Monday, May 21, 2018

When Safety Is At Risk...Talk to A Therapist


Yes, no one is exempted from being in danger.  Even the most powerful people in the world are also in threat of being in danger.  Religious leaders, government officials, royalties, among others are facing being in danger every time they go out in public.  So to ensure their safety, they follow and adopt security measures to prevent danger from happening.  

Lucky for them, they have the influence and power to be surrounded by people who can protect them and prevent danger from happening.  But for ordinary people like us, who can protect us?

I have heard from my friends on Facebook that once in their life their lives were at risk.  I felt how scared they were and how that incident haunted them for days, weeks, months.  Sometimes there is a tendency that we cannot understand how people reacted during the danger because we haven't experienced it yet, but once we experienced the same danger, then we start to fully understand their paranoia and anxiety.

Recently, our safety was compromised.  I know for myself and the people around me know that I'm a person who doesn't get easily shaken by fear and faces problems with courage, but this time I really broke down.  I suddenly felt that the incident can cost our lives if we were not careful.  I know that the Lord still protected us when that incident happened but whenever the incident crosses my mind, the anxiety level goes up and the frustration goes up too.

People have mixed emotions about the incident that happened in our lives.  Some empathized because they also experienced the same, some have given advice that I don't actually need, and some just totally ignored as if I'm just overreacting.  

It really hurts big time when people don't acknowledge nor understand what you're feeling about the incident, but then it also gives a confirmation as to who you can rely on to, those people who are just willing to listen and not to add up on the emotions that you are feeling about the situation.  There are instances that advices don't help; a simple prayer is enough for you to let the person feel that you care.

Sometimes, it is better to talk with a professional when you are feeling down, because these people won't judge you when you feel negatively towards your current situation.  Talking to either a psychologist or a therapist will help you process your feelings and sort out the best options for you.  There is nothing wrong if you talk to them because these people know better than anyone else in helping you decide on which path to take.  Talking with a professional will help you change your perspective in life. 

However, there are instances that we get confused on which person to talk to, if we will talk with a psychologist or a therapist.  You may want to read more about the differences of these two HERE.

May everyone who reads my blog be covered by Jesus' blood and may His guardian angels protect you always, whether you're in and out of your house.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Happy Mother's Day to Daddy! Solane Pays Tribute to Single Dads

Living in a single-parent family is not easy.  A parent must strike a balance being a mother and a father to his/her children.

As you have read from my earlier blogs, I am very vocal to say that being both a mother and a father to my son is not easy.  I have to balance the two roles that I have at home and there are times that I really break down because I feel that I become a lesser parent.  I feel that I cannot fulfill my duties very well.  There are times that I become extremely tired towards the end of the day, trying to accomplish all of the things in my to-do list.  

Apart from being a parent, I also have to also work for us.  I am happy that I only work from home that I do not need to sacrifice being away for most of the time at home and leave my son to be taken cared by a nanny.  I know I have the best of both worlds, but there are times that your time will not be equally divided between two worlds.  There are some instances that because of work, I have a tendency to set aside my son's needs.  Sometimes Kib would complain to me why he has to do a lot of household chores.  I would explain to him that I have to spend time at work or else we do not have money.

Being a single parent can be either by choice or by circumstance.  One thing's for sure, no one wished to have a single parent family.  Sadly, the society has a tendency to be judgmental towards single parents, saying that an individual became a single parent because of the wrong choices he/she made in life.  

Most of the time, single parenthood is associated with moms, but nowadays there is an increasing number of single dads too.

The recently-concluded Mother's Day celebration honored mothers for doing a great job in raising children, but there are also dads out there who also deserve such honor too.

Check out the Mother's Day video of Solane:

Solane's latest viral video is an eye-opener for us not to only honor mothers during Mother's Day but also recognize to the efforts of single dads who are also acting as moms to their children.  I was surprised to see that it was the dad who is given recognition by the children in the video.  The dad who was trying his best to cook the best dishes for his children, the dad who tries to make the house clean, the dad who tries to be the best 'mom'--yes, he also deserves to be honored at Mother's Day.

I can partly relate to the dad on the video.  I must admit that there are times that my cooking is a failure.  There are times that my son doesn't like the dishes I cook for us, but he won't show it to me.  He would still eat but towards the end of the meal he would say his opinion about the dish so that I would improve the next time.  

Mother's Day celebration is already over, but I want to greet single dads out there a Happy Mother's Day!  You also deserve to have a special treatment on this day, I salute you too!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Erceflora Probibears--The Newest Probiotic Supplement in the Philippines

We all know that we cannot eat all the food that can give us the right amount of nutrition that we need everyday, that is why food supplements are created for us to get all the vitamins and nutritions that we need in one single capsule or tablet.  We also know that not all food that offers good nutrition doesn't taste good too.  Mommies are having a hard time feeding their children certain food because the kids do not like the taste, thus mealtimes are becoming a nightmare.

There are already lots of food supplements in the market, but not all supplements offer the best for our children.  Mommies should be wise to choose the brand that will offer all the nutritional benefits our growing children need.  

It is also a fact that children's tummies are also very sensitive.  They easily get stomachaches if they have eaten or drank something to make their stomachs upset.  Kids tend to have a higher risk of getting digestive health-related diseases such as diarrhea and constipation from harmful bacteria.  When their tummies ache, children cannot bear the pain, clinging to their mommies and crying incessantly.  It also alters the child's mood and his or her attitude for the day.  

When the kids get grumpy due to discomfort, mommies also get stressed.  It's a hard feeling seeing our kids experiencing any kind of pain and discomfort.

Taking probiotics is the best way to have good digestion, experts say.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that help maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract.  Each human has about 100 trillion health bacteria which aids in digestion and help the body defend against illness.  Probiotics can help us in building immunity and protect us from common colds and flu.

We can get probiotics from eating yogurt and certain beverages containing probiotics.  However, the amount and quality of probiotics that our child gets from these products may not be enough.

Good news!  Erceflora ProbiBears, a yummy tummy supplement with the combined two-in-one PROBIO BOOSTERS (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis).  When these two combined, it helps prevent diarrhea, upset stomach, and other digestive disorders to help our kids to have a happy and healthy tummy.  It comes in chewable bear-shaped creams with vanilla flavor.

Mommies don't need to worry on giving probiotics to our children, because it is yummy and it comes in one small size, easy to swallow and digest.  

Erceflora ProbiBears will be available in Mercury Drug by June 2018 (SRP: Php540 for box of 20 chewable bears).

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Register As A Freelancer! My Experience in Registering at BIR

One of the things that we cannot avoid in our life is....TAX.

Every time we purchase something, we pay tax.  Our income is also taxed.  When we die, our estate is also taxed.  We really cannot escape tax.  

Taxes were existent even in Bible times.  Taxes collected are used by the government to improve the facilities and services in the country, like free education, free hospitalization, good roads, lower prices of commodities, among others.  The bigger the tax collection is, the government has more funds to provide better services to the people.  

On the other hand, taxes were also used by corrupt officials to make themselves rich.  This makes the people lose their faith in the government and for them not to pay taxes accordingly.  But let us not make this as a reason not to fulfill our duties as a citizen of our country.  There is a corresponding punishment for not paying the right amount of taxes, so let's all be good citizens by paying taxes!

My boss at events management has been encouraging all of us to be registered because it is also for our own good.  Paying taxes has benefits; it can be used as proof of financial capacity when we apply for loans and travel visa.  Since I have plans to travel the world, I need to show proof that I am paying taxes to establish ties to my own country.

Honestly, I really don't know where to start.  I do not want to register as a business entity because the fees for registration is very high (it may reach up to Php20,000 depending on the location of your business and other fees) and the procedure is very tedious.  I just recently found out that I can register as self-employed/professional instead.  I do not need to secure business permit and DTI registration for that.    

So there, I am more determined to process being registered because there is a quick and easy way to do so.

The first thing I did was to transfer from one RDO (Regional District Office) to another because I was previously employed.  I filled up two copies of BIR Form No. 1905 for this and just ticked out the reason that I'm transferring RDOs.  This procedure only took five minutes.  I just have to wait 3-5 days for the transfer to take effect before I continue with the processing of my registration.  My records should appear first in the RDO that I am transferring at before I can proceed with the registration process.

While waiting, I already filled out two copies of BIR Form No. 1901 and attached copy of my birth certificate, proof of income as a freelancer/self-employed (I attached an email copy of a blogging gig and a screenshot of my blog), birth certificate of my dependent (my son), Barangay Clearance, and Occupational Tax Receipt which you will secure at the municipal hall or city hall of your residence.  I also had the Income Payee's Sworn Declaration of Gross Receipt/Sales notarized (you can download all forms here).  I filled up the one for those earning Php3,000,000.  There is another one for Php250,000 but I was advised that should my income exceeds Php250,000 I need to make amendments on my registration and will repeat the procedure all over again.  Ideally, the Php3,000,000 gross receipts bracket is ideal for those who are receiving income from multiple payors and the Php250,000 income bracket is for those who are receiving income from lone payor.  

The BIR assessor then asked me to pay Php500 registration fee at Landbank using the BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form).  After paying, I went back to BIR to have my payment acknowledged.

When the BIR assessor checked my documents, I was asked if I will apply for the 8% optional tax.  This means that I do not need to pay 3% withholding tax and will just pay for the income tax.  I weighed my options first and asked people which one will beneficial for me.  I also read Taxumo's blog to help me assess.  The blog also has a tax calculator to help you decide which tax bracket will be more beneficial for you.  It really depends on your income and expenditure on which option you will save more money.  

I decided to apply the 8% optional tax.

I was asked to write a letter for my intention to file for the 8% optional tax and attach it on my application.  

I was asked to go back later in the day to get my Certificate of Registration, wee!

The Certificate of Registration indicates the kind of tax/es that you will pay, the forms that you have to file/fill out, and the deadline for each filing.

However, since the 3% percentage tax is standard, I reminded the assessor that I applied for the 8% optional tax.  The assessor made some amendments on my Certificate of Registration and put his initial beside it.

After securing the Certificate of Registration, you need to have your accounting books and ledgers stamped by BIR.  You need four accounting journals (Cash Receipt Journal, Cash Disbursement Journal, General Journal, General Ledger).  You can either buy these accounting books outside or buy at BIR (I am not sure how much are these if you bought it at BIR).  You need to fill out BIR Form No. 1905 for this and attach a photocopy of your COR.

Last step is to secure Authority to Print (ATP).  This is for printing receipts.  Fill out BIR Form No. 1906 for this.  Write on the form what kind of receipt you needed.  For self-employed, you only need Official Receipts.  I paid Php1,200 for ten booklets.

Ready to issue receipts!

Everything can be done in a day, but if you do not have the luxury of time, you can go back the next day or so to finish everything.  You can also hire services of a liaison officer to do the logistics if you have other things to do.

BUT...I can give you tips to make your life easier on registering as self-employed!

1. If you were previously employed, immediately check the RDO where your records are.  Your application for the Certificate of Registration on the new RDO will not be processed until the transfer takes effect.  Download BIR Form No. 1905 and fill out the necessary details in two sets.  If the old RDO is too far from your place, just ask someone to do it on your behalf.  This task is a no-brainer, just remind the person whom you're going to hire for this task is to tell that you're going to register as self-employed that is why you need to transfer RDOs.

2.  Bring all the requirements needed before you go to BIR (birth certificate, dependent's birth certificate, Barangay Clearance, Occupational Tax Receipt, proof of income/contract depending on the nature of your work, sworn statement) to save time.  Secure BIR Form No. 0605 (Payment Form) in two sets and actually you can already pay the registration fee of Php500 ahead of time by going to any Landbank branches before going to BIR.  Make sure you photocopy the payment slip and the payment form.  The photocopies will also be attached to your application form.  You can already buy two documentary stamps in advance too.  BIR has a counter there where you can purchase it.  I paid Php30 for that.

3.  While BIR can assist you in printing your Official Receipts, you can still opt to have your own printer especially if BIR is too far from your place.  Just fill out BIR Form No. 1906 properly to get the Authority to Print.  In my case, I just let BIR do the printing because I'm just five minutes away from the office.

4.  Go early. People usually flock after lunch and processing gets slower in the afternoon.  If you're early, you can really finish everything in a day!

5.  Attend the seminar at BIR so that you will know how to file taxes.  In my RDO, the seminar is every last Friday of the month. I will attend the seminar for this month.

6.  If you think your time is precious, you can actually hire a bookkeeper to do the dirty job for you. But I do encourage you to know the process so that you will know what to do in the future.

Are you now ready to be registered?