Kib, the Happiest Kid on Earth

I made a promise to myself that I will provide the best experience for my son.  

As a single mom, I have this innate desire to make family life a memorable one for Kib.  I have to work double time because I have to fill the missing pieces in his life.  Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, yet the most difficult one.  

The book, "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch is one of the books that I truly love.  It always makes me cry every time I read it.  It tells of a story of a son growing up and giving his mother a difficult time on a daily basis, but towards the end of the day, the mother would always sing a lullaby to her son.  When the boy became an adult, the mother would still visit her son at night to sing a lullaby.  The mother eventually got sick, and when she can no longer sing the lullaby, the son sang a lullaby to him.  

I wish that one day, my son would do the same thing to me in my old age.....

I always plan for something new to try and discover for me and Kib.  We would go to a new place, try a new restaurant, try an activity, among others.  I always go an extra mile for my son because I want to put good memories in his memory bank.  I want to build a strong bond with my son because it is only that he got in this world.

Every smile that he does is an affirmation to me that I did a good job as a mother.

For writing this blog post, I asked Kib for ten reasons why he is a happy boy, and here's what he said:

Why I'm Happy
(an essay by Jadan Kib D. Javier)

There are reasons why I am happy.  Some may be unusual, some may be common.  But if you want to read them, then let's go!

I'm happy that when I go outside I get to run and play street games with my family.  We would also occasionally go to the playground too.  That's Reason #1.  Reason #2 is that I seldomly go outside and see around the suburbs.  I also even go to the playground if I want to.  Reason #3 is the beautiful outdoor sights the Creator made for us.  There are the beautiful, muddy hills in Bohol, the sights that make you shout when you climb a mountain, and the romantic sunsets that are fitting in places like Venice, Rome, Hawaii, you name it.  Reason #4 may be unusual, but it's screen time.  But Reason #5 sounds fun!  It's fun because it's all about quality time.  You talk with your friends, hang with your family, study with your classmates, and talking with God.  Reason #6 is reading books like 1989 (George Orwell), Divergent Series and the Bible.  Isn't it reading both power and knowledge?  reason #7 is also unusual since I like to eat, but eating the Daily Bread is better.  Reason #8 is even much more unusual than Reasons #7 and #4.  This reason is me playing board games by myself.  Pretty weird, huh?!  Reason #9 is learning history, since you need to know the past, and understand the present.  Oh wait!  Did you know history means God's story?  "His Story"?  Wow!  And last but not the least is Reason #10, God!  He made you, me, the world, and every thing and every one!  That's all, and so may God bless you and see you!

Here are some photos to show the reasons he stated above:

Watching the sunset at Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Palawan
Enjoying the view at Bohol
Kib goofing around with his Kiddie Cuisine friends
Kib learning about history at National Museum
Mountain-climbing for the first time with friends

Playing board games

Reading his favorite books

Quality time with his favorite mom in the world in the happiest place on earth

Time with the Lord

I am so glad that my son helped me in coming up with the blog post on why he is a happy kid!

All photos above shows that indeed, Kib is a happy kid!  He is not afraid to show his best smile in camera.  I was able to give him the best experiences in life so he can have that smile on his face.  One of the things that gives him that confidence to smile is that he takes care of his teeth very well.

Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste is the premier kiddie toothpaste in the Philippines.  Its fruity taste makes brushing time a fun time for the kids and the mom.  No more dramas and more excitement as young kids look forward to brushing time as something that will help them to have that shiny smile and to prevent cavities from forming.

Watch this video by the Kramer family telling the importance of brushing teeth and how to prevent cavities:

Kib can give his widest smile on camera and to everyone he meets because he is confident to show his pearly white teeth.  His happy disposition in life also makes him smile everyday.  Kib grew up using Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste during brush time and he really had fun every time he does that.

Mommies and daddies, let's never get tired of making memories with our children.  Let us always go the extra mile for them.  Their smile tells a lot if they are having a wonderful childhood or not.  They are not ashamed of showing their best smile because they have lots of good stories to tell to others.

For me, my son is the happiest kid on earth!  Make your child a happy kid too!

Authentic Taiwanese Dishes at Fat Fook Kitchen

Kib and I like exploring new food in the Metro even if it is just a cheap food item or fancy.  We like queueing when there are promos and would just drive to a particular place just to satisfy our curiosity and cravings.

Now that Kib is into cooking, I told Kib that tasting local dishes from different parts of the country and of the globe should be included in our to-do list every time we travel.

Taiwan is known for its street food market scene.  Tourists all over the world who visits Taiwan would put on their to-do list to walk around the street food market and taste what the locals normally eat.  

But for us here in the Philippines, there is no need for us to go to Taiwan just to taste their local dishes!  

Fat Fook Kitchen offers authentic Taiwanese dishes and it just opened its 5th branch in Globe Tower, BGC.  Fat Fook Kitchen is owned by the same group that operates Ramen Nagi.  It is conceptualized by Rachel Kao, the executive chef behind Fat Fook Kitchen.  Ms. Kao is a Taiwanese by blood but raised in the Philippines.

The latest branch of Fat Fook Kitchen is just part of the restaurant's development plans for next year.  For the first quarter of 2019, Fat Fook Kitchen hopes to open two or three more branches.  Fat Fook Kitchen's first branch opened in 2016 at SM North EDSA.  

The name Fat Fook Kitchen is derived from Chinese words "Fa" which means gaining and "Foo" which means prosperity or auspicious.  When these two words are combined, it can be literally translated to "increasing luck".

Fat Fook Kitchen boasts of authentic Taiwanese cuisine as the owners regularly go to Taiwan to outsource some of the ingredients and check the latest dishes offered to the locals there.  The owners made sure that the dishes on their menu will be of great interest for the Filipinos.  They modified some of their dishes to suit the palate of the Filipinos.

Another interesting focal point at Fat Fook Kitchen is the overall ambience of the restaurant.  Its red and black theme with porcelain bowls and plates as decor adds up to the excellent dining experience of the customers.  The overall ambience is truly Instagram-worthy!

Check out the dishes that you can try at Fat Fook Kitchen!

Taiwanese sausage


Tofu century egg

Stinky tofu

Pork radish soup

Oyster misua

Truffle xiao long bao

Pork xiao long abo

Chicken chops

Fried pork intestine

Pork cuapao

Oyster omelette

String beans with minced pork

Spicy beef stew

Beef tendon stew

Taiwanese noodles

MInced pork rice

Spicy wanton

Spicy chicken chops

Chicken chops with mozarella

Fried chicken skin

What is Taiwan cuisine without milk tea?  Fat Fook Kitchen also serves authentic milk teas!

Fat Fook Kitchen will be serving new dishes before the year ends!  

What makes the BGC branch unique is that it has a take-out counter for your immediate cravings of Taiwanese street food items.

Kib enjoyed the food so much that he can't wait to go back sooner than soon!

Head on to the nearest Fat Fook Kitchen and satisfy your cravings for Taiwanese dishes!

Fat Fook Kitchen is located at SM North EDSA, Robinson's Galleria, Glorietta, SM Megamall, and Globe Tower, BGC.  For updates, follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Coconut Water Delivered at Your Doorstep by Coco Delivery

Coconut is considered as a tree of life.  All parts of a coconut tree are useful to humans.  Coconut is very much available in tropical countries like the Philippines and is one of the leading agricultural crops.  Since our country is abundant with coconut, we also export products made of coconut to other countries.

These days, people are now drinking coconut water more than the usual, recognizing its health benefits.  Coconut water is known to be packed with electrolytes, rich in potassium, and proven to keep the body hydrated to prevent common health problems like urinary tract infections and low body pressure, among others.  Because of this, there is an increasing need to purchase coconut water on a regular basis and on-demand.

Good news!  Coco Delivery is now in service to cater to your needs on drinking coconut water any time of the day!

Coco Delivery branch in E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City

You can't miss the E. Rodriguez branch because of its giant coconut display in front of the store

Inside the branch, very simple yet inviting

Coco Delivery comes in two sizes: 500 ml and 1 liter

Dial 8-COCO (2626) for delivery

Recognizing the demand of Metro Manila consumers to accessible fresh coconut water, Coco Delivery introduces a fast, affordable, and hassle-free coconut water delivery service that would bring Filipinos their favorite fresh coconut water drink right at their doorsteps.

What makes this delivery service special is that they do not charge extra for delivery even if you will just order one 500-ml bottle of coconut water!

Dexter Tan, Coco Delivery Business Unit Head said in an interview that Coco Delivery addresses the gap between consumers and access to fresh coconut water.  "Coconut water is usually only available in restaurants, malls, or from buko sidewalk vendors and buko cart peddlers in the morning.  We believe that everyone deserves to have access to this healthy and refreshing drink anywhere, especially in the country's capital," he added.

Coco Delivery comes in two sizes: 500 ml and 1 liter priced at Php65 and Php125 respectively.  Customers can place their orders by dialing 8-COCO (2626) or 0998-8452626 and 0966-2992626 on their landline and mobile phones.  Customers can pay either by GCash or COD (cash-on-delivery) for real-time orders or by bank deposit for bulk and pre-orders.

Coco Delivery services are open from everyday (Monday-Sunday) from 9AM-9PM.  The first two of the five branches in Metro Manila are now fully operational in Retiro and E. Rodriguez Avenue Quezon City.  Soon to open branches are in Maginhawa St. and BF Homes Paranaque.  

No need to hurry going to the grocery to quench your thirst!  Just avail of Coco Delivery services and your cravings for drinking coconut water will be satisfied!

To get more updates on Coco Delivery promos and offerings, follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  You may also visit their website at

Beko Philippines' Eat Like a Pro: Cook-Off Cycle 2

One of the bonding activities that I do with my son is cooking.  Kib likes cooking that he can already prepare dishes on his own with less supervision.  His passion in cooking also made him to be one of the kid hosts of Kiddie Cuisine, a cooking show in Colours (see post here).  

When we got invited to witness the Cycle 2 of Beko Philippines' Eat Like a Pro cooking challenge, Kib and I got excited.  We wanted to see how a cooking challenge is being made, preparing a dish within the given time limit.  During the event, Kib was really watching each mother and child tandem on how they prepared the dishes together.  

Look at the event photos below:

Judges tasting the dishes cooked by the contestants

The semi-finalists

The recently-concluded Eat Like a Pro: Cook-Off Cycle 2 was held at Robinsons Metro East last November 16-18, 2018.  The first day was the elimination round where eight mother and child pairs showcased their cooking skills to the panel of judges.  Among the eight pairs, four will advance to the next round (Day 2).  The last day was for the final two pairs chosen from the semi-finalists.

Eat Like a Pro: Cook-Off Cycle 2 aims to showcase how parents and their children can work together in preparing delicious, budget-friendly, and healthy meals for the whole family.  This contest is in support of Beko's Eat Like a Pro advocacy, an information dissemination campaign that seeks to help parents provide healthier food choices for their children.  This advocacy seeks to raise awareness about the rapidly growing rates of childhood malnutrition in the Philippines due to unhealthy eating habits.

Just like in the first cycle of Eat Like a Pro: Cook-Off Challenge, the winner will take home a Beko kitchen showcase and Php10,000 cash.

I wish Kib and I will join a cooking contest someday.

To know more about Beko's #EatLikeAPro advocacy and Beko Philippines, you may visit their Facebook page ( or visit their website at

Early Breast Cancer Detection is the Best!

October was considered the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there were lots of activities organized by different groups and companies to educate people on the prevention of breast cancer especially for women.  There is an increasing number of breast cancer cases in the country which causes concern in the medical field.  It is highly recommended that women should take precaution so that the breast cancer won't get worse.

Research done by Philippine Council for Health Research and Development revealed that one out of 13 Filipino women will most likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime.  In addition, there are more cases of breast cancer in Manila than in other major cities in Asia.  Sadly, the presence of breast cancer cells are detected in its later stages (Stages 3 or 4).  When detected on its late stages, options for cancer treatment are fewer and leaving the family lesser time to explore other possible methods to kill the cancer cells in the body.  

Fujifilm Phiippines Inc., one of the most trusted camera and film brands in the world, echoes the call for regular testing for the early detection of breast cancer.  The illness is still the leading cause of death among Filipino women.

Tomoyoki Fukura, Fujifilm Philippines' President, aired his concern about the increasing number of breast cancer cases in the country.  "Even with all the advancements in the medical field, there's still no cure for breast cancer.  Early detection and prevention are still the key.  We at Fujifilm Philippines would like to appeal to women not to be afraid and have themselves checked.  The higher your risk factors, the earlier you should have a mammogram," Mr. Fukura stressed.

Getting a mammogram shouldn't be intimidating for women especially that the modern mammogram machines are equipped with tools to make the test comfortable, quicker, and practically pain-free.  Mammograms are still the best detectors of the presence of breast cancer cells in the body.

Most people know that Fujifilm is manufacturing cameras and film, the company is also into producing imaging machines used in medicine such as mammogram, ultrasound, etc. Recently, Fujifilm has developed a new technology for mammogram machine, which offers image quality, versatility, and practicality.  

For many years now, Fujifilm has been contributing to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer through the promotion of the Pink Ribbon campaign by directing women's awareness towards this cancer.  This October, Fujifilm PH partnered with Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. in a breast cancer learning session with the media.

Check out the photos during the media briefing on breast care below:

Fujifilm Philippines can be our partner in taking care of our health!

For more information about Fujifilm and its digital mammography machines, visit and