.  Sadly, the presence of breast cancer cells are detected in its later stages (Stages 3 or 4).  When detected on its late stages, options for cancer treatment are fewer and leaving the family lesser time to explore other possible methods to kill the cancer cells in the body.  

Fujifilm Phiippines Inc., one of the most trusted camera and film brands in the world, echoes the call for regular testing for the early detection of breast cancer.  The illness is still the leading cause of death among Filipino women.

Tomoyoki Fukura, Fujifilm Philippines' President, aired his concern about the increasing number of breast cancer cases in the country.  "Even with all the advancements in the medical field, there's still no cure for breast cancer.  Early detection and prevention are still the key.  We at Fujifilm Philippines would like to appeal to women not to be afraid and have themselves checked.  The higher your risk factors, the earlier you should have a mammogram," Mr. Fukura stressed.

Getting a mammogram shouldn't be intimidating for women especially that the modern mammogram machines are equipped with tools to make the test comfortable, quicker, and practically pain-free.  Mammograms are still the best detectors of the presence of breast cancer cells in the body.

Most people know that Fujifilm is manufacturing cameras and film, the company is also into producing imaging machines used in medicine such as mammogram, ultrasound, etc. Recently, Fujifilm has developed a new technology for mammogram machine, which offers image quality, versatility, and practicality.  

For many years now, Fujifilm has been contributing to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer through the promotion of the Pink Ribbon campaign by directing women's awareness towards this cancer.  This October, Fujifilm PH partnered with Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. in a breast cancer learning session with the media.

Check out the photos during the media briefing on breast care below:

Fujifilm Philippines can be our partner in taking care of our health!

For more information about Fujifilm and its digital mammography machines, visit http://fujifilm.com.ph and https://brand.fujifilm.com/neverstop/global/.

Eureka Home Appliances 20th Anniversary Kick-Off

When we talk about home appliances, there are lots of things to consider: the quality, durability, price, technology, among others.  We purchase appliances that will fit our daily needs and would help us ease our burden in doing household chores.

The Philippines has also been a home to a local brand of quality home appliances--Eureka Electric Appliances Phils. Corp.  Eureka has been in the industry for almost 20 years and has been a forerunner to some of the appliances that we have been enjoying in our respective homes like the water dispenser.

To celebrate its 20 years in the industry, Eureka has lined up several activities to show gratitude to everyone responsible for its continued success.  It has set to host an anniversary gala by January 2019 where exemplary and loyal employees will be recognized together with dealers who have been instrumental to the brand's strong market presence nationwide.  Loyal customers are in for a treat as Eureka is mounting a very exciting sales promotion soon.  Part of the proceeds will be used to fund the Company's various socio-civic initiatives.

Some of the products offered by Eureka Home Appliances.  Prices vary depending on the specs of each appliance.

Joy Uy-Chung, general manager of Eureka, shared her excitement as the company is celebrating another milestone.  "As we celebrate our 20th year in the business, we would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of our employees, business partners, and most especially, our loyal customers who have made our products a part of their daily lives," she said.  

In addition, Ms. Uy-Chung said that by next year, they will be launching a new line of products to cater to the higher market which includes remote-controlled appliances.

With the slogan "Making Life Comfortable", Eureka's flagship products are electric fans and water dispenser but it has managed to attract a strong following for its other offerings such as washing machines and dryers, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and chest freezers.  It also has an extensive range of small appliances, namely: stoves, induction cookers, microwave ovens, oven toasters, rice cookers, flat irons, blenders, airpots, and kettles.

Let's patronize Filipino products by purchasing Eureka home appliances!

To know more about Eureka, you may visit the website at http://eurekahomeapp.com/ or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EurekaHomeAppliances.  Eureka is available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and appliance stores nationwide.

Kids did Food Experiments at BASF Kids Lab

Kids are curious by nature.  They wanted to know how a particular thing works or what is the composition of something.  They like tinkering and experimenting so that they would understand better the concept behind the thing they are curious upon.  They like doing hands-on activities so that they will have an 'aha' moment once they have realized the results.  

Indeed, the best way to feed child's curiosity is through experiments.

BASF Philippines has been providing an interactive science education programs to children ages 8-12 thru BASF Kids' Lab.  BASF Kids' Lab was first held in BASF's headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany in 1997.  The said program has been brought to more than 30 countries worldwide including the Philippines.  BASF Kids' Lab has been held in the Philippines since 2005 and has already helped 3,000 children discover the world of chemistry in daily life and understand scientific concepts.

This interactive science education program focuses on fostering learning and interest in chemistry among children through safe and interactive science experiments.  

To mark the 20th anniversary of BASF Kids' Lab, "Clever Foodies" was the theme for this year's science education program.  This is in line with the United Nations' World Food Day celebration last October 16th.   This program helps boost children's dietary awareness and encourage them to make positive changes towards healthier eating.  

BASF Kids' Lab in the Philippines was held at The Mind Museum in BGC last October 19-21, 2018.  Around 450 children from various public schools in Taguig City and from Gawad Kalinga communities joined this year's activity.  These children explored and analyze the Vitamin C content and other substances contained in fruit and vegetables, and understand the benefits of eating a colorful range of vegetables and fruit.

Check out the photos from the said event:

Ready to do experiments!

While waiting for all participants to register

Kids are now starting with their experiments with the help of their mentors

Kids getting to know each other

Each kid got a set of test tubes, droppers, and beakers for their experiment

Which of these fruits have the highest Vitamin C content?

Testing which of these fruits and vegetables have the highest Vitamin C content with the strip

Kids recorded the results....and the winner is bell pepper!

BASF is a company which creates chemistry for a sustainable future.  In the Philippines, BASF has been enabling manufacturers from various industries since 1963.  At present, BASF Philippines, Inc. is the leading supplier of chemicals for industries including construction and coatings, automotive, health and nutrition, personal and home care, chemicals and plastics, and agriculture.  

BASF is an active supporter of education projects in the Philippines.  They just unveiled last September 2018 the Virtual Chemical Reactions Interactive Touch Table at the Atom Gallery at The Mind Museum.  The Virtual Chemical Reactions Interactive Touch Table uses digital stimulations, audio, and colorful animations to help children explore the world of chemistry so that they can observe the chemical reactions between various substances in a completely safe and interactive environment.

Interested in learning more about chemistry?  Join BASF Kids' Lab next year!

To know more about BASF Philippines, visit www.basf.com/ph.

Each Single Parent Has A Story

No life story is alike, and that's a fact.

Single parents have something in common, but their story why they become a single parent is different from each other.  While some single parents are being admired for their choice on being a single parent, some experienced being judged by people who don't even know their full story.  

I was both admired and judged because I'm a single parent.  Before, I was careful on telling my story to others because I'm afraid that people will judge me for making the wrong decisions in my life.  I also want to protect my son from what will others say about our family background.  

For sure, single parents hear different reactions and opinions from people around them.  Some people expressed their admiration because they know it's tough to be a single parent, and some people that I have encountered are only after the juicy details of my life.  Some have expressed their genuine concern for me and my son, and some have judged me for taking the road less taken.

Some single parent's story has a happy ending; they are still in good terms with their partner or they were able to find love for the second time around.  His/Her partner can also be supportive to the needs of their child/ren and occasionally bonds with his/her child/ren.  On the other hand, there are some single parents who are totally abandoned by their respective partners.  No communication nor support at all.   

Each single parent dreams of having a complete family.  Each single parent wants his/her child/ren to be raised by two parents.  Each single parent wishes that his/her child/ren have a good relations with the other parent despite of living in a single parent family.  Each single parent wants the best family experience for his/her child/ren.  

It may sound ideal, but it doesn't always happen in real life.

It is so painful to hear by a single parent from what others think about his/her situation.  People around a single parent have always an opinion on how he/she must live his/her life.  People around a single parent have always something to say on how he/she should raise his/her child/ren.  People around a single parent have something to say on the kind of relationship he/she must have towards the absentee parent.

So many opinions, so many unsolicited advices, so many unwelcoming remarks.....it's really hard to discern the true motives of a person in your life.

To the single parents out there, whatever your story is, it's very unique for you.  Don't compare your life to other single parents there.  You're doing great raising your child.  Don't sulk if you don't have good relations to the absentee parent.  Stay focused on building a life together with your child/ren and always stay strong despite on what others think about you.  People will always say something about your life, just don't mind these people because for sure, you're doing something good to raise your child/ren God bless you always!

An Afternoon of Learning for a Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines

August is considered Breastfeeding Month in the Philippines.  It is celebrated to increase awareness on the benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mommies and to dispel the myths about breastfeeding.  

It's a good thing that there are lots of resources both online and offline about breastfeeding.  When Kib was still a baby, there were no available resources for me to read nor to attend talks about breastfeeding.  I know I am capable of exclusively breastfeeding Kib but since no one taught me how to properly do it, I ended up mix-feeding him.

Breastfeeding is always a hot topic on social media.  People have different views on breastfeeding and sadly, some have been bashed and shamed online for their views and means of feeding their babies.  Whatever the means a mother do in feeding breastmilk, I do believe that she must not be judged as long as the baby is healthy.  Anyway, breastfeeding is just a phase in raising a child.  

Breastfeeding may be considered a challenging phase of motherhood but the physical, mental and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and baby truly make the journey worthwhile.  While more and more mothers recognize that breastmilk will always be superior compared to formula milk, there is a need to spread awareness on its benefits and to encourage people to support breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding has lots of benefits.  It is a parental responsibility.  It also helps in the prevention of non-communicable diseases.  Breastfeeding is the best equalizer in the world, as all mothers regardless of race are capable of breastfeeding her child.  

In response to the global campaign of protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding, World Vision Development Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH), launched Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines.  This 2-year project which commenced in 2017 aims to:

1.  Support and strengthen the implementation of Executive Order 51 (The Philippine Milk Code of 1986), Republic Act 7600 (The Rooming-in and Breastfeeding Act of 1992), and Republic Act 10028 (The Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009);

2.  Increase awareness and educate health professionals and the public regarding these laws; and

3.  Encourage people to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding by involving them in monitoring the implementation of breastfeeding laws in the country.

Carleneth F. San Valentin, Health and Nutrition Technical Programme Manager of World Vision Development Foundation, believes that encouraging mothers to nurture their child is a way to empower a woman's ability to breastfeed and care for their child.  She said that World Vision will educate mothers to empower them in making the right choice in nurturing and caring for their child.  "We want them to realize that if these laws are not implemented, we are impinging on their rights of their child's," she added.

Dr. Anthony P. Calibo of Department of Health also shared his knowledge and expertise about breastfeeding.  For Calibo, the responsibility to uphold the breastfeeding rights of mothers is not just the responsibility of concerned organizations and government sectors; it is a responsibiity of the general public. "If a mother is investing herself for the betterment of the future of her child, then she is also investing in the betterment of the future of this country," Dr. Calibo emphasized.

To stay true to their mission and vision for this project, the team conducted Mommy Forum: Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines last October 2, 2018, at Little Owl in New Manila, Quezon City.  #MBFPH was graced by mom celebrities like Camille Prats-Yambao, Jennica Garcia-Uytingco, and Erika Padilla-Cariaso.  

During the said event, Erika Padilla-Cariaso also signed a contract as World Vision Breastfeeding Ambassador.  She shared her breastfeeding journey to everyone in the forum.  "It is a huge sacrifice.  It is difficult, painful, and a lot of work.  But definitely worth every single drop because I see my son getting stronger and healthier every day," she recalled.  Her story encouraged more moms to shre and ask for more tips from Erika as well.

Rommel Fuerte, Executive Director of World Vision Development Foundation, reminds long-time moms and new moms the reason behind this gathering: the breastfeeding normalization is still a work in progress and it's a must to constantly promote and protect breastfeeding to empower moms and to ensure a healthy start for their children.

Breastmilk is still the best for babies, so mommies, make an effort to provide the best to our children.

To know how you can support Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines, log on to https://mbfp.doh.gov.ph/ or download MBF PH via Google Play or Apple Store.  You may also receive updates on the campaign via Facebook.

Licealiz' Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 3 Kicks Off at Bagong Silangan Elementary School

I have a secret to tell.....

Kib had kuto (head lice) in the past.

Please don't tell him that I wrote it in my blog, or else he'll get mad at me, haha.

Don't worry, he's already kuto-free.  Feel free to kiss and hug him whenever you see him, hihi.

Anyway, I guess most of us had lice problems when we were younger.  The most classic way of removing the head lice is for our moms to remove it one by one or by using an ultra-fine hair comb (suyod).  If the problem is worse, either our moms will cut our hair very, very short or douse our hair with kerosene.  It may sound barbaric but in the past years, we do not have so much choices in treating head lice problems.  At present, there are already available over-the-counter head lice treatment available on drugstores and supermarkets, one of them is Licealiz.

Licealiz is one of the leading shampoo treatment for head lice in the Philippines.  Manufactured by Lamoiyan Corporation, one of its missions is to have a lice-free Philippines.  

According to the study conducted by Department of Education (DepEd) and University of the Philippines, pediculosis or head lice infestation is considered as second to the most common health problem for those children studying in public schools, next to tooth decay 

Last October 2nd, Lamoiyan Corporation launched Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 3 in public schools all over the Philippines.  For Year 3, they first started at Bagong Silangan Elementary School in Quezon City where they washed all the kids' hair with Licealiz shampoo.  Each kid was also given one towel and a fine hair comb to check if they have hair lice after shampooing.

Part of the campaign is educating the children and parents on proper hygiene and removal of head lice should a child gets infested.  The campaign hopes to break whatever myths people have on why people get head lice and the unconventional ways of getting rid of it.

Head lice infestation may be common for children, but it does not mean that adults are exempted to get it.  Should adults get infested with head lice, treat it with Licealiz.

Let's be all part of kuto-free Philippines and spread awareness on how to avoid getting head lice infestation!

For more information about Licealiz and Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 3, you may visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/licealiz.

Myths and Facts of Blogging

"Gusto ko magblog." (I like to blog.)

Photo from Pexels

These days a lot of people like to start a blog.  They want to document whatever is happening in their lives and share it to the public.  They want to air their frustrations and opinions on current events and on the things that is happening around them.  They want to make a review of gadgets, food, make-up, etc.  People thought that blogging is something that will make them famous overnight and would make them earn huge amount of money.

But.....no.  Blogging still entails hard work and charisma.  

I have started my blog in 2012 but I only started to get serious about it in 2014.  Now that I just bought my own domain, I need to blog more to regain my ranking because it went back to zero.

I have listed some misconceptions on blogging.  I  able to come up with the list based on the questions that I get from some people I talk with because they thought blogging is a glamorous job.    

Photo from Pexels taken by Tirachard Kumtanom

MYTH 1:  Once I start a blog, I will immediately get invites to events and product launches.

This is the usual misconception I get from those people who wanted to start a blog.  They see me meeting new people and getting the first dibs before it is launched in the public on my social media account.  However, before companies and PR firms start to notice you, you need to build your content first.  Your content should be interesting enough so that people will drop by at your site and read it.  Your content should be relevant and original.  

Now, the next question is:  how much content do I need to have to be noticed?

We really cannot say how much, just blog and blog, share your blog to social media, and you will just wake up one day that you have an event invite on your email.  It may take months or even years; just continue to blog and build your audience.  Companies and PR firms will contact you should your blog niche fits to their product/brand.  

Blog not because you are expecting anything in return.  Blog because you like to share your life to people and for people to learn from you.  Blog because you want to share your thoughts and exchange opinions with others.

MYTH 2: I will blog because I also want to receive goodies from companies.

In relation to Myth Number 1, blogging is not all about receiving goodies from companies.  It doesn't mean that a blogger received a package from a brand, the blogger will not do anything about it anymore.  The blogger has a responsibility to share the brand to his/her readers and to share his/her testimonial about it.  

MYTH 3: I don't need to write about my thoughts, just copy and paste whatever press release given to me.

Having an original content is still the key to build your credibility as a blogger.  While you will receive favors from PR firms to spread the love about their client, you are still free to spin the article or add your own words to make it more suitable to your blog and to your readers.  That way, your version of the press release is unique and will not be flagged as plagiarism by Google.

However, when you are already an established blogger, you are not obliged to post all the press releases you will receive on your mail.  Blogging is not free.  You spend for the internet subscription, domain and hosting, and taxes.  If you will be asked to post something for the brand, make sure that you will be well compensated for your efforts. 

MYTH 4: I don't need social media exposure for me to be known as a blogger.

If you do not need social media exposure to be known as a blogger, how can people know your experience in cyberspace?  Not unless you're highly skilled in SEO, you can survive with little or no social media exposure.  

While there are still bloggers who do not have a public page, what they do is they share their blog links to their personal social media accounts and share to their respective networks/groups for them to read.  Some bloggers even join syndications to generate traffic on their blog (comment for comment, follow for follow, etc.).  Not unless you only blog for personal reasons, there is no need for you to share your blogposts to everyone.

MYTH 5: I will blog to get writing jobs.

One does not need to be a blogger to get writing jobs.  You can get a writing job even if you do not have a blog.  While a blog can serve as your portfolio, it doesn't always mean that you will only use your blog as your ONLY portfolio.  To be a writer means that you can compose an article about a particular topic different from the tone you use on your blogs.  Writing jobs can also be far from your blog niche too.

I still do not consider myself as an expert blogger.  There are still far better bloggers out there with high following.  I just wanted to write down what I think about blogging especially for those who would like to start their own blog.  Other experienced bloggers can give you far better tips than mine, but first, before you start your blog establish your WHY.

Have a great day everyone!